View Full Version : Converting A Land Raider for Orks

19-11-2007, 15:53
In continuing my plan for my new Ork army (I had a 'uge Ork force years ago, but gave it to a friend for Christmas one year), I was struck with the idea of a "fighting deck" on a Land Raider, the sponsons replaced by short towers (with those conical roofs you see on old Epic figs) and all the weaponry replaced by Big Shootaz fashioned after the shootaz that Ork Boyz carry. Looking over the Ork Codex thread, this seems entirely plausable.

I had considered a third tower to hold my Weirdboy.

Of course, the whole thing would have armor bits, glyphs and grotz everywhere. I'm considering using a Terminus Pattern LR, just for all the extra bits it has in it. I don't think it will actually resemble a Land Raider when I'm finished.

Any thoughts? This project is a good month from being started, but I'm trying to plan more carefully than in the past.