View Full Version : high elf vs goblins scenario.

18-11-2007, 20:41
i was thinking of changing battle for skull pass to high elves vs goblins

because i will be using the dwarfs for my army and i loike the idea of goblins getting volleyed down.

do you think it would be easy to match the points for the goblins with the HE

and on another subject-
i will be using the high elf prince well princess to do character bashes.
i have been playing hevenly sword and it has given me the idea to convert a high elf princess to have a giant cross bow (counted as bow of the seafearer)
but i dont know what else to give her to suit the role of an assasin like princess with a deadly art of ranged attacks.
i will stick her in a unit of 19 archers.
or if i give her shadow armor a unit of 9-14 shadow warriors

and advice on what else i should give her or what unit she would be better in???

thanx in advance

19-11-2007, 00:25
giv her shadow armor, shield, and g. weapon on top of the crossbow, functional and lik u want. When u really need the AS, use HW&S, when u just want to kill something, use GW, ASF is nice. and put her in shadow warriors, cus thats definitely more assassiny

25-11-2007, 23:15
so how big shouldthe unit of shadow warriors be ?? because it willbe character bashes i was thinking of 15 seeing as it is the max number of them