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20-11-2007, 00:44
Good Evening all

Right because I will probably finish my Ogres very soon I was looking at collecting a High Elf army to bridge the gap until now and when Vampire Counts are released and this is what I came up with.


Dragon Mage
lvl 2 wizard
Dispel Scroll
5+ Ward Save

10 Archers

10 Archers

14 Phoenix Guard
Full Command
Banner adds D3 Power Dice per turn

15 White Lions
Full Command
Champion adds +1 to see who starts first

5 Dragon Princes
Full Command

1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower


General Tactics:

Teclis sits in the Phoenix Guard, (White Lions would loose their woodsmen rule if he were there) and stays near the White Lions giving both units Ld 10, (Stubborn for the White Lions!!!). Use Lore of Shadow with Teclis and use Dragon Prince's speed as well as Unseen Lurker to give them a first turn flank charge. 2 small elite units use the ASF rule to their advantage, Archers and Bolt Thrower should provide enough fire power, while Dragon Mage hunts Warmachines, and shooters/provides flank and rear support, (not to mention terror tests and slow the enemy marches). Also with 10 to 14 power dice with 1+ to cast with Teclis and a extra dice with the Dragon Mage and 7 to 9 Dispel, 1 Scroll and the High Elves +1 to all Dispel attempts I should own the magic phase.

Suggestions? Comments? List Ratings?

20-11-2007, 08:52
how are you going to deal with gunlines and empire war altar/2 steam tank armies?

I would lose the dragon get some eagles and more infantry or dragon princes

without the dragon it is a good starting point

20-11-2007, 10:41

I believe that the HE army book states that the White Lions, as well as any characters joining them, are considered woodsmen. But I'm not sure :) If this is correct, it means that you can include characters in a WL unit and stroll right through the woods.

- Lars

20-11-2007, 15:15
If you're going to the GT, you might want to rethink Teclis. Most opponents don't like those special characters , even if they are viable to use and don't need your opponents consent. Be prepared for bad army compsition scores.

20-11-2007, 16:01
If you're going to the GT, you might want to rethink Teclis. Most opponents don't like those special characters , even if they are viable to use and don't need your opponents consent. Be prepared for bad army compsition scores.

I keep hearing they dropped comp scores from GT's?

20-11-2007, 16:02
Not really the kind of force that I would take (where are the spearmen :D?!) but I'll try to add some useful comments.

Firstly, as you already have a dispel scroll with Teclis, you may want to re-think the Dispel Scroll on the Dragon Mage. I'd swap it for the Jewel of the Dusk, then if you want to cast both of the Dragon Mage's spells you'll have at least 5 power dice that he generates. Then you can leave all the rest for Teclis. I guess it just gives you more chance of getting the Flaming Sword of Rhuin through which, looking as you don't have any other fighting characters, could be crucial.

Hope that helps!



20-11-2007, 17:31
While I don't agree with it, Asmodan is right.

If this GT has a Comp score, you might fare badly because of other players discrimination of Special Characters.

Other than that, I like the list but here are some things I would change:

I'm not sure on points...

You need to add a block of spears. For combat res.

Break apart the white lions into 2 units of 7. 3+ AS against shooting, they will stick around, and LD9 stubborn, sticks them to flanks. Also the generals leadership is not used with stubborn troops. If they lose by 1 its still a 9.

Add the banner of ellyrion to the DP's and helm of fortune, enchanted shield or dragonscale shield for its commander. With 3 str 5 attacks and a 1+ armor save, he's as good as a noble, with one less wound.

There is more, but then it would not be your list... Teclis is good, just keep him alive. :)

20-11-2007, 17:34
No where ened the model count needed for a tourny.

Thorek build, 2 stank/pope mobile/Tzeentch mortals/SAD would all destroy this with relative ease i believe.

20-11-2007, 22:56
Having seen the same comment on Stubborn twice, I thought it was worth making the point that the White Lions will only be Stubborn on their basic leadership of 8. It may not seem like much, but it makes quite a difference.

To add to my previous comments, I think the overall balance of the force is misjudged. You have a lot of units which are great for durability, but which can't really be relied on to win combats; namely the White Lions (particularly if you field them as two small units) and the Phoenix Guard. Both make great anvil units, but with no hammer units to capitalize on their longevity you'll find yourself ground down. The Phoenix Guard will be flanked and beaten overwhelmingly no matter what their save, and the White Lions will at some point fail a break test.

As someone else has said, you just don't have enough units, and Speed of Asuryan won't even come close to making up for that I'm afraid.

I'd advise leaving the Phoenix Guard at home and replacing them with spearmen. Spearmen are the bread and butter of the force afterall :).



Dead Man Walking
21-11-2007, 19:52
You could capitalise on that dragon mage so much more than just a dispel scroll. You want to either add a power die to his pool or increase the amount of spells that he can cast (I dont have my book with me, I am on vacation so I dont know if a hero can buy that item...).

The basic ideal is the mage always gets to roll an extra die everytime he casts a spell (Like a 2nd gen slaan!) so you can spread your dice out more into more spells or use more dice for less spells.

1 more power dice means you can cast 2 spells with 3 dice or with +1 spell you can cast 3 spells with 2 power dice. 2 dice gives you a 60% chance of successful casting, 3 dice gives you a 80% chance of successful casting.

You need to maximise that mages damaging potential because dragons attract a lot of fire and that dragon is a paper dragon. 2 good damage spells will kill it off.

I would field that dragon myself but its a little costly and I want more infantry on the table. You should follow my chaos theme when building the army. "You already have quality, now you need quantity." More spearmen, less expensive units.

Also be weary of the master rune of challenge when against dwarfs. Last thing you want is to go charging across the battlefield in your first turn against your will or fleeing off the table. Start the game with your dragon facing away from a dwarf enemy or with charge direction blocked by terrain like trees.