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Little Aaad
19-11-2007, 17:18
So I have just got my ticket to Warhammer World. Like, yeah, the new Vampire Counts and (hopefully) Dark Elf stuff will be there and so will the designers. There is, however, a tornament in which I (wish) will win. :p

Anyway, I heard a lot of people are taking Dwarf Gunlines. I know there will be Wood Elves, High Elves (obviously), Chaos, Lizardmen, Empire, Brettonia and Orcs and Goblins for definate.

So I havent long started the Dark Elves, so my models are rather limited. As it is in February, I need to make my list early, so I can buy, assemble, and paint my army to a good standard in time.

So, heres what models I have and would like to use quite definatly.

1 Malus (Noble)
1 Morathi (Not assembled at all and would like to put a noble on it instead of the Hag)
3 Mages (One Sorceress, Two Old High Elf Ones)
20 Spear Elves (Painted, Just Standard, Musician and Finish basing to go.)
10 Crossbow Elves (Need lots of work)
9 Shades (Meh, Gonna' redo these)
1 Bolt thrower (Done, might redo the actual machine though)

And by Christmas I should hopefully have:

1 more Bolt Thrower (YAY)
5 Cold One Knights (YAY'ER)

So yeah. You need to know anything else then I'll Edit and add it here...

{ }

Now, this list will constantly update due to advice so be aware incase you read all the posts. Heres my List:

Cold One
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Black Amulet

Level 2
Darkstar Cloak

Level 2
Seal of Ghrond

Dark Elf Warriors x21
Full Command

Dark Elf Warriors x10
Repeating Crossbows

Dark Elf Warriors x10
Repeating Crossbows

Cold One Knights x5
Full Command
Banner of Murder

Shades x 9

Reaper Bolt Thrower

Reaper Bolt Thrower

Total: 1503
PD: 7
DD: 5
Model C: 50

20-11-2007, 08:36
The list looks solid, except for a few minor details. Very much alike what I would use in in a tournament like that. I would get a lance for the noble and shields and musicians for the crossbowelves. The noble becomes more killy, and the crossbowelves can survive mor shooting and weak flyers that would charge them otherwise. Good luck!

Little Aaad
20-11-2007, 20:20
Editing the list, I do feel that if I charge off with my combat troops, I will not have enough of them to survive. Also, if I sit back, my shooting/magic is not enough to force them to approach me. The thought crossed me to lose the Noble and replace with a mage, then replace the mages with assasins. Assasins will help so much to take warmachines out quicker, giving me the overall shooting power of the game, forcing them to approach. When they do, The combat units I have will deal with the remaining units.

How will the above tactic fair?

Little Aaad
20-11-2007, 20:21
Oh, and I am editing the list, using advice from sralialo.

21-11-2007, 02:17
Hey mate,

Looks good. I think that at 1.5k you have a great level of shooting and a good level of magic - you've got potentially 40 S3 shots at BS3 (-1 because of multiple shots) plus the RBTs, and that's not including the Shades. Also, 4 levels of magic, +1 to cast, 7 PD and 5 DD with a scroll. All at 1.5k. Nice.

Combat-wise, I think you're a little weak, but with your shooting and magic power it won't be much of a drawback. Get crossbowmen to target infantry, bolt throwers to target anything the crossbowmen would struggle with (i.e. T4 and/or decent armour), and magic to cover any gaps. Shades march block to maximise shooting. Dark Magic has some cool offensive spells, but don't be afraid to use Death or Shadows. Let the spears soak up the charge, then counter-attack with COKs and Noble.

Many people wouldn't like the fact you've got no Dark Riders, but I don't think it's a problem with Shades and your shooting.

Good luck and happy hunting!

The Grape Man

Little Aaad
21-11-2007, 17:45
Thanks thegrapeman. I think I am going to lose the noble in return for an assasin. Against a gunline I have no chance. An assasin will open up two options: Make the Spearmen much, much stronger in combat with an assasin, or, make him scout and hunt warmachines. Maybe Dance of Doom and Dark Venom for him?

Advantages for taking assasin rather than a noble:
More scouting
Hide in my units to beef them up
Can scout with shades
Warmachine/Mage hunting
Better deployment option (scout *or* beef a unit up), to suprise them
Cold Ones dowgrade points cost-wise making them less of a target

Disadvantages for taking assasin rather than a noble:
Cold One Knights become much, much weaker
Lose LD 9 for close units
Units more likly to flee
Potentially, weaker force (As assasins might not be in a battle-line(scouting))
No Black Amulet

So, I leave it to you, fellow WarSeer'ers. In theory, which suits my army better?

22-11-2007, 05:04
aside from not having the model any reason to take the 21 warriors with shields over just 21 corsairs?

Little Aaad
22-11-2007, 15:16
No, but their save is +1 in combat for one, and +1 against ranged. Also, Technacally, they both have two attacks each and as this might be a defensive list i most circumstances...