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19-11-2007, 15:08
Dragon Mage of Caledor @ 435pts
- Level 2
- Ring of Fury
- Talisman of protection

Mage @ 145pts
- Level 2
- Silver Wand

Archers (10) @ 115pts
- Musician

Spearmen (20) @ 205pts
- Full CMD

Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100pts

Total: 1000pts

I realized that if I was going to use the Dragon Mage in 1k, I was either going to have to utterly and completely dominate magic to the point where there would be no denying the high elves magic dominance in the magic phase, and then find a way to compliment that. I realized that going too heavy on combat would neutralize my combat effectiveness as I would most likely want to hammer them hard with shooting and magic before they got close enough to fight.
That's why there are 2 mages. The 2 mages in 1k points should be more than enough to utterly dominate any magic phase, short of maybe against a dwarf player. Even then, with 4-6 DD and being at -1PD, this list still doesn't particularly have trouble with that. It generates 6 (5 if hit by something that steals PD), still has a bound spell, and the dragon mage's free PD per spell cast is going to cause any dwarf player relying on that one thing some major headaches because his 2 PD turns into 4 (if I'm being smart about how I'm using it). The second mage can then utilize the pool because Lore of Fire is a very easy lore to cast and with so many spells being thrown out at the them, atleast 1 spell is going to get through.
The Dragon Mage doubles as a flanking unit who can cause some serious issues to anyone thinking that the rank and file are completely unsupported with some rear charging and flank charging action. Being able to use terrain effectively in this case is going to be key as the Dragon Mage is a huge target (hence giving him the Talisman of Protection, because some protection is better than none). Although, I'm more tempted to give him the loremasters cloak and give both the mage and the dragon a 2+ ward save against wounds caused by magic. That seems a bit more tempting than the ring of fury, and then I can drop the talisman of protection and give the mage on foot a Jewel of the Dusk for +1 PD.
Initially, I had a unit of seaguard. But I realized that it was too ineffective a unit to field as my only huge block unit in a small game. So I have 20 spears and 10 archers instead to balance out the list a bit. The RBT is there to assert a little more dominance in the shooting phase while the spearmen are there, again, to hold the line.
I'm not quite sure of the Dragon Mage in a 1k point game, but I wanted to try making a list that had a Dragon Mage in a 1k point game. Anyways, there it is.

20-11-2007, 02:45
ok, np with you list but 2 mages in a 1000 pts gmae is rough. So the follwing is a mod list for yours.

dragonmage level 2, silver wand phnx am 5+ WARD SV 420

BSB heavy arm, banner of sorc with spearmen 164

19 spearmen with comm 196

10 LSG with no sheilds or command 120

1 RBT 100


5 power dice min 7 max with the free power die per spell the dragon mage has you will get off all 2 spells then SofRuin no problem (2spells+1 from silver wand) 5 + ward save with sword of ruin is sick for 1000 pt army. the BSB gives some punch to the spearmen unit and rerolls. 10 sea guard gives you the same fire power as long bowmen and 2 x As with a quick reform and a 6 + arm save for just 10 more points. This also helps for the RBT fluff though Iwould might drop it for more troops.