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Shadowseer Crofty
19-11-2007, 13:15
[insert generic, non-time specific greeting here]. After my game of Apocalypse yesterday, and the brilliantly devastating moment during it, thpught I'd start a thread for everyone's most devastating (to them or their opponent) single moments (ie: 1 combat, 1 ordanace barrage, 1 orbital bombardment, etc). I shall start (of course).
Yesterday, the usual sunday afternoon apocalpyse game (though less points and players than usual), 3.5K points, 1 Ig player vs my 1200 points of Eldar and another Eldar player's 2K points. Naturally we were heavily outnumbered/in a very target rich environment, with very few of our units starting on the board, and a nice battle line of about 3 platoons +HQ command squad and 2 basilisks behind them about a foot behind the edge of no mans land. My strategic asset was tunnels, so I had my 7 harlequins with Shadowseer and my 14 guardians with warlock and EML in reserve, plus 8 avengers and a farseer in a wave serpent. I had tunnel markers right in front of the battle line, and one in the roughly 1ft square between them, the board edge, a building and a couple of tanks. First turn, I use star engines on my serpent to shift it to next to the tunnel marker behind the battle line. It survives a turn of fire only losing its EML (by some miracle, the dice gods were with me then), and in turn 2 the guardians come through the tunnel next to it and the avengers and farseer disembark before the serpent moves. A round of shooting does some casualties, almost wiping out 2 squads, one of which became pinned, an reducing one to half strength, and in the assault phase the avengers charge a guard squad and the farseer charges a basilisk. I do the farseer combat first, 2 penetrating hits and a glance, and the basilisk explodes with a 5" blast. This covers the dire avengers combat and 3 guardsmen squads. Kills, one dire avenger, 8 guardsmen from one squad, 3 from the squad the avengers are fighting (leaving just 2 men left, which the avengers dealt with in short order, before consolidating into another squad), and 3 from another squad. 14 guardsmen and a basilisk dead from 3 farseer attacks, and as a result of which one combat resolved a lot more easily. The look on my opponents face was priceless, and me and my ally decided such a moment merited a hi 5 and much laughter, as well as "the farseer saw all of that coming" jokes. not quite game winning devastation, but it did make the next turn a fair bit easier, and was probably the highlight of the entire game.
So, what are your most devastating moments, be they extremely fun turns of luck which leave your opponent wondering how the dice went that badly against him, or be they leaving you wondering how the dice went that badly against you?

19-11-2007, 13:23
ok i was having a 3000 point battle with two friends, my 3000 points of BT and UM vs their 3000 points of Nurgle. i went in on turn 4 and wiped out the army with a lucky blow. i fired my lascannon sponson for my land raider and scored a penetrating hit on their fellblade, then scored a six, then another (it only had 2 structure points left) this destroyed it, so we rolled again.. another 6! big boom! rolled 2d6 for blast radius, 5 and 6... 11 inch blast radius.. killed off every last model in their army (which was a predator, terminator lord, 2 squads of plague marines, rhino, possessed and a dreadnought) wiping out everything they had left, but i lost my chaplain and dreadnought (worth it IMHO) very fun because they also lost aroun 500 points of daemons that had yet to be summoned due to constant ones when summoning :p that was fun!

19-11-2007, 13:32
Can you please use paragraphs when writing long sections of text, its just makes it easier for people to read.

Cheers :)

19-11-2007, 13:35
Using the previous Eldar codex in a 2000pts/side battle... My opponent laughs and says he can't wait till I fail a dangerous terrain check for one of my six skimmers. Non chalantly I replied it is not likely to happen as I have vectored engines (you needed to roll two 1s on 2d6). So my first turn movement phase is wrapping up and all my skimmers are in dangerous terrain... And each roll turns up two 1s. I then promptly fail six or more armour saves per unit. The end result was that at the end of my first turn 75-80% of my points are dead... It is a bad day when Orks laugh at the clumbsy Eldar.

Shadowseer Crofty
19-11-2007, 13:42
crikey, tau_caste! That makes my devastating moment seem like a single drop of water in an ocean

19-11-2007, 13:45
Using the previous Eldar codex in a 2000pts/side battle... My opponent laughs and says he can't wait till I fail a dangerous terrain check for one of my six skimmers. Non chalantly I replied it is not likely to happen as I have vectored engines

You doomed yourself as soon as you said that. The Dice Gods heard your confidence and deserted you.

19-11-2007, 14:01
Think my worst moment was when i was fighting a friends chaos army with a DP.

The army size was around 1000-1500 pt. I was playing IG and we had a mission where the opposing army had to capture something and than return it to their own side.

My friend moved in with his DP ready to pick up the token.. meaning he cant assault or anything since he need a full turn to pick the token up..

I roughly had 60-70% of my army in shooting range, sharpshooters and enough plasma's and las cannons in range.. i think i rolled more than 50 dice and in the end i think he rolled 1 maby 2 armor saves and made them...

next turn the DP got away and my friend won..

since than i've never been so unlucky at shooting, or any dice-rolling..

All praise the Dice god, greatest of all chaos gods :D

19-11-2007, 14:05
I managed to roll six 1's out of 6 armor saves on my remining 6 terminators in the 6th turn of the game in the very last melee phase before I got to use my powerfists, only one powerfist was needed to win me the game. Damn ripper swarms...

That tyranid player's jaw dropped, I couldnt stop laughing... What else could I do?

19-11-2007, 14:12
Seeing two deep striking Grey knight terminator squads, one with a grand master, both teleporting straight into the same piece of impassable terrain was quite entertaining. For my opponent, that is.

19-11-2007, 14:13
About seven years ago I started a massive armored company including a Shadowsword. I agreed to play against my college roommate and his catachan army. A guy with a meltagun poped up, and shot my shadowsword. It chainreacted from that single hit, blew up, and also detroyed two chimeras with a command squad and a hardened vet squad inside them.

19-11-2007, 14:18
Worse thing I ever heard about was back in 3rd.

2 close formation Land raiders packed with terminators + 1 demolisher cannon round = big empty hole where 2 land radiers should be.

1000+ pts in a single shot.

19-11-2007, 14:39
most memorable moment has to be last saturday when I opened a apocalypse battle with 2 lascannon shots from my baneblade (Gruber's little tank). it promptly destroyed his HQ landraider and I still had my demolisher cannon and baneblade cannon to kill his terminator HQ:evilgrin:

only 2 men remained standing...

And at turn 3 my friend remembered He took the camouflage asset:eyebrows:

19-11-2007, 15:34
Back in 2nd ed days, I was playing my Black Legion v. Orks. It was the first round for a tournament and we had locked lists. I had a few points left over and with time running out to submit my list, I blew the left overs on a virus grenade for my lord. My teleporting close combat terminator lord.

I got first turn and teleported over to his one flank and chucked my virus grenade at a huge mass of grots. EVERYONE that played IG or Orks back then took wargear to counter act virus grenades so I figured the only thing I really had a good shot of taking out was his grots. So I start rolling for the grots and took out all of them. Then the squad of grots next to that.

Then he tells me that I need to continue because his Orks weren't protected. And every single squad of Orks were with in the range of each other for spreading the virus.

Before he even got to take his first turn, I had wiped out about 75% of his points.

It was funny in retrospect and he had a good laugh, but I felt bad.


Comrade JC
19-11-2007, 16:08
Not quite as devastating as just surprising, 12 strong unit of stealers gets the charge on a 5 man scout squad. In that and the next combat phase the stealers die a horrible, horrible death while only taking one scout with it.

That and a fury of the ancients attack that traced a line through three guard squads and through the back armour of a Russ and a Russ Demolisher. Needless to say with whatever luck I had in lining up that shot it continued, leaving a handful of dead IG, one dead Russ and one Russ Demolisher short its main gun.

Shadowseer Crofty
19-11-2007, 16:14
I managed to roll six 1's out of 6 armor saves on my remining 6 terminators in the 6th turn of the game

hhmmm, 6 saves to roll, 6 terminators and the 6th turn. 666, the number of the beast. Coincidence? I think not!

19-11-2007, 16:50
Hmm, most devestating moments?

-Turn one, a single SM scout saw the side armor of my Russ, hit, rolled box cars to glance and a 6 to destroy it.

- Round 2 of an RTT: I ahve a ten man assault squad with chaplain just over an inch from my enemies assault termies. I roll snake eyes for assault difficult terrain.

- Watching a single assault marine with fist and a chaplain wipe out Commissar Yarrick and 5 ogryn in two rounds of combat while only losing the sgt.

19-11-2007, 17:01
I was just playing one of my first 40k games with my new Eldar. My opponent was a Dark Eldar veteran.

Most of my army was in the process of being annhilated in CC and I hid 10 Howling Banshees behind a building for a next-turn assault.

My opponent whizzed by with a Raider and unloaded a single flamer template (weapon?) over my ladies (all bunched up close together, of course!) and all were destroyed.

This humbling experience helped me understant the word "tactics".

Not just devastating, but humbling.

Cry of the Wind
19-11-2007, 17:08
Can you please use paragraphs when writing long sections of text, its just makes it easier for people to read.

Cheers :)

Can you please post on topic (not that I disagree with your comment).

Cheers :)


I don't have any truly devastating moments in recent memory though I have an anti-tank heavy weapon squad in my IG army that has scored 3 hits and 3 wounds/penetrating hits in the first turn of their last two games. Left a Wraithlord dead in one volley and a Chaos Dread with no legs or arms. These guys are on a lucky streak!

Only over devastating moment I can think of is the day my Tri-Falcon list decided it wanted to commit suicide a year or so ago. Long story short, enemy fires only 3 shots at me and I'm left with a pile of 3 dead formerly fast moving holo-fielded Falcons... This was in the final round of a tournament and we couldn't stop laughing. We even took a picture of the wreckage after the game since the falcons were all next to each other and by turn 6 had been joined by a dead devilfish and some dead vypers...all basically on top of each others corpses. Wish I still had the pic to share.

19-11-2007, 17:56
Most devestating moment? Probably taking out 2 hammerheads in a 100 point battle in one turn with two storm bolters from two rhinos.

Mr Zephy
19-11-2007, 18:07
For me, it was, on the last turn of a grab the objective game, dropping a unit of fire warriors from their devilfish onto it, shooting the nearest chaos space marine squad until it was below half strength, and just to add insult to injury, blowing up a defiler.

19-11-2007, 18:32
Mine was having a full strength broodlord and 11 genestealer retinue charge into a tau firing line and massacring a good 1500 points of a 2000 point army. Tanks, vespids, the poor, poor warriors... In the end, the broodlord and 2 genestealers were left, but the only tau thing that survived the game was a hammerhead.

Ironicly, the next time I played the same tau player I got into his lines again and I massacred 1 tau warrior squad and didnt make the consolidation move to the next squad. His ENTIRE ARMY unloaded on the squad and all that was left was a smoldering crater. Not really devestating, but kinda funny.

19-11-2007, 18:44
Mine was 1 Kan fighting a power fist equipped aspiring champion and about 15 boys behind the kan trying to get at the asp champ. Kan kills champ, champ kills can...... Kan blows up and kills ALL but one boy :P

Was a great laugh :)

floyd pinkerton
19-11-2007, 19:06
erm, possibly the time when a 6man squad of firewarriors killed a broodlord in CC.

I can just imagine the fire warriors going "Poke it in the eyes!"

19-11-2007, 19:23
A. Killing 5 wolfguard terminators in a single round of shooting. With 20 grotz.

B. Killing an undamaged Eldar Scorpion (using the pre-Apoc rules) with a single shot from a tankbusta boy.

C. (Fantasy) Going first and wiping out and/or routing my entire army on turn one (before my opponent got to go) when a warpfire thrower misfired.



19-11-2007, 19:38
Playing a game of capture the token, and last turn when my destoryer zipped into a building to get it and win me the game I rolled a 1 and he died...

In my last apos battle my boyz were protected by two KFF dethkopta meks, but after being hit by a precision strike, and then 2 baneblades, there wasn't much left...

In a previous apoc game I had my 20 boy strong skarboyz (frag) and a dread charge into a building full of knitted out wolf guards. By the time the dread got to go EVERYONE else was dead... marine and ork...

Mine in fantasy would be when I was trying to kill a dragon with brets. I baited with one unit and then had two more further back to charge the dragon. Well he took the bait and everything was going according to plan until I failed both their terror tests and I now had 3 blocks of knights running (this is in 2000).

19-11-2007, 19:41
Five chaos termies deepstriked in a very small gap in the middle of a speed freeks army. No scatter, I take a breath. Next turn the termies get tankshocked by a battlewagon, no sweat done. Then i find out it has a krusher, that 10pt upgrade cost me my five man squad of termies all with lightning claws and icon of nurgle :cries:

Chaplain Ark
19-11-2007, 21:59
killing 20 thousand sons in one round of shooting. The most devastating part, was only i squad of Dark Reapers, a dreadnought and a squad of Marines with bolters were all that shot at it. roll 4 sixes for AC, that was unexpected but also watching him fail 6 out of 7 3+ saves against bolters. The guys was sooo pissed.

19-11-2007, 22:13
Having 10 Nurgle terminators with lightning claws charge my 10 man guard squad and all getting killed! (The termies, not the guardsmen) He was so pissed off it was unbelievable! He slammed his hand down on his (pointy) deamon price so the game had to be stopped for 15mins to fix his prince (and his hand!)

19-11-2007, 22:55
I got a kick out of this one simply because up until the point where it happened, I had done absolutely nothing.

4 players, 2v2. Eldar/Tyranid vs. Tau/Necron. I was playing Eldar. I spent the first 3 turns doing absolutely nothing. In the middle of the enemy deployment zone, there was a pair of Hammerheads and two squads of Battlesuits (one with HQ). Squad of Fire Dragons got in range of first hammerhead and obliterated it. Falcon landed in the middle of all the Tau guns, and dropped off a squad of Fire Dragons. The Falcon then proceded to nuke a battlesuit squad and the Firedragons killed the tau commander and retinue. The most glorious thing however, was when my Wraithlord charged a hammerhead, rolled 2 sixes to hit and punched it in the face, causing a wonderful explosion.

So in one fell swoop, the core of the Tau army had been wiped out. The rest was easy pickings.

19-11-2007, 23:22
Every time an Incubi unit smashed into my Marine line - gits would just slaughter through Marines like Grots.

Warboss and powerklaw wielding cronies deciding to leg it numerous times just before the turn they get to charge. It's happened twice in the last 4 or 5 games and numerous times before. Funny how an Ork in megaarmour moves only up to 6 inches a turn and often not even that, yet when they decide they've left the stove off and have to go home they pelt at 9-11 inches a turn. :p

In a 4k a side game that I watched between Iron Warriors and Khornate Black Legion. 18 Khornate Termies worth nearly 800 points teleport into battle and scatter straight into an enemy unit. Of course they all die without even touching the table. This allowed the Iron Warriors to continue blasting the Black Legionaires off the planet (and it was Planet Bowling Ball).

19-11-2007, 23:34
spacemarine terminators deep striking next to my Eldar lines

Doomed the terminators then shot them up with guardians and direavengers

not a single Termnator lived

19-11-2007, 23:52
This happened on Saturday, during the first game of Team Tournament I participated in. My team was Eldar(me)/Dark Angels against Orks/Chaos. Game is Take and Hold, this takes place on the last turn of the game.

The Ork player has a Mega-Armoured Warboss with Nob retinue sitting on the objective. My three Falcons swoop into the general area. First one shoots. I cause a Torrent of Fire on the Boss. He rolls a 1. Second Falcon proceeds to do the same thing. Rolls a 1. Last Falcon takes it's turn. HE ROLLS A THIRD 1, KILLING THE WARBOSS. It was pretty nuts!

In another section of the board, my Autarch has assaulted a Slaaneshi Sorceror. They had already spent one round fighting each other, bot characters down to 1 wound. On the very last turn of the game, they both managed to kill each other simultaneously. That was a pretty crazy last turn.

19-11-2007, 23:52
Not mine, but hilarious. Turn one, predator with 3 lascannons targets a warhound. 3 hits, drop both shields, 1 penetrating, 3 consecutive chain reactions, followed by an apocalyptic explosion out to 34". In the middle of the guy's IG army. lets see... destroyer hit versus everthing within 34". wiped a 100+ guardsmen and a dozen tanks off the board, ball park 2000 points, with three lascannons. Then he actually started shooting.:evilgrin:

19-11-2007, 23:58
I have one. 5k game of apocalypse. My opponent has doctrine guard with no restrictions, and a vdr baneblade with 3 void shields and a titan-weapon. I realize pretty quickly that i'm not going to shoot it to death (he keeps making 6s to raise the void shields), so i drop-pod a termie squad with 2 chain-fists into the back of it. The only reason i didn't destroy it was because he packed up his army and went home when he realized what was about to happen. Great feeling of satisfaction.

20-11-2007, 00:22
I've done it, and had it done to me.

I infiltrated Tigurius (I play Ultras) into the middle of the board. I get to go first. FotD, and EVERY squad falls back. He does a little bit of shooting. Turn 2, the big T goes "BOOGA BOOGA" again and scares EVERY foot squad off the board. Three Tacs and a Dev squad. My opponent shakes my hand and starts packing his stuff away, giving me a Victorious Slaughter. He said he couldn't overcome losing over 700 points without causing a wound on me. I was in prime position to stomp every unit he had left.

When it happened to me, I faced Necrons. He took two minimum squads of Warriors and a squad of Immortals, then took 9 Heavy destroyers and 15 Destroyers, plus 2 Destroyer Lords. It took 6 turns to do it, but at the end I had 2 Marines and an immobilized Dreadnought.

20-11-2007, 00:28
Titans have special rules in apoc if they get the worst result. Basically the drawback to having plasma reactors, when they go boom they make a spectacular boom.

20-11-2007, 00:32
Yes, that's why I deleted my post and tried to hide like the idiot I am. :o

20-11-2007, 00:33
Well thank god you told me. I reread the page and thought i was making responses to imaginary posts. =D

20-11-2007, 00:35
one shotting a warhound titan with an assault cannon on a lone landspeeder. My opponent was the definition of pissed.

20-11-2007, 00:37
What's worse is I had my copy of the Apoc rulebook on my lap, looking at the super heavy damage table and working out 6*3 on a calculator to make sure it really did make 18 and not 34.

Anyway, hopfully I'll have a story to tell when I play my first game after about 2-3 years in 2 weeks (hopfully).

20-11-2007, 00:43
My friend losing his Brass Scorpion on the objective to sisters of battle with bolters to the back he forgot to turn to face them.......no big explosion though and it did take a couple of turns

or one of my favorite games SOB vs ravenwing.

turn 1 exorcist I kills 3 land speeders, Exorcist II kills another 3 Land speeders and Exorcist III kills Sammuel in his land speeder

20-11-2007, 01:15
perhaps I should have explained- Warhound goes nuclear on a 6 for catastrophic damage. 1 destroyer hit on everything within 6D6", auto hit and wound with no armour or cover saves, they fail their invunerable save they get vaporized. 1 auto penetration on vehicles with +1 on damage table. So... ouch.:skull:

Chaplain Ark
20-11-2007, 02:15
this was perfect for this, and i found this very amusing. I used my deep striking apocalypse force, and 50 storm troopers deep struck into the middle of an enemy line. by the end of the next shooting face they were nothing but ribbons thanks to necron guns and a monolith. it wasnt unexpected, but god, we made soo many funny comments as the IG elite got destroyed totally.

Then 15 grey knights deep struck and decimated the necrons. so i got payback.

20-11-2007, 03:19
Apocalypse game on the weekend.

Terminator squad and assault squad assault the enemy warhound in turn 4.
Assault squad fails their leadership check (as per 'the horror' - you want me to do what to what? ) and calmly wait to get squished by the stompinator.
Terminators charge in and rip out the achilles pistons and it falls over and explodes. Killing them, the surviving assault marine squad, and 2/3 of the chaos army.

That was funny. He was about to use a linebreaker sqdn to tear us a new one, when they all blew up.

Filthy O'Bedlam
20-11-2007, 03:23
My opponent surrounded my brand new shiny Warp Rift and prevented hundreds of points from spilling out into his Dark Reaper\Devastator firebase. Boo-urns.

It was still a great game though, ask Dr Clock about it


20-11-2007, 03:48
Winning a 1500 point ambush game in turn 1.

13th co. amushing tau (and going first) is only fun for on of the players, care to guess which?

20-11-2007, 04:06
My vets wiping out a Rhino and khorne Beskerer squad.

My Worst game was playing LOTR when my oponent lost 4 Models (The dice had to have been loaded.)

20-11-2007, 06:55
For me: first turn, before I even get to do anything in the game, my opponent's Iron Warrior Basilisk gets a direct hit on my Space Marine Command Squad in their Rhino, which is hiding behind a forest out of sight of the rest of his army, and rolls a penetrating 6; everyone dies. The rest of that game proceeded similarly.

For an opponent; fully tooled-up Chaos Lord takes a potshot with his plasma pistol at the back armor of an empty Rhino that I was driving around to block lines of sight; he promptly rolls his second Gets Hot! of the game, fails his armor save for the second time, and is subsequently cut down by the Rhino's Storm Bolter.

20-11-2007, 07:06
Turn one, predator with 3 lascannons targets a warhound. 3 hits, drop both shields, 1 penetrating, 3 consecutive chain reactions, followed by an apocalyptic explosion out to 34". In the middle of the guy's IG army. lets see... destroyer hit versus everthing within 34". wiped a 100+ guardsmen and a dozen tanks off the board, ball park 2000 points, with three lascannons.

...and people say apocalypse takes time to be played :)

20-11-2007, 07:29
whatever, filthy...my chaplain and assault squad spent how many turns toe-to-toe with that great unclean one??

Maybe if you had remembered to assault with the lesser deamons they wouldn't have been outnumbered 3:1 when my scorpions moved up...

Yeah, I thought you would have been more depressed by the loss of nine berzerkers and kharn to a flank march... the scorpion/plague marine assault WAS cool, though.

Maybe this finally makes up for the loss of my seer council to hammer of the witches so many years back... I never really forgave you for that one.

Probably the best game ever. Christmas is just down the way... sooo many models to paint.


The Good Doctor.

20-11-2007, 07:32
For me it was third ed - Guard vs Eldar. Table quarters, and he did a pushback with his falcon which happened to have his seer council inside, positioned so that it was almost dead on centre. Turned out the game was nightfight, and I got first turn.

My only basilisk hada shot, I guessed directly over the middle, had a direct hit, penetrated, rolled a 6 for an ordinance explosion, to kill over 600 points worth of units in a 1500 point game. Smashed his entire army after that, I think I lost one Chimera that was immobilised by myself going through difficult terrain.

20-11-2007, 09:14
Heat 1 GT this year, my IW Warsmith gets a first turn charge off against a Horde IG player. My plan was to shoot the next unit down the line from the Warsmith, reducing the amount of bodies he needed to hack through.

Starts on the right flank and over the proceeding turns manages to eat a unit, every turn. Charge, kills unit, consolodates into another unit (which had been weakened by fire from my lines), kills that unit, able to charge next turn, rinse and repeat.

He finally finished up on the far left flank engaged with the remnants of a fire support squad having taken out the majority of a 1500pts army.

Was just one massive CC melee across the whole board. I think he was out of CC once in the whole game.

The only time I've ever had a tactic go precisley to plan and the dice gods favour my lord completely for a game. Normally he dies a horrible and quick death!

20-11-2007, 13:13
Had a Leman Russ taken out by a stupid Necron Warrior from extreme range (exactly 24 inches), front armour!

Nothing all that special. Buuuttt, I did witness one game, 1700 Chaos vs. IG...

It lasted 2 turns. In the end, Chaos army was wiped out, at the cost of two guardsmen and an immobilized basilisk.

20-11-2007, 15:11
Escalation game, 1500 points, Necrons vs Mechanized SoBs. On turn 1, all he had on the board was a single elite Inquisitor, while I had 3/4s of my army. Teleporting Lord and Warriors vaporized the Inquisitor, and when his Rhinos and Exorcists started rolling on the board on turn 2, I was dug in and ready.

I still almost lost the game though, due to taking a full squad of Pariahs instead of Immortals.

20-11-2007, 16:49
Most devestating moment happened for me last week.

My 3000pts of Tyranids vs 3000pts of IG.

My opponent had a Baneblade, 3 Leman Russ' Full Command Squad, two heavy weapons teams, about 5 or more other assorted IG squads and a chimera with hardened veterans on board.

I had the full Hive Mind Formation (1x Tyrant, 4 Guard, 5 Zoanthropes), one Carnifex, squad of six warriors, Brood Lord, 36 genestealers & two barbed hyrodules.

By the end of turn two I'd lost 18 Genestealers and one Hyrodule, he'd lost two tanks, all but one battery from his heavy weapons teams, my genestealers had wrecked his baneblade and were assaulting his command squad, my broodlord had used flank march and was assaulting his rear flank and the other hyrodule was whittling away at the other squads.

I was quite happy when the game was forfeited then and there :)

20-11-2007, 16:54
My worst defeat was the previous week. A 1700 points CHaos army with 30 Bezerkers, a Predator (lascannons ahoy!), two havoc teams, karn, flying lord with lightning claws and a squad of raptors. I was fighting a tournament eldar list :( My entire army was wiped out to a man by the end of turn too (damned Dark Reapers). Even Karn who was a turn away from getting into combat was poked to death by Yuriel and a squad of banshees :( All I managed to kill was half a squad of firedragons and a squad of scorpions who came too close to my havocs.

20-11-2007, 17:04
A few days ago I finally got a baneblade, so I used in the next Apocolypse game I played (day after getting it) against Chaos and Witchhunters (a weird combo I know, but....). The Baneblade shrugs off the firepower for 12 lascannons and an Exorcist. The next shot my opponent took was from his Vindicare sniper, using the Turbo-penetrator (3D6 Ap)...

To penetrate he rolls 15!
To damage he rolls a 6!!
For chain reaction he rolls a 6!!!
For chain reaction again he rolls a 6!!!!
For catastophic damage he rolls a 6!!!!!
For the explosion however he rolls 9 on 3D6... :eek:

Needless to say I was a little annoyed at having a fair amount of my armoured company taken out, but hey...we drew in the end.


20-11-2007, 18:01
My absolute worst moments came during the very few games I played with my Ulthwe Strike Force... on several occasions, my Wraithgate got completely surrounded by vehicles; alternately, all my starting forces got blown away by turn 2... I lost every game with that army, which is now collecting dust, since it would be nigh impossible to make a viable Eldar list with the models I have (tons of Guardians and Storm Guardians).

Another moment of shame was having 2 squads of Marines taken down by Grots in both shooting and assault.

Also with my Marines, I've had numerous games where not a single Lascannon shot hit... "Lascannon at your [big nasty vehicle], <rolled a 1>; Lascannon at [less threatening vehicle], <rolled a 1>; Lascannon at your [puny AV 10 vehicle], <rolled a 2>; Lascannon at Grots, <rolled a 1>..."

As far as devastating to an opponent, my favorite is when my 75 point scout squad with a missile launcher infiltrates with a straight shot at a Basilisk or on the side/rear of another tank. On a couple of occasions, that same squad has held out in assault for multiple turns against a much more powerful unit.

Another one: I often take a Space Marine Master with only a Stormbolter, just for the leadership bonus (I affectionately call him Leadership Monkey). He usually hides in terrain or behind the rest of my army. Every now and then though, he pokes his head out to take potshots. Several times he's finished off squads, taken out AV 10 vehicles, or ticked wounds off IC's.

While we're at it, a couple of Fantasy tidbits:

My worst, and its happened several times, is having my Bretts fail Terror checks before they've even finished praying to the Lady, and watching 3/4 of my army run off the table.

My best moments: 1. In a tournament we had an odd scenario where markers floated around the table, and if they touched a unit, they left the table for a turn, and came back the next turn from a random table edge... silly, yes. Anyway, my Bretts VS Vampire Counts... my opponent has a unit of Spirit Hosts screening his big block o' Skellies, with his Vampire close by. Sure enough, a marker picks his Spirit Hosts up, and I hit his big block o' Skellies with 4 lances of various knights, which included my Lord, a Paladin, and Army Standard Bearer with Banner of the Lady. I won the combat by a lot... a lot a lot. I killed half the unit outright, and the rest went up due to Combat Resolution. His Vampire was also involved, and took something like 40 wounds due to Combat Resolution :eek:
2. A half strength unit of Knights Errant winning combat against an untouched Malekith and dragon, and then running him down.

Filthy O'Bedlam
21-11-2007, 03:07
Dr Clock: Yes losing the Berzerkers and Kharn definitely sucked, but at least they were horrificly outnumbered and got Flank Marched, whereas the warp rift fiasco was completely my own stupidity.

Or there were the series of games where you blew up my Land Raider in the first turn every g\d time. I finally had to repaint the thing to try and change it's luck.


21-11-2007, 03:36
And it worked! I now cannot dent the thing at all.

I give up... I figure if I kill everything else then it won't really matter.

Thankfully, we haven't had any second or third turn routes in a while...



21-11-2007, 06:47
Worst moment ever was when I took a waveserpent up the middle after most of the IG I was facing had been whittled away. All that was left was a junior officer and 5 or so retinue. I chose to wait on piling out my striking scorpions because I wanted them to possibly be in assault range the next turn.

My friend looks at me, looks at his JO and rapid fires his plasma pistol into my front armor. To hit - Two 5's, to glance - makes 1, glancing roll of 5.

This was my lesson to take vectored engines on all my transports because his JO stood his ground and shot my wave serpent out of the air which came to rest inches from his JO like Will Smith in Men in Black. My entangled scorpions suffered several fatalities and were then shot to hell the next turn.

The next day we played my Eldar vs his Blood Angels. I saturated his squads with every shooting attempt (bad things can happen when you take 5 man combat squads) and his sergeants failed every armor save.

21-11-2007, 07:01
Not as devastating as some of these moments, but definitely defining (and game winning, as he tapped the table after this rather demoralizing moment).

We were playing 1500 points, I had IG, he had Chaos. Having gotten first turn, I had one heck of a first shooting phase, taking 1/3 of his army down (final count was 1 Vindicator, 14 Marines, 1 Rhino, and 3 wounds off the Daemon Prince, I think). Undaunted, he piled his guys into Rhinos and charged forward, popping smoke.

2nd turn saw him rapid-firing 7 Marines into my Guardsmen squad out of cover and killing 2 guys in total, while my 2nd turn was rather unremarkable.

3rd turn I downed that squad, and reduced his last squad to 1 man, but that 1 man was an Aspiring Champion with a Power Fist, and within charging range.

So, he charged me on his turn with his Aspiring Champion, and I fight him with my 3 Guardsmen in range. He charged into cover, so we hit simultaneously. He opted to strike at Initiative, and made 4 attacks on my Guardsmen, and wounding me once. My flak armour laughed it off with a perfect 6, if I rememebered correctly (could've been a 5...). I hit back with 4 attacks (one guy was a Sarge), hit 3 hits, and they all wounded. His Aspiring Champion got beaten down in one round of combat by 3 Guardsmen. Fluff-wise something very, very wrong just happened.

21-11-2007, 07:04
I have simply too many precious moments to recount them all with any sort of clarity. A fair number of them involve justice to the one irritating guy in the gaming group (every group has one I'm sure, y'know the one guy who consistently cheats and powergames, but everyone plays in hopes of beating or reforming. Sometimes the two aren't mutually exclusive either). But anyways, I ramble.

I suppose it was the time the local store held a tournament where everyone would bring a single model, and it was a FFA ring o' 4x6 death. Rules said that when your character died, you got to bring him back on roll. The roll varied by how many times you died, so first time was a 2+, second time was a 3+ etc.

I of course, being a Black Templar player brought the Emperor's Champion. There was also a Blood Angel Assault Marine with a meltagun, an Ork Fighta-bomma, and a Killa Kan among other things as I recall. The aforementioned despised player fields the Nightbringer. Guess who everyone goes for. As luck would have it, I ended up near the Nightbringer, and due to some poor movement strategy, I was the first person to have a model killed, and of course, I rolled that dreaded 1.

Everyone else continued to rain fire on the Nightbringer, eventually bringing him down. Everyone begins to chant 1 in hopes of swaying the Dice Gods to force the Nightbringer's early exit. We were elated, the hated player was crushed, cried foul, and pouted.

21-11-2007, 07:13
I ended up losing the game horribly but there was a time when a necron lord charged into my fire warriors that were in cover. They dealt him 1 wound and he managed to roll 2s on his to-hit. He lost combat and then failed his leadership and ran. My fire warriors rolled high on initiative and cut him down. Greatest moment for the fish people.

21-11-2007, 14:27
the best i've had was my chaos dread got surround by two massive mobbed up ork units. the burna boyz managed to killed it and the 6" explosion won me the game after killing 27 orks and knocking them down to non-scoring units. the worse i've ever done is i got fixated on a monolith. managed to kill it with only weapon destroyed and immobilized results but that's a lot of time and effort which ended up costing me the game but gives me a nice story to work with

21-11-2007, 14:38
My best one happened a few weeks ago during the christening of my warlord titan!, long story short my enemy decided to get around those pesky huge guns by flank marching around 40 terminators right next to me, when I tried to shoot him he said I couldnt because I have a minimum range of 24", then i asked him to re read the rules, it says that carapace weapons have the minimum range.....

40 terminators including a chaplain and a grey knights grand master in 1 shot, true it was a volcano cannon shot....

21-11-2007, 17:29
The worst whil I was on the recieving end was in 2nd edition. My opponant (a space wolf player) got first turn. He rolled his 4 rhinos with cyclones on the forward. rach targeting a spot of ground in my deployment zone and hitting with each shot. Each shot was "the whole payload". The spots hit dere spaces such that almost every inch of my deployment zone was hit and I must have had less then 250 points out of my entire army left after those four shots with more dying to shots to the rest of his army. This from out of a 2k point army.
The one with me winning I can think of offhand is a minor battle win. I was playing undead and my opponant dark elf. My weaker character (but with pumped up defence) on dragon flying high. Next turn, his uber character on pegasus flying high and charging me. All of his hits only wounding my character but not killing. All of my attacks go not to his uber character but to his steed and killing it. He laughed and said something along the lines of "HAH! I've got you next turn, your almost dead.". Then I said something along the lines of "Oh yeah? well your dead as soon as you hit the ground." He had to think for a second before he realized his character was plummeting to his death with his flying steed dead. :evilgrin:

21-11-2007, 20:16
my best moment like this was when my harlequin troupe master assulted a dreadnought backed up by another teams' terminator chaplain.
i attaked the dreadnought and immobilised it. i said to the guy with the chaplain "you can kill the dreadnought-take that not me".
he attacks me and i roll 4 sixes for my 5+ invunerable saves.
the dreadnought kills the chaplian in one attack and i pass my save(again).

21-11-2007, 20:33
Come to think of it, the other day, I used a tzeentch force against a marine player. His dern librarian kept nullifying my powers the entire game.
His dread got into close combat with my thousand sons and it was a stalemate as I couldnt scratch him while he couldnt get past the inv saves. Best of all, that fight blocked the only los route to another of my scoring units from his predator. Towards the end of the game, he charged his termy/librarian into combat and I immediately switch all of my thousand sons attacks onto him and killed him right off with a force weapon. That left me one round to shoot psychic powers before end of game.
Early on, I was worried but after getting to grips I more then made up for my early losses. Love a DP, raptors and possessed roling into close combat. :evilgrin:
Total of story, first time ever killing that way with a force weapon and I was tickled pink. to me that was definately a "moment" not sure how devestating though lol.

21-11-2007, 21:16
I think my favorite moment happened just last night my IG against Tau.

I get first turn and run my Command squad Chimera forward, and disembark the plasma death (JO w/ Plasma Pistol, 4 Plasma Guns) squad in front of his Broadsides. 9 Plasms Shots from normal guard, 6 hits, 6 wounds, 6 failed cover saves. 90 points worth of guard earns itself almost 300 points.

Then the rest of my army fires and downs all but one tank, and the rough riders clean up from there. The whole game I lost about 300 vp to his 2000.

21-11-2007, 23:04
In my last apoc game the marine player launched a last turn assault on the space wolves. This killed a lot of the SW front liners, but it also brought a lot of his models into the same area.

Did I mention that the space wolves players was using the line breaker AND the steel fury formation? For his last turn he just made a big part of the board absolutely devoid of models ; )