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18-11-2007, 17:24
This week was the second week of the Mighty Empires campaign and once again my 1000 point Empire army was in action. This time they were going up against Orcs and Goblins so I was expecting a fun game out of the tie. So without futher ado onto the army lists...


Captain on Pegasus
Battle wizard + extra level

20 Swordsmen + FC
10 Handgunners
5 Knights + FC

5 Pistoliers + musician
5 Pistoliers + musician

Helblaster volley gun


Black Orc Boss + heavy armour, shield and sword that gives him bonuses for every character within a certain radius
Goblin shaman + dispel magic scroll and power stone

25 Orc big uns + FC
25 Goblins + FC and 1 Fanatic
10 Spider riders + FC

1 Boar chariot
2 Spear chuckers

Terrain - Again the board was fairly open. On my far left I had a wood, on the left there were some ruins towards the middle of the table. We both had a wood in the center and there was a wood on the right which was in his deployment zone.

Magic rolls - I went for Law of Metal and threw a 1 and a 6 giving me Rule of Burning Iron and The Spirit of the Forge. I was a bit annoyed as both of these spells would have little impact on the low armour of the Greenskins and The Spirit of the Forge would be quite hard to get off with my level two Battle wizard.

He also rolled a 1 and a 6 giving him Gaze of Gork and Mork wants ya for his Goblin shaman.

Set up - I won the roll and let him start deploying first. He place his two big units in his center next to his center wood (boss in the Orcs, Shaman in the Goblins). He set up the spider riders behind the wood. His chariot went down on the opposite side of the center wood and his two Spear chukkas went down on my left.

I deployed my HBVG and Swordsmen unit in the center (the HBVG was hidden from the Spear chukkas by the ruins). I set up my knights with the runis also blocking LOS to the chukkas angled in to set up a flank charge on his big uns if he advanced down the center. On the far left I set up a unit of pistoliers to deal with his Chukkas. I deployed my Handgunners with wizard in front of my center wood (opposite the hidden Spider riders). I deployed my cannon and pistoliers on the extreme right of my line. Finaly I hide my Captain behind the center wood.

We rolled for first turn and he won. I declared my Assasins Mighty Empires special rule in an attempt to murder his Shaman but the assasination failed.

Turn one - O&G.

The Spider riders squabble and the Big Uns surge towards the HBVG. In movement the chariot moves up hoping to run the gauntlet of cannon ball fire to hit the Handgunners. The Goblins and the Big Uns march forward towards my center. Magic sees nothing happen with his spells either being out of range or being dispelled. The Spear Chukkas fire at my left hand pistoliers killing a Pistolier.

Turn one - Empire

The left hand pistoliers march around the ruins getting into range of the Big Uns and threatening the Spear chukkas. The right hand Pistoliers move up and flank the Boar chariot. Magic is a dud. Shooting is a lot more eventful. My cannon opens up. A perfect guess and long distance bouncing sees it smash the Boar chariot to pieces and clip the Spider riders killing one. The HBVG opens up on the Big Uns killing a couple but misfires and has to spend next turn reloading. The handgunners also manage to down an Orc. The left hand Pistoliers shoot a Big un.

Turn two - O&G

Big uns squabble (Boss sorts them out with no casualties) and the Goblins squabble (nothing he can do about that). Spider riders move up through the wood. The Big uns move forward but are march blocked by the Pistoliers. There is no magic due to the Goblin shaman being in the goblin unit. Shooting is also poor with both Chukkas missing the Pistoliers despite being at short range.

Turn two - Empire

Declare a charge from the Pistoliers on a Chukka. The right hand Pistoliers move up to flank the Spider riders. My captain flies out and moves to back up the right hand Pistoliers. In the magic phase I fail to do anything worthwhile. Shooting sees the cannon fire at the Spider riders. Another good guess but awful range and bounce rolls see the ball fall short. The combined shooting from the Pistoliers and the handgunners kill two Spider riders (not good)

Close combat sees me wipe out the Spear chukka crew and overrun off the table.

Turn three - O&G

My opponant declares a Waaagggg. His Big Uns move up (he can now see my knights) his Spider riders turn to face my Pistoliers and his Goblins advance. He declairs charges onto my Knights (I flee due to the angle allowing me to almost flee sideways) but I stand and shoot against the Spider riders (doing nothing). His Goblins move up (releasing a fanatic who goes towards my Swordsmen but only goes forward 5 inches). Magic see him bring out his power stone and total power Mork wants ya on the HBVG destroying it utterly (poo) Shooting sees his remaining bolt thrower miss the fleeing knights.

Close combat sees the Pistoliers down a Spider rider for the loss of three of their own. They lose the combat by a large amount and flee off the board. The Spider riders purse poorly and end up presenting their flank to the Captain.

Turn three - Empire

I rally my fleeing Knights who reform to face the O&G. The left hand pistoliers come back on to take on the other Spear chukka. I declare a charge into the flank of the Spider riders (who hold). Magic sees me cast The Spirit of the Forge which is instantly scrolled. Shooting sees the cannon misfire (nothing bad happens but it's out for this turn and next turn) the Pistoliers kill a crewman from the Spearc chukka. The Handgunners miss the Goblin unit entirely despite being at short range.

In close combat my Captain butchers two Spider Riders for no loss and the combat ends up a draw (or so we think).

Turn four - O&G

Nothing squabbles but the Big uns surge forward towards the nearest Empire stuff it can see (the crew of the now totaled HBVG). The Big uns charge the HBVG crew who flee off the table. My opponant throws his Goblins at my Swordsmen (the fanatic kills himself before any damage is done). Magic sees nothing happen and the Spear chukka misses the knights again.

Close combat sees the Captain and Pegasus pull down another two Spider riders. My opponant then points out that he has a musician and that the combat isn't a draw (neither was last turns). My Captain passes his leadership though and remains in combat. The Swordsmen don't take any casualties and pull down three Goblins. My opponant fails his leadership, flees and is caught.

Turn four - Empire

I declare a charge into the Spear chukka with my pistoliers (he holds). My Swordsmen move further up the table and the knights close in on the flanks of the Big un unit. Magic is none existant as is shooting.

The captain easily cuts down the last two Spider riders while the Pistoliers wipe out the remaining Spear chukka crew overrunning deep into my side of the table.

Turn five - O&G

My opponant desperately manuvers his remaining unit.

Turn five - Empire

The noose closes on the Big Uns. The Swordsmen reform, the pistoliers move to the rear of the Big uns and the Knights edge forward in preperation to charge. Magic finaly sees The Spirit of the Forge cast on the Big Uns which kills a couple. The cannon misfires again and blows itself up.

Turn six - O&G

my opponant reforms to try to take the Knights charge head on.

Turn six - Empire.

The Knights charge the front on the Big Uns, the pistoliers hit the flanks and the Swordsmen hit the rear. I'll leave the combat up to your imagination but resulted in the annihilation of the last O&G unit as the remanants broke and fled the field.

Result - Massacre to the Empire.

18-11-2007, 17:47

Well that went well. Good deployment saw me quickly dominate to opening turns and my opponant struggled to deal with the sheer maneuverability of the army. Yet again the Pistoliers and Captain performed exceedingly well causing all sorts of problems for the O&G player to deal with.

The cannon performed well taking out the Chariot but I had some bad luck later on in the game which resulted in it blowing up. The HBVG fell prey to magic again! I had a horrible sense of deja vu as I removed the model from the table. Again the Handgunners were disappoining and had very little impact on the battle at all.

The knights worked well drawing the attention of his Big Uns while the Swordsmen did an excellent job taking on the Goblins then hitting the Big uns in the last turn. The wizard was pretty meh again but he helped hold back my opponnants magic but was a bit screwed by the spells he had and the army that my opponant was fielding.

To tell the truth the O&G player did suffer more bad luck than I did. His rolling was seriously below average when it really mattered. The thing which really stood out for me was in turn two were he missed the pistoliers which his Spear chukkas. If he'd hit he could have driven them off. As it was they got into the crew and allowed me to bring my Captain out into play.

The Captain won MotM for me today with his inspired combat with the Spider riders. So far he's been awesome for me and he's really worth peanuts. The only one unit I'm truely unhappy with at the moment is the handgunners. They really haven't performed yet and against a ranged lite army like O&G they really should have done well. Instead they ended up stranded in a very quite area of the battlefield just plinking away at long range. Even when the Goblins got into short range they totaly failed to even hit them.

Overall I'm pleased with the progress of the army so far. I'm going to look in a couple of weeks at upgrading the army by another 500 points so I want to get another game or two in before I make any decisions about where I'm going with the army.


19-11-2007, 00:42
i know what you feel, i'm always disappointed by handgunners hitting on 5+ really stinks, it's also the reason i don't field Hellblasters anymore because of the stupid 5+ to hit now, the rocket battery seems like a better option as are outriders.

21-11-2007, 19:49
I've never felt that there was much to complain about handgunners. They are under 100 points for a unit, after all.

Also, it's always an option to march them to a better position, you know?

21-11-2007, 20:00
Good report, nice to see empire win through combat rather than shooting and magic : )

21-11-2007, 22:05
Also, it's always an option to march them to a better position, you know?

My main problem was my opponant had his two fast units in front of them. I didn't want to move untill these had been dealt with. By the time I'd neutralised these two units I badly needed them to remain stationary to try to do some damage against the Goblins.

Good report, nice to see empire win through combat rather than shooting and magic

I felt I won through maneuver more than anything. The speed at which I flanked his lines caught him be suprise and I quickly took care of anything that could counter that maneverability (chariot, spear chukkas and spider riders).

I'm seriously concidering swiching once I've finnished painting this army and doing a WE army which focuses on the same thing. Extreme maneuverability and focused strikes. It should be an interesting step to take as the WE can be even faster. I was thinking of Glade riders, scouting Glade guard, Wild riders, Waywatchers and Great eagles.


Dwarf Runelord 45
21-12-2007, 00:07
Good job nice report but a O&G army w/out goblin doom diver