View Full Version : 2000pts Wood Elves All-comers list

20-11-2007, 02:49
'Sup guys n gals,

Here is the list I'm mucking around with at the moment. Predominantly I'm playing against my brothers - one plays Brets :( and Tomb Kings :eek:, the other plays Vamps :D and Ogres :confused:.

Here 'tis:

-Wild Rider Highborn
Spear, shield, Armour of the Fey, Amaranthine Brooch, Hail of Doom, horse
Lv2, DS, Pageant of Shrikes, horse
Lv2, DS, horse
-Alter Noble
Great weapon, Helm of the Hunt, light armour, shield

-Glade Guard (x3)
10 models
-Dryads (x2)
10 models
-Glade Riders (x2)
5 models, Musician

-Tree Kin
3 models
8 models, Musician

That's 1996pts. The Highborn goes in the Tree Kin - bizarre I know, but somehow it has worked out quite well the last couple of times I've used it. The wizards can either go with the Riders or gallop around on their lonesome. I really like the Pageant as an item - especially against Vamps it can single out Necromancers and *kill them* to limit their magic. I also like Glade Guard - I think every Wood Elf army should have some, so I've taken 30. Go S4 bows at short range, with no penalties for moving and shooting!!

Rip it up, if you feel obliged to.

Peace out,

The Grape Man