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12-09-2005, 23:15
Recently dug deep in the closet and found my old high elves, thought id take them for a spin (with some new stuff bought as well!). This is what ive thought up for 1500 points, and its not for tournament, just friendly (but competative!) play.

Commander [225]
Great weapon, longbow, dragon armour, pure of heart, reaver
bow, enchanted shield, chariot
This guy is suposed to be where needed, while puring arrows into the enemy

Mage [180]
Magic level 2, ring of fury, dispel scroll
Can't go wrong with high elf mages

Mage [180]
Magic level 2, ring of Corin, jewel of the dusk
Why not take two?

Spearelves (24) [294]
Spear, light armour, shield, standard, musician, captain
The line of defence, flanked by archers and the chariot for protection

Silver Helms (10) [280]
Barding, lance, heavy armour, shield, standard bearer,
musician, captain, banner of Ellyrion
My only hard hitting element. Nice big unit that will probably try swing around the flank supported by the eagles

Archers (10) [120]
Nothing strange here

Archers (10) [120]
More archers

Great Eagles (2) [100]
Will be used to perform any of three tasks; support the silver helms on the flank, to prevent enemy marching and to take out enemy war machines

Casting Pool: 7
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 60
Total Army Cost: 1499

What do you think??

13-09-2005, 05:24
loose the archers, hey are innafective without bolt throweres eagle, get some scouts an maby a chariot or two or some silverhelms.

13-09-2005, 05:50
I don't think your commander needs both a longbow and the reaver bow . Maybe dropping one unit of archers to get another chariot, it can support your general's chariot and I think if his first chariot is destroyed he can jump on the second one......can someone verify that for me?

13-09-2005, 09:32
Commander [225]
Great weapon, longbow, dragon armour, pure of heart, reaver
bow, enchanted shield, chariot

I'd drop the GW. You won't need it. Chariots break when they charge, not in successive rounds. Halberd or Lance for this guy. Nor should you need the Longbow, you have the Reaver Bow instead. And Dragon Armour isn't much use except for fluff purposes.

Otherwise, a better combination would involve the Armour of Protection instead of the Reaver Bow. Better AS, a Ward Save thrown in, and when charging, you're bound to do some damage. If you want him to roam around shooting, then put him on an Eagle (and give him Enchanted Shield, Reaver Bow, Heavy Armour, and a Lance). Chariots are meant for charging and breaking, not running around shooting.

Now, to tactics. I honestly do not believe that you have near enough support units here. You have two eagles and the chariot. That isn't much (especially when you take into account that Eagles are sacrificial units). Split the Silver Helms into two units of five, perhaps even dropping one of them. That lets you buy yourself another chariot, with some points left over for whatever purpose you want to put them towards (upping a SH unit to 6 is where I'd go).

13-09-2005, 18:56
Stick the Commander on an Great Eagle like Eldacar mentioned. That will allow you to hit characters outside units and give you range on whatever you want.

Break the Spearelves down to 20, more than that can become a point sink. Give the Spearelves a War Banner for extra combat resolution. Divide the Silver Helms into two units of 5 with no command. Cut an Archer unit, maybe both. Add another chariot, some Shadow Warriors, and perhaps a small unit of fast cavalry.

Those changes will make your list far more manuverable. Your list is currently 2 large blocks, 2 weak shooting units, solid magic, and some birds. The chariot Commander is currently the only thing to support your large units on the charge which is not good. Try to use multiple elements to attack your enemy rather than a few large blocks. It is generally more successful and fun.

15-09-2005, 21:15
225 is over a 6th of your army thats too much man if you knock him down to say 200 at max