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17-11-2007, 18:52
After several weeks of delay due to work, I finally had a game against Asur using my favourite Druchii. It was a challenging game but as I have forgotten some of the sequence; I am not posting a battle report and will be simply mentioning some highlights of the battle (including my first hand account of the new Asur Army)

My friend’s list

1 Highborn, reaver bow, 2+ armor save
1 mage, ring of fury
1 mage, 2 scroll

2 x 10 longbowmen
1 x 20 spears

2 x 5 silver helms
1 x 5 dragon princes
1 lion chariot
1 x 5 reavers
1 x 6 swordmasters

2 rbts

I find this army extremely competitive and streamlined. There is no wastage of points on elite infantry blocks and he simply take a small 6 man Sword Master detachment. In addition my friend took 3 units of knights which I feel still play a key role in Asur armies. Finally the archers and rbts form a solid firebase as counterbattery fire to take out enemy shoot (which asur fears greatly)

My Army

High Sorc, lvl 4, scroll, darkstar cloak, HsoD
Lvl 2 sorc, 2 scrolls
Noble, HA,SDC, scouting item, sword of might, shield

12 rxbmen w shield and music
10 rxbmen
5 darkriders
20 spears

8 cok
1 chariot
6 harpies
5 shades

2 rbts.

Notice how great my opponent’s army outnumbers me(despite Asur being an elitist army) and his superiority in combat. (it is subjective on whether my shooting is superior). I do have an advantage in magic which helps me a lot in the game.


By strategically placing his swordmasters. My friend’s 6 swordmaster is more than enough to face off against my cok unit and my shade+noble unit. 90 points vs 500 points. I find it quite insane in that so much firepower is packed within that 90 point pocket. Took it out eventually at a great cost. As for why I did not destroy his SM with shooting, it is due to my rbt busy shooting his knights and him passing most of his armor saves form my shades’ shooting.

High Elf magic and shooting is still extremely good. Longbows are the exact tools to take out enemy archers ( just as what they are supposed to do in 6 ed) and the inexhaustible ring of fury gives me a hell of a time.

White Lions are kicked ass (expected), you do not even need to roll well for your impact hits. WS5 A2 white lions and “Elven” white lions are sufficient to win combat. With the crew striking first, its not even worth it to charge them as you took wounds even before you strike, a scenario extremely bad for dark elves


Draw with 150 points to my favour. I finally manage to pull of a draw after my spearelves caught his dragon princes when the latter was trying to flee from a flank charge(I was lucky), although my opponent said that this was compensated by my cok fleeing from the swordmster’s charge and never rallied. My High Sorc did a lot to even the odds.

Interesting observation after the game

After our game, my friend fought another high elf opponent. It was quite bad and the resuly clearly shows how fundamentally bad speed of asuryan is. The two players were involved in a crucial mega combat involving white lions and spears on one sides vs swordmasters and spears on the other. They had a roll off (since both sides strike first and have the same I), my friend losts that crucial dice roll and with it, effectively lost the game after his troops got massacred/

In my opinion this clearly shows how flawed the rule is. As High Elves are so damaging yet fragile, the loser of a roll off suffers badly. Given the popularity of Asur, this matters a lot in a tournament as an Asur player could potentially lost a tournament simply because he lost a dice off with another Asur player.

17-11-2007, 20:58
Ah, But this is were the High Elf Player must be more cautious when deciding what units to fight. The Swordmasters have a lower initiative then the Phoenix Guard and some other units. So if you are a high elf player it makes sense to take units other then Swordmasters because you would strike first, since your initiative is higher. Thus High Elf generals must carefully select their battles when they fight each other.


25-11-2007, 21:56
I dont think gamesworkshop was thinking of two high elves players facing eachother when they made speed of asuryan.

26-11-2007, 10:08
The first time one of these army-wide benefits came around, like praying Bretonnians, that was a fair excuse, but not any longer. It didn't take long for smart players on this forum to realise the implications of the rule when it was first mentioned, so GW must have considered and duly ignored it.

Dwarf Runelord 45
21-12-2007, 00:05
Yeah speed of asuryan doesn't work between 2 high elf players

21-12-2007, 03:53
It's strange, for some reason I hadn't considered the possibility of two High Elf armies fighting against each other before. So yes, I suppose SoA wouldn't work in that case. Interesting. I'm sure the designers considered this when the army was in development, and decided it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Apparently it can be.

None the less, great battle report! I love reading these things, and hope to be able to put a few of my own up when I get my army up and running.

06-01-2008, 19:55
As far as High Elf vs. High Elf battles go, the most sensible thing to do is ignore Speed of Asuryan.
I know, I know; that's not what the rules say but it takes away the uncertainy and puts back into the hands of strategy.

warlord hack'a
07-01-2008, 15:29
I think SoA makes the game far less fun as it eliminates one of the most crucial elements of the game: getting the charge and winning on it. Now there is no longer a need for a high elf to charge, in some circumstances he is even worse off charging. That is a pity. I am not saying that it is overpowering or anything (though if you look at the spearelf, which basically gives you three attacks per front row model and strikes first, for only 9 points per model, that is very cheap), just that it's a pity that a whole army has this rule (instead of only e.g. the special and rare choices).

warlord hack'a
07-01-2008, 15:32
and as for the 6 SM, just charge them with an infantry block. Okay, they have 12 attacks, so 6 will hit, 4 or 5 will wound. That means that on average you draw this combat, and that is versus normal infantry, elite infantry will win versus this unit (as they should), break it and run it down.

Count Zero
07-01-2008, 16:50
i agreee with chivalorus, in HE v hE ingnore SOA and got back to whoever gets the charge goes 1st, then normal I etc.