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19-11-2007, 19:32
So, I graduated from college a week and a half ago, with 2.1 honours in mechanical and manufacturing engineering.
Out into the big bad world of unemployement I went last summer, hoping to land a dream job as a design engineer. I'm still waiting.
What I'm doing in the interem is a bit strange; I'm teaching the Irish language in my old secondary school. I used to work in summercamps that teach the language, but they're highly informal, and now suddenly I have a class sitting the 2nd most important set of exams in the Irish school system in June! Bit scary really.
I'm also subbing other classes; mainly tech drawing, metal and woodwork theory, and maths. All things I'm much more qualified for, yet none of them are the job I was hired for.
So, anyone else end up doing something they were completely unprepared for after college?

Oh yeah, I know that at least one of my students is on this forum...

19-11-2007, 19:47
Yeh, wonder who that could be :confused::angel::confused:

19-11-2007, 19:55
Who knows L. from transition year, who knows?

19-11-2007, 19:59
I certainly dont but if anyone else here does, please let me know, this "L" intrigues me....;)

19-11-2007, 20:07
Can I just say that as soon as you know which student it is, it is compulsory to embarass him in class.

Dwarf Supreme
19-11-2007, 20:36
I ended up in a field completely unrelated to my major in college. I majored in History and went on to get my Teacher's Certification. Unfortunately for me, where I live the supply of history teachers far outstrips the demand. Being a patient man I figured all I had to do was wait for some school to hire me. I knew I had to find a job until then and I ended up in the insurance industry. Ten years later I'm still here. At this point I'll probably never get a teaching position anywhere, but I'm okay with that, because I really like my job.

19-11-2007, 22:12
I actually went in to be a teacher and since graduating have worked as a college basketball coach (the year I coached we won regionals for the first time sing the mid 60s and could have gone to nationals if one of our top scorers had not broken his arm in the game before reqionals. We were in the top 32 d2 jucos in the nation) security, valet, security, press worker and then recreation and am now comfortably a career counselor. I think I have found my home doing this last career.

19-11-2007, 23:53
Can I just say that as soon as you know which student it is, it is compulsory to embarass him in class.

I know exactly who he is; we're both regs at the same GW. I gave him copies of his first metallica cds a couple of years ago, nice guy that I am.

Dont think I'll stick with teaching perminantly, but sure we'll see. For now I should probably go to bed; I've to be up in less than 6 hours! Man I'm dumb at times.

20-11-2007, 14:22
Hmm, I wonder if any of our other Irish warseers might be going to the Magic PTQ in Dublin at the weekend?

21-11-2007, 11:20
Afraid I ain't a magic player Kohhna, but I'm sure a few friends in mine'll be there; people may or may not know Scanno.

21-11-2007, 11:33
I ended up doing something I never expected after not quite finishing Uni, I became a full time mum! Now with no 2 on the way!

Now I'm not sure what I want to do, but it's certainly not law. Considering becoming a primary teacher the very long way: Teaching assitant, HLTA then teacher training.
Or trying to take up my sewing full time at home.
I always hated the idea of teaching, kids irritated me too much, now it seems a worthwhile career.

Agrip. Varenus Denter
21-11-2007, 14:39
After growing up being the bane of the public school system itself... I got my degree in teaching... and have been one for 13 years.

Go figure. :)

21-11-2007, 14:44
I've had almost the same thing as the OP, I graduated with my Desmond BEng hons in Robotics back in the summer and now I'm a college lecturer teaching all sorts of engineering. Didn't see it coming at all.