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the blind knight
17-11-2007, 08:45
Well it isnt a new tactic or shocking but i needed to get you to read my list somehow.

After geting masacred at the last tournament i decided to change my list a bit.The TVI conctept is basicly using larege state troops regiments as main fighting units while knights and pistoliers act as suport units.In my case the maneaterswill also be a suport unit.Also i am facing a skaven horde/magic heavy army tommorow so need advice.

General of the empire(joins the swordsmen)
enchanted shield
sword of battle
van holstmanns speculum
sigil of sigmar
full plate armor

Captain of the empire(joins the greatswords)
batlle standard bearier
hammer of judgment
armor of meteoric iron

Batlle wizard(joins the spearmen)
level 2 wizard
dispell scroll
dispell scroll

Warrior priest(joins the knights)
icon of magnus
helm of the ratslayer
heavy armor
barded warhorse
great wepon

24 spearmen
standard bearier
detachment:5 handgunners

24 swordsmen
standard bearier
detachment:5 handgunners

20 flagellants
prophet of doom

5 knights
standard bearier

24 greatswords
standard bearier
Counts champion
standard of arcane warding
detachment:5 archers,9 free company

5 pistoliers
pepetitor pistol

great cannon

great cannon

2 maneaters
heavy armor
greats wepon(1)
brace of handguns(1)

Casting poll:4+1bound spell
Dispel poll:4+2scrolls+2 bound items
models:140 models
army composition:-0(for my local tournament)

18-11-2007, 09:49
Well, since you all like to play a lot of infantry i'll just give a couple of advices, perhaps a holy relic on the general would help a bit, just in case he has to fight an enemy general or in anyway is attacked and the AS won't be enough.

Also if you're up against heavy magic, specially skaven magic which is perhaps the most offensive magic in WH, i'd bring 2 mages with dispel scrolls cause one mage will exaust the dice and the scrolls in the first turn and before the enemy runs out of spells. Better have a couple of them and 4 scrolls. If you keep the warrior priest then it's 5 dices which helps too.

18-11-2007, 16:08
A few thoughts:

If you're taking this tailored to deal with skaven I'd dump the Van Horstman's Speculum. No self-respecting skaven character is going to accept a challenge because he doesn't have to. Couple that with the fact your stats are a hell of a lot better than any of his characters (who, again, won't actually accept a challenge anyway) and you've invested those points very unwisely. If you're playing all comers that's fine, but putting VHS on your best fighter doesn't seem all that sensible. Wouldn't you rather give your opponents chaos lord your wizards attack profile?

For your list the key thing I see missing is melee detachments for your melee troops. Not really sure what 5 handgunners will accomplish against a skaven hoarde either, unless you get a lucky kill on a poison wind globadier or night runner and make them panic.

Also, against skaven mortars rule. Huge blocks of tightly massed T3 troops? You'll struggle to miss and anything you hit will be taking a panic check.

I shudder to say I agree with Fate based on some of his other posts, but you ARE light on magic defense. A few warlock engineers throwing warp lightning coupled with a grey seer and you're going to be hating life. Fortunately you have big units which can absorb some casualties but you'd like them to still be big units when you engage the enemy.