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19-11-2007, 10:42
Hey, I am planning to include one troupe of harlies into my force, as I don't want it to get overpowered, it turns out I am not that powergamey type I've always thought of myself. :)

Still this sole troupe does ride in a falcon. Here is a trick - the harlies are painted purely with balck&white - to keep the "circus" factor without making them too clowny, and I was thinking of painting their falcon in the same black&white pattern, as it is their falcon. They are the only ones that ride in it, and it is the only falcon in the force.

The rest of the force is more less pirat / rouge /renagade craftworldres, who live for glory to be rembered forever - hence harlies in the force, as they mostlywant to see how this entire pirate endeavour is going to end.

I haven't found any information that harlies have heavy duty equipment, however I want to know, whether their own customized falcon is a fluffy idea or not?

And of course if you like the idea or not:D

Any comments appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Lord Damocles
19-11-2007, 16:59
as far as I know, the old fluff for the Harlies said that they didn't get anything larger than a venom (viper transport varient) due to the fact that large craft can't fit through some sections of the webway. However they then got wraithlords; which the Ulphwe (OK thats not how its spelt, but to hell with it:p) strike forces couldn't get throught he webway so...:confused:

Some space clouns having access to a personnal transport seems fairly reasonable though. I wouldn't mind facing it.

Just be aware that If you put them in an immortal falcon, then people will start shouting about Gorgonzola:cheese:.

19-11-2007, 19:49
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19-11-2007, 20:21
I think the idea in an of its self is sound and makes sense. An elite squad with a custom transport is pretty much the idea behind, lets say, assault terminators in a land raider crusader. The fact that its the 'clown cab' is just an added bonus.

For a loadout, I think most people would suggest holofields and spirit stones for a minimum on the Falcon. Depending on the points, you could also consider vectored engines if you have points to play with and you want al little more survivability for your clowns. Guns also depend on points and flavor, but the two favorites are going to be a scatter laser or a SC. For your clowns, I would say give them all kisses, just because you can only fit six in the falcon, but I think there are entire posts devoted to the number of kisses in a squad.

A word of warning: As has been mentioned, you might be on the receiving end of some cries of 'cheese' for a tooled harlequin squad in an 'immortal' falcon. However, I think if you keep it at only one of these in your army its entirely reasonable. Most people draw the line at two and three falcons full of rending power. Also, pointing out to your opponents that while having three falcons is both an abuse of codex power and ENTIRELY unfluffy, one squad in a falcon actually has alot of background going for it as a fast-hitting elite squad of 'sort-of-allies-for-now-but-might-be-gone-later' type unit.


19-11-2007, 20:43
Thanks for responses.

Well I am aware that this combo provokes some processed milk being thrown at you, but as I said - its the only falcon and the only harlie squad, but they fight side by side with storm guardians :D , so if anybody accuses me of being cheesy I may always offer to replace stormies with... another harlie falcon... :evilgrin:

About fitting into a webway passages or whatnot well, they do travel with the renegade pirate fleet for some quite time, to record what epic tales may take place there, or doing other harlie-secret-stuff... I guess that may have acquired a flacon in course of their travels and customized it later on.

Any ideas how to make your list "piratish"?

I like Aspects quite a bit, and I figured fielding various editions of banshees, I have some really old model and some a bit newer, and intent to buy the latest box, to represent the changing of the fashion among various banshee shrines, and renegades later joining the Green Dragon Armada would represent this, does it make sense? Or the shrines are unified?

What do you think?



19-11-2007, 22:54
To go through your topics in order.

As long as you play decent sized games and don't use too many falcons, the cheese cries should be limited, as most sane people have pointed out.

The webway can reportedly fit entire starships, but it depends on the particular webway. A better way to look at it is that the harlequins seem to have 'adopted' your particular pirate force, and as such have comandeered, or otherwise convinced everyone to let them use a falcon tooled to what does them the most good.

In my mind, and feel free to disagree, the best way to theme a pirate list is to not have a theme. Have aspect warriors, but not too many aspect warriors. Include pathfinders, wraithguard and lords, but don't have them be a staple. Throw in some bikes, vipers and walkers. Mix and match. I would say that you should pick an Autarch over a farseer as your pirate prince, but that's just my opinion.

Another thing you could do if you really want fluff over effectiveness is to not fill squads to maximum to show that you have force depletion or casualties or limited resuorces and the like. In some cases this would hurt how well the squad performed, so take the idea as an idea, and not a tactic.

As for the banshees, I like both sets of models, but I've never seen them side-by-side. While I think diversity is good and interesting and whatnot, you should avoid mixing new and old if the difference is radically striking and offputting, and, well, ugly, but I see no reason that any force of a particular unit should look exactly alike. Your reasons are perfectly reasonable for the difference in look. I would say the shrines are unified in that they all believe that screaming-while-hacking-people-with-powerswords-is-a-good-idea, but not so unified as to say that old armor and powerswords dont protect and kill as well as new armor and powerswords.

Hope that helps.

20-11-2007, 09:59
Thanks for the input.

The idea is to have not overly large force, and still quite elite one - being pirates. That poses a problem. I have Shining Spears and bikes, some dire avengers, some storm guardians, and banshees, pathfinders, few falcons and waveserpents, 2 vypers - that quite pirate-like IMHO, and warp spiders - any ideas concerning painting?

I hate aspect shrines colours, but I love the models. :) would you use a pattern in you painting or just paint everything in random fashion?

I would prefer them having two predominant colours (black and green) with some variations from squad to squad.



20-11-2007, 11:57
Sounds like a good idea and suggestion! My army also features 6 Harlequins in a Falcon and man, they turn heads... Whenever i drive my skimmers, my opponent will keep on asking me "Is this the 6 Harlequins Falcon?"

And from my experience with them, a Falcon with Holo-Fields and Spirit stones loaded with 6 Harlequins give almost every opponent fits. People say it is cheese putting horrendously fragile murderous renders in extraordinarily durable falcons but to me i feel it is how Eldar should funtion like an Ochestra.

20-11-2007, 13:34
I do realise that the combo is very powerfull, so I try not to overcheese it :)

Pirates accompanied by three harlequin troupes in three falcons would be a bit odd, especially that there would be little points left for the pirates.:)

Any ideas concerning painting/modelling pirates to make them look like pirates?

The composition of the force should look a bit hectic - that's true. I don't like the idea of wraithguard in the force - they are after all dead and they care little for glory and fame, which is the main target for my pirate armada.

The drop of a background is that the fleet was formed by two renegade brothers (oddly enough farseer the autarch) originating from Saim Hann. The core of the list is comprised of Shining Spears, as personal bodyguard of HQ, and members of their household - Dire Avengers and Storm Guardians in Wave serpents, the rest of the force as I see it joined later on, as the Green Dragon Armada builds up its reputation...

Does it look reasonable?



20-11-2007, 19:58
Now I read this topic it's not as interesting as the title implies, ie. harley davidsons.

But for some posotive input, I think it would be a fair idea, it's no great leap that in all the 40K universe one group of the harlequins have this tech.