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Grand Warlord
12-09-2005, 23:11
Well, I figured it was time for another go.

Rules for Character Creation are as follows:

1-2 Inquisitors
0 Space Marines
0-1 Assassin

Besides this it is pretty much fair game for your characters. I am open to some xenos, if possible email me any xenos rules as I am out of touch if it's not in the basic rulebook. Also if a majority of the players has an issue with a character, we'll discuss it further lol. I do hold the power to kill a character if need be... but I will refrain as long as you behave lol.

Synopsis for Scene 1:
Imperial City in Xenos (probably Dark Eldar or possibly Tau) ... and you have to get it back at all costs. I am still working out the kinks but expect plot twists and inner team squabbling.

Any questions/comments/concerns?? If so please PM me or Email me or catch me on AOL or MSN.

Also, my characters will have no real prescense in the RPG, only to flex my GM muscle. Here a General Template for posting characters, borrowed from most of the RPGs I have play in...:

Inquisitor Lord Andrew Maltigue of the Ordo Domitianus:
Faction: Pathos. [Puritan, Istvaanian/Monodominant].

Ws-91 Bs-85 S-62 T-70 I-90 Wp-98 Sg-83 Nv-88 Ld-85 Spd-6

Speical Abilites:
Ambidextrous, Deadeye Shot, Deflect Shot, Force of Will, and Leader.

Psychic Powers:
Demoralise, Enforce Will, Telepathy, and Terrify.
Interrogation. [RPG Only]

Emperorís Justice:
...............Master Crafted Bolt Pistol: (x4 Rlds, Kraken Penetrator Rounds).
Divine Sanction:
...............Master Crafted Plasma Pistol.
Master Crafted Power Falchion.
Storm Shield (4, CC only.):
...............Chest/Abdomen/Left Arm.
x2 Armored Gauntlets.
x2 Frag Grenades.
x2 Krak Grenades.
Ornate Power Armor (10):
...............Ceramite and Reflective Properties.
Thick Robes (1):
Closed Helmet (6):
...............Full-Auto Sense.
Advanced Bionic Eye:
...............Bio-Scanner Auspex
De-Tox Injector:
...............x10 Doses.
Psychic Hood.

Born on one of the fuedal worlds on fair Ultramar he decided to join the Imperial Guard, knowing he was not Astartes material. Signing up at the legal age of 18 he was instantly thrown into conflict with various elements of the remnants of whatever Tyranid Fleet was in the area at the time. Having proven himself and his ability to keep morale up he was shipped off to become a commisar and for many years took up the mantle of that position. Eventually on a unknown battle in some unimportant sector of the Imperium, Andrew caught the attention of Tyrus the fabled witch hunter and became his adept. He learned quickly and it was not long before he was a full fledged Inquisitor. He would eventually bring down more than a few heretical Inquisitors before ascending to the Lord Inquisitor of the newly founded Ordo Domitianus. ((Order of the Emperor in Latin.))

Walking towards you, his crimson cloak flowing around him with each step, the only human part you see is his lips through his helmet and his eyes staring cold an emotionaless at you. The closer he gets the more his power shows, the area around him seems to bend as his mental powers awaken hazing his image making it harder to see the man who will judge you, the last thing you see before darkness is his Inquisitorial Rosette around his neck which seems to wink at you before the plasma pistol fires... ((think Dr. Doom with the above gear.))

Recent History:

Other Possible GM Characters:

Dragon, Ashe, Valeria, Sgt. Hiolen

13-09-2005, 00:16
Been waiting for this one

Name: Kard
Age: 130
Class: Inquistor

Equipment: Force Axe and a simple brown robe that covers his body.

Pysker Powers: Blood Boil, Enfeeble, Puppet Master, Burning Fist, Firestorm, Banishment, Interogation (same as Andrews)

Background: A young Inquistor by Inquistor standeres. Fiery Red hair that is slightly below his shouldars and the way it rolls off his head it looks like he is on fire. Pale white skin covers his body weather he was born like this or bleached his skin to unease the People he tourters for infomation. He is know to be a powerful psyker some even wonder if he is to powerful to be intrusted with the rank of inquistor. Even some rumors have spread that he has used Daemonhosts but all mental propeing done proves the anwser to be no.

Requested by Inquistor lord Andrew to lead the team onto the planets surface to retive the artifact.

14-09-2005, 04:37
im in, character up later:)

can i have a second please GW one to act as the others bodyguard?

Thane McHammer
14-09-2005, 08:14
I call the Assassin. Will post later.

14-09-2005, 09:42
I will get a C made and posted ASAP

15-09-2005, 03:25
Ill think of a character, I call inquisitor

Commander X
15-09-2005, 14:37
This one is from Inquisitor, then I feel it's only appropriate to sign up as a Wyrd :D Character will be up today.

Grand Warlord
18-09-2005, 04:24
Attention all players:

Please post characters soon ... I am ready to begin lol.

Commander X
18-09-2005, 16:53

Vaulgen - The Hotheaded
Faction: None

Stats: WS:43 BS:41 S:43 T:55 I:48 Wp:100 Sg:108 Nv:95 Ld:32

Speical Abilites: Daemonic, Fearsome, Wyrd

Psychic Powers: Molten Man[M], Float[m], Fearful Aura[m]

Armoury: 2 Chains - hanging from his arms, Leather Cloathing(anything else would just burn away)

Background: Vaulgen has been a Wyrd since he was born, although his powers only started really developing around his puberty. The first time he used them was in a barfight deep in the Underhive. It's unknown why he went there in the first place, but after that he was never the same. He became more and more violent over time, and had several clashes with the Enforcers. This couldn't end well, and after almost a year, he was 'aquired' by the Inquisition for their studies...

Appearance: Normally - so, when he isn't enraged by something - Vaulgen is looking almost normal, apart from his eyes, which instead of a 'normal' colour are both a fiery red. When he gets angry however, this will quickly change. Flames engulf his then white-hot body, and anything that gets too close will be badly burned or catch fire. He then looks just like that, a bright white man floating in flames - not something you'd want to be anywhere close to, that's for sure -.

20-09-2005, 01:03
I am having net trouble so if I dont get my Storm trooper C up tonight(as I might be a bit drunk seeing as it is my birthday) I wll by tomorrow

20-09-2005, 02:12
happy birthday laudren, my character will be up tonight as well, unless im to drunk to post it as well

Commander X
20-09-2005, 15:31
At last, I've finally completed my character, hope you like it ;)

Grand Warlord
24-09-2005, 19:37
Everyone who has yet to post their characters please post then we can begin.

Grand Warlord
28-09-2005, 19:46
Well I give up. Thread Dead.