View Full Version : Khaine's Raiders! Dark Elves - 2000pts

13-09-2005, 01:47
Dark Elf Highborn: 225pts
-Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak
-Crimson Death, Black Amulet
Beastmaster on Manticore: 267pts
-Light Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Lance
-Seal of Ghrond
Assassin: 170pts
-Sword of Might, Rune of Khaine
Total: 667pts
Core Units:
19 Corsairs: 260pts
-Full Command, Banner of Murder
12 Corsairs: 135pts
-Reaver, Musician
5 Dark Riders: 127pts
-Musician, Rxbows
5 Dark Riders: 127pts
-Musician, Rxbows
Total: 649pts
Special Units:
18 Witch Elves of Khaine: 314pts
-Standard Bearer, Musician, Warbanner
-Hag with Witchbrew
6 Shades: 96pts
6 Harpies: 78pts
2 Cold One Chariots: 194pts
Total: 682pts
Grand Total: 1998pts

So this is my Khainite Raiders list. I figure there are Secular Black Arks, Slaaneshi Blark Arks, and Khainite Black Arks.. depending on who the admirals were and what troops were brought aboard. Of course whichever they were, temples would be created within the ark to worship their particular diety. I brought no sorceresses whatsoever just to go all out Khaine.. so this list represents some hardcore Khainite cultists that sail the seas to find sacrificial slaves for their Lord Khaine! The assassin is present for the same reason, though I can't bring myself to buying a Cauldron so I wont be using one.

The Highborn is equipped to do as well as a poor elf lord can do, with strength 6 from the crimson death & a 5+ ward that rebounds wounds. He leads the corsairs, whom with the banner of murder become a nasty little underestimated core unit that charges 11-16", has 9 attacks + the highborn's attacks, with +4 to combat resolution. The 12 Corsairs act as a flanker unit for the Witch Elves.. or for all the other purposes of 12 strong units. The Dark Riders' purpose is well known and need not be explained. The Witch Elves will deploy in 6x3 formation, and are quite the nasty unit indeed. The Assassin usually infiltrates with the Shades. Harpies & Beastmaster take to the skies.. killing enemy mages, then enemy war machines. The assassin and shades also kill mages alot, and my lack of a mage isnt always a big deal because of this. I couldnt think of any rares worth bringing for this list, lol. With the 2 chariots for infantry support I think this is a pretty hard hitting infantry based list w/no magic that is quite capable in hand to hand.. what do you think about it? Let me know..