View Full Version : Tzeentch 1K mostly daemon

16-11-2007, 22:36
Okay, so I'm trying to work with the models I own for now, so here's my list;

1 exalted champion
mark of tzeentch, daemonic mount, chalice of the gods, spell familiar, shield

2x 10 horrors
each with a flamer

16 marauders
with full command, shields, and light armor

5 screamers

1 fyrwyrm of tzeentch

the exaulted joins one unit of horrors and will either boost it's combat abilities, or he can charge out whenever possible. The rest should be slef explanitory.

24-11-2007, 02:06
major resurection. How about knocking out a couple screamers and the spell familiar for another firewyrm?

24-11-2007, 06:26
Wat do chalice of god do?
Ok, the list is illegal as having a mortal general means u have to at least have 2 core unit and in here u only have one. I go against mounting the champ on the daemonic mount. It is a waste of points and it make him too singled out.
Go for 4 or even three screamers. They are their to just take out enemy cannon.
drop horrors. I do not really think horrors should be in an 1000 pts army as they are too expensive. I would go for some knights. This way u get to put ur champ in with them so he will not be single out, also ur list will become legal.
Put some more marauders in too and give them flais too so they can get more hit in. I would say u will need another 4 more.
Im not sure what kind of army u want. Do u want a strong magic one or a strong combat one and uses magic as support? Is u want a strong magic one, i would say ur army is no way near.
U need another champ with MOT or a soccer of chaos to back ur self up in a tzeentch list. A daemon 1000 pts list for tzeentch is pretty hard to construct as all the tzeentch daemon are expensive and pains me to say, but the horror are probabally the worst out of the daemon of the four god in 1000 pts.
So u need to tell me what kind of army u want and so we can help u more.

24-11-2007, 18:19
Well, the chalice of the gods makes the hero daemonic, and combined with the mount he can still join a unit of horrors, giving one unit a little more combat potential. And the horrors are there for my core, since this is a daemon list. The marauders are there for a wall of bodies, and the rest kinda speaks for itself. Being tzeentch I do want to be magic-strong, but purchasing another hero would just be over the top.

Now with the hero I have 4 power dice, and 2 lv5 bound spells(horrors). I think that's good enough for a 1K. so going off that, how would you say my list looks?