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19-11-2007, 18:42
I finally got my new book the other night, and this is my first attempt at a balanced list.

Lord and Heroes

Prince, Barded Steed, Lance, DA, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Talisman of Saphrey: 252

1+ rerollable armor saves, and immunity to magic weapons makes the Prince a tough shell to crack

Mage, Level 2, Silver Wand, Dispel: 165

Mage, Level 2, Annulian Crystal: 175

Despite being level 2, with the banner of Sorcery, they should be able to get some spells off


20 Spearmen, FC, War Banner: 225

10 Archers: 110

The cores are here to support the others who will be doing most of the killing


15 Swordmasters, FC: 255

15 White Lions, FC, Banner of Sorcery: 305

The main fighting force. The Lions have the Banner of Sorcery since they are stubborn and less likely to flee

5 Dragon Princes, FC, Banner of Arcane Protection: 225

Prince goes here

Lion Chariot: 140

6 Shadow Warriors: 96

2 Bolt Throwers: 200

2 Eagles: 100

Power Dice: 7-9
Dispel Dice: 5 + scroll(and the enemy is shorted one PD from the Annulian)

Von Wibble
19-11-2007, 19:51
Its a nice list. That Prince combo is one of my favourites (and can even afford star lance on offense!) Just a few suggestions

1) 5 DPs with fcg are imo not quite as good as 6 with a banner - the 6 get 1 more attack and wound at the cost of challenges and CR in the event of a draw.

2) White Lions should have Lion Banner - to stop the main counter to stubborn - namely outnumber and fear. Give the banner of sorcery to the DPs and the banner of arcane protection to the swordmasters.

3) I would prefer a Noble to babysit the spearmen - drop a RBT for this. He could have the reaver bow to compensate. Alternatively let the prince do this - DPs combined with a chariot tend to look after themselves!

4) Some of these changes cost a few points. I would suggest trading the shadow warriors and Lion chariot for 2 tiranoc chariots to make these up and then some.