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13-09-2005, 15:27
Looking through the Army Book and looking at the new models available, and judging by the fact that I still want some Wood Elves, I've put together a traditional Asrai army, in what I feel.

100 limit. 4 Months. What to get in my Asrai Army, cost also covering paints.

Noble - Entae Engariath
Scout Kindred, The Hunter's Talon, Arcane Bodkins, Light Armour, Shield.
144 Points

10 Glade Guard - The Forest Guard
120 Points

10 Glade Guard - The Forest Protectors
120 Points

5 Scouts - The Tree Monkeys
85 Points

6 Scouts - The Forest Monkeys
102 Points

6 Glade Riders - The Forest Riders
153 Points

9 Dryads - The Wails Of The Deep Forest
108 Points

8 Wardancers - The Forest Dancers
Musician, Bladesinger.
165 Points

997 Points
55 Models

While it doesn't have any Dispell Dice, it has a lot of Skirmishers, and that's what I want. Okay, I may play against Vampire Counts, but right now, I don't care. Besides, I've got a 'Hochland Long Rifle' in the army, that should settle a few Necromancers in a few turns.
Lets see, if you convert one of the Glade Guard/Scouts into that Noble, that's only two Boxes you're spending for 4 Core Choices AND a Hero/Lord. That's 36 so far.
The Dryads and Glade Riders are another 36, and you've got a few spare, for more Heros and so on. Good, eh?
That's 72 so far, That Wardancers, I believe, are 6 a Blister, so that's 90 for 1000 Points, more or less, and it's a pretty fast Army.

What do you think, can you get 1000 Points cheaper than that, or is it a bad list and you'd want to change something? Please suggest things like that.

13-09-2005, 16:09
I think it looks pretty good, IMO. You have plenty of units on the board, went light on characters.. all the necessary precautions for making a 1k list.

Let me guess, the scouts march block and shoot ideally on both flanks while the glade guard shoot from the deployment zone. The dryads and wardancers stay safe and then pounce on whats left of the enemy when he draws near your glade guard?

It certainly has enough bows, I think you'll do well.

13-09-2005, 16:15
you can't use the hunters talon and the bodkin together (well you could but you can't sniper)

13-09-2005, 16:38
I know you can't use them together. It's just the Hunter's Talon is useless once I've taken out any Necromancer Generals, and why not speed up the process of killing things by shooting down a Black Knight or two.

Yes, the list is very shooty, as it's meant to be. I'm a Wood Elf Traditionalist, and having fewer bows than any other army in 1000 Points is sad. And yeah, those pretty much are the tactics I'll be using, or as I like to call it, The Badger's Peace.
Hopefully he won't go full Wolves and Black Knights (as if he has the models).