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17-11-2007, 13:09
This is inspired by Greek/Roman/Byzantine battle tactics, and has a general theme of a "shamed & exiled" HE army.

Please can I have come C&C on the list& tactics I plan to use - new to Fantasy in general, and chose the HE...but I do have a good grasp of battle tactics from playing other wargames & I know it will be a "steep learning curve" - just not as steep as it used to be.

Prince: Great Weapon, Vambraces of Defence, Armour of Caledor & Amulet of Light.


Mage: Level 2, Hand Weapon, Ring of Fury, Silver Wand & Chariot.

Mage: Level 2, Hand Weapon, Seerstaff of Saphery & Dispel Scroll.


20 Spearmen: Musician & Standard Bearer.

20 Spearmen: Musician & Standard Bearer.

10 Archers.


5 Silver Helms: Hand Weapon, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Steed & Musician.

13 White Lions: Musician, Standard Bearer & Banner of Sorcery.

5 Shadow Warriors.

Tiranoc Chariot.


Repeater Bolt Thrower.


Deployment is too tricky to explain without pictures, but it's in the form of mutually-supporting blocks, with Cavalry & Shadow Warriors (scouted) on one flank and Chariots on the other.

Prince goes in White Lions to add to the punch, deployed 7x2. Guards flank of Infantry formation. Foot Mage goes in one of the Spearmen units.

What do people think of this list then? any thoughts would be really appreciated.

17-11-2007, 22:43
Just worked out I can lose:

Silver Wand
1x Silver Helm
Silver Helm Champion
1x Ellyrain Reaver
2x White Lions
White Lion Musician

and take an extra 5 Silver Helms, giving me 15 Cavlary on one flank.

Wedge formation, Ellyrians leading, shooting as advancing. Then all 3 units can wheel onto enemy's flank, and charge multiple units/1 unit on mutiple angles.

This is watched over by the RBT.

Infantry in centre, in form spears--spears-Lions, with Archers deployed slightly in front/to the right of the Lions. All roll fowards as a single body of troops, mutually supporting each other, but using wheels & reforms to attack only a few enemy units.

Chariots support the Infantry/Archer line, and to help guard my blocks from being flanked once engaged, and to give Chariot Mage good LOS for spells whist remaining fairly safe.

Does this sound like a good idea? The Lions will be screened a little by the Archers, and are intended as more of a flank-support unit than a "holding" unit, and the wisdom on this site suggests best size for our Elite units is around 12.

Thoughts on this possible change?

18-11-2007, 11:55
Anyone? Loads of view but no replies...

Still not happy with my Prince equipment - don't really see what he adds. Would taking Blade of Leaping Gold be good, for 7 str4 attacks? Trouble is, it sufferes against Cavalry and anything with good T/AS, as even if you manage to wound they often bounce... Sword of Hoeth likewise struggles thanks to the "bounce" of all the attacks, and there will be even less of them...

How about Blade of Sea Gold, as it takes away the negative above...but then there is only 4 attacks.

Thoughts for gear for a Prince to be in an Infantry unit (right now it's White Lions, so that they can take on big things)?

18-11-2007, 16:43
if someone hits the chariot your mage is in with a str7 hit, you are going to have a stranded mage

18-11-2007, 16:47
Yeah, it's a risk I play, as I have a very nicely converted model of a mage in a chariot that cost me about 30+ in bitz - so it's getting played even though it isn't too effective. Has to use terrain to avoid getting shot until the Cav/Shadow Warriors take out the War Machines and nasty enemy critters. Hence Beasts/Heavens magic, as things like Beast Cowers/Comet of Cassandora don't require LOS (or do, but have unlimited range so I am out of return fire).

One thing bugging me is the Prince - for his cost I could have a Noble, an RBT and another couple of White Lions. But means I can't use the Blade of Leaping Gold, which is always tempting, to get so many strikes (albeit fairly weak - but stronger than a basic elf).

18-11-2007, 17:39
Okay look you put the prince on a horse and give him the star lance and then you get another noble who you give one of those good magic high elf bows and he goes with archers or shadow warriors. get that bow that gives you a bolt thrower bow. Now look at the prince if you get him on horse with a shield and dragon armour he gets a 2+ save re-roll able and 4+ ward if i'm not wrong and he gets strength 7 no armour save on the charge and 4 attacks is more than enough especially if you back him up with soe dragon princes. You see if you have the blade of leaping gold then you get lots of attacks but at strength 4 i mean he'll never win a challenge with that. And if he's on foot you have to spend lots of points for that 2+ save

oh and by the way get some dragon princes instead of the silver helms 6 is okay 10 is better 15 will do the trick

I play brettonia by the way so trust me with the knight thing

18-11-2007, 20:39
treadhead: i can understand wanting to use a model for the sake of the model. i have never collected dwarves, and probably never will, but i spent 15 on the anniversary WD model anyway. its 1k pts of goodness. i also have a mounted mage, that goes in most armies that i use. the knights could be nocked down to 6 DPs or something, then, with points left over, you could add some more shadow warriors

18-11-2007, 23:41
15 DP would be 450 points (obviously 10 would be 300, but looses me models - and more models means less shooting wounds, etc so more get to live to see combat). I am currently spending 337 on cavalry (took the option of 10 Helms and 5 Reavers - wedge formation looked awesome). not too sure where to scrape the points from to boost this without compromising my Infantry line to a joke of a battle line.

I used to/still do play Bretonnia, I know Knights are powerful - just DP are VERY expensive. Fluffwise I am not sure if I can justify DP (as I am "disgraced" from Ulthan), but I guess I could count them as "household heavy cavalry" or something.

Prince really bugs me, not sure if he's needed or not - as I mentioned before I can get a Noble (lower Ld and magic choices) and an extra regiment/RBT/more Cavalry numbers etc instead. Still trying to weigh this one up, as I know that Ld10 is almost too good to pass up, but more numbers is always nice...

19-11-2007, 08:51
Can sefly swap prince with noble - i dont think that elven prince will see many games with current rules ...

19-11-2007, 16:56
Also, I am considering:

Would swapping the Ellyrian Reavers for a unit of Shadow Warriors be a good idea?

Shadows can deploy ahead of the Silverhelnms, and slow down the enemy's flank force. Can shoot to weaken units. SH then charge on up and flank the slowed enemy.

Extra points from this would go into adding an extra Silver Helm into each unit.

Or, should I leave it as-is, as the Reavers are probably marginally better at hunitng War Machines thanks to their high speed, and can screen the more expensive Silver Helms?