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20-11-2007, 03:10
Exalted Champion of Chaos: /w shield, Sword of Might, Armor of Damnation, and daemonic mount: 203 pts
Aspiring Champion of Chaos: /w Battle Standard Bearer, and Banner of Wrath: 155 pts
Sorcerer of Chaos: /w level 2, dispel scroll, and mark of Slaanesh: 165 pts
Sorcerer of Chaos: /w level 2, dispel scroll, and mark of Slaanesh: 165 pts

Marauders of Chaos (24): /w light armor, shields, and full command: 193 pts
Marauders of Chaos (24): /w light armor, shields, and full command: 193 pts
Marauders of Chaos (24): /w light armor, shields, and full command: 193 pts
Knights of Chaos (5): /w full command, and chosen: 275 pts
Warhounds of Chaos (5): 30 pts
Warhounds of Chaos (5): 30 pts

Furies (8): 120 pts
Screamers (3): 99 pts
Mounted Daemonettes (5): 150 pts

Total Points: 1971 pts
Total Models: 75 infantry, 21 cavalry, and 11 flyers

So what do you all think?

20-11-2007, 08:18
Its good.

Though id drop the banner on the bsb and give him the armour of damanation.

Drop the exalted and the screamers and get a lord instead.

But good start.

Probably worth dropping a block of marauders for a beast herd aswell.

21-11-2007, 01:27
armor of damnation is already taken, plus if I'm gonna buy the BSB I might as well take a banner.

I personally find screamers to be really valuable, as just one flyer unit doesnt tend to do it for me. plus a lord is really expensive and not enough better than an Exalted to justify a change...

I don't know if the beast herd would really be better or not... I mean either way it comes out the same, but I don't think I'll need the anti-shooting to take the beast herd as a wall...

thanks for the advice, and keep em coming!

21-11-2007, 03:33
Not sure whether you can take both Sorcerers with MoS - you need to have a unit with MoS for each character with the same mark in an Undivided army. One of them is covered with the Daemonettes, but the other you'll have to change. Undivided Sorcerers are fine - Death and Shadows are nice lores, and Fire's there for blowing sh(tuff) up.

I agree - the Lord's not worth it when an Exalted is as good as many armies' Lord choices.

Otherwise, good list.

The Grape Man

21-11-2007, 08:30
. . . NO!

You do NOT need one for EACH character! Nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE! Does it state that, all it says is that for you to include a character with the mark, there has to be a unit with the mark, do note, that nowhere does it state that a character may NOT use the same unit as another character for this purpose.

Now, as for the list:

To me, it looks like a very solid list, a few points I would add would be for you to swap the Armour of Damnation for the Gaze of the Gods, unless you're planning on putting that Exalted in a unit, he really needs his wardsave.

Furthrmore, the Banner of Wrath isn't all that good, you don't have a magic-centred enough list for it to be of any major use, I'd drop it to free up points and get either the Armour of Damnation, Armour of Tortured Souls, the Crown of Everlasting Conquest or the Gaze (lest it be given to your Exalted).

Furthermore, one of your Sorcerors should deffinately have a Spell Familliar, whilst the otherone can have a Powerstone for that extra oomph in the magicphase.

I would then drop the Furies to free up points, five Furies die much too quickly for my liking and ties down way too many points to be a mere sacrificial unit.
I would then also drop the Champion from your Chosen Knights, you don't really need a champion in them unless your gaming community is filled with First-striking cavalry-butchers, also, I would advice you to NOT put your Exalted with them, that would increase their status as a Fire Magnet even more.

Now, using the points from the five Furies and the Champion from the Knights, get a Warbanner for the Knights, this will turn them into a very hitty unit, think about it, you loose 1 attack and the abillity to challenge (which may or may not be a bad thing), for 1 point of 100% certain Combat Resolution, a fairly good trade I'd say.

Also get yourself a unit of Marauder Horsemen, flankers is something this army is sorely lacking, especially considering Warhounds really want to be running for Tablequarters or Screening-jobs instead of trying to flank enemy units. Five marauder Horsemen with Flails and a Musician only costs you 81 points and hits, basically, as hard as normal Chaos Knights on the charge whilst being more manouverable.

Now, if you still have points left, my final advice to you would be to increase the size of the Screamer unit, they may be 2 wounds each, however, that is no guarantee whatsoever that they will last, especially with only 6 wounds and no armour, they are about as fragile as your Mounted Daemonettes, however, your Mounted Daemonettes will see a LOT more combat than your Screamers, and as such, won't be as susceptible to shooting. Adding to the reasons as to why you'd want to field five or six Screamers instead of three is also the fact that it would increase your flyby attacks, and as such, you can easely kill or at least severly hurt lone characters and Fast Cavalry units.

Those are my advice, have fun playing chaos