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20-11-2007, 13:31
Good afternoon,

I tried to make a nice fluffy list for a army of mariners.

1 Captain, handweapon, enchanted shield, heavy armour, reaver bow.
139 pt

1 Mist mage lvl 2 (navigator), hand weapon, dispel scroll, jewel of the Dusk, silver wand
180 pt

1 dragon mage lvl 2 (air support) hand weapon, dispel scroll guardian phoenix
430 pt

19 Lothern sea guard, shields, full command (+ captain)
272 pt

19 Lothern sea guard, shields, full command , warbanner (+ navigator)
292 pt

12 archers, full command (ship crew)
157 pt


5 Ellyrian Reavers, bows , spears, musician
112 pt

5 Ellyrian Reavers, bows , spears, musician
112 pt

5 shadow warriors, 1 shadow walker
108 pt


2 Eagle Claw Bolthtrowers

total 2000 pt

Please feel free to make comments and improvements.


20-11-2007, 13:49
If you're purely in it for the fluff, there'd probably be a bit of explaining to do with the 10 horses.

With regard to the list, however...

Firstly, with regard to composition: You are planning of 2 units of seaguard on hills ranked 2x10, am I right? If so, fair enough, but you're running out of room for the RBTs shooting over your heads - I'd tend for slightly smaller units, just as personal preference.

Second, aside from the relative lack of fluff with regard to the reavers, they aren't exactly the best choice in your army book with specials, so you might want to think... differently if you're going for the kill. It'd be fun to play with them as is, but with shadow warriors, the role they'll play is to some extent already filled.

Third, the Dragon isn't a rare choice, so feel free to add in a great eagle or two - in fact, that would be highly recommended - at least 1 GE. And possibly another RBT.

Four - I don't really understand putting FC on an Archer unit...

Five: Character Loadout - I like the characters you've got - they're cool, but just a few tweaks and suggestions:The mist mage can't take 2 arcane items. So take Seer and a Dispel scroll (and either High Magic, Heavens or Light, fore reasons I will explain). Then, with the Dragon Mage, remembering that he can cast with an extra dice for each spell he casts, give him a silver wand, and either more dispels, or your ward save, or (best of all according to most) a ring of Fury. And give your captain a great weapon. You always strike first, so don't waste it on S4 attacks, besides, in combat he'll have the same save even without an E shield. What you might give him, however, is the reaver bow, 2 HWs/GW and a talisman of Loec - now you're cooking with Gas. Plus with Lore of Light, you can give him the wound back (healing energy) while still having the choice of pulling a juicy spell like Cleansing Flare -Or, with High Magic, sheild of Asuryan will give him a decent save anyway, while keeping drain magic, or with heavens, Celestial sheild, with options for cometting vs other gunlines.

Only thing is I always feild a banner of Sorcery - I just can't avoid it. Consider, if you have any points left over, taking a tiny 5-7 man unit of Lions/Swordmasters with a Banner of Sorc in reserve for countercharges and flanks. 7 Swords with Fullcommand pumps 15 S5 attacks vs anyone who charges it. So you can park it behind a screen, flee with the screeners (archers) - just don't fail your panic check - and the enemy unit will bounce off your 7 guys and run... That plus the D3 PD and they've done more than enough to get their points back. Fluff wise, maybe they're the cargo?

20-11-2007, 14:25
thanks for your quick reply.

I took the page about the sea guard army in the storm of chaos book and looked at that.

I am not sure if I want to use my sea guard in 10 x 2 or 5 x 4 formation. I was thinking about 5 x 4 .

@ point 2. I know that the reavers probably arent the best. But I imagine the reavers like the shadow warriors to be like the rangers. scouts for the marine force. I think a lightly armed fast scout force is pretty fluffy. I wouldn't know how to justify any other special choices in this list. I am not going to use any dragon princes or chariots. The only thing I could image is silverhelms ( noble youths in military service)

@ point 3 . you're right. I was confused with the Asarnil model I am making at the moment. but it realy doesn't change the list much. I just don't like great eagles. Maybe a third eagle claw.

@ point 4 it looks cool and the archers were just a filler unit, cause i couldn't come up with a new unit for this list within the points I had.

@ point 5. I really like the high elf hero with axe and shield. and for wysiwyg I thought to give him a handweapon and shield. I imagined I could allways add a boy + arrow unit from the sea guard on him. Too bad the bow of the seafarer is too expensive on a hero (sea theme)
I don't have my book with me right now, but I'll check the magic items back home. I don't want to load up my dragon mage too much , as it is a big sitting duck waiting to die. So to protect him a bit I gave him the guardian, and a scroll ( should be used the first 2 turns anyway) for some counter magic. The loadout on my second mage can be different. As I have the extra dice on the dragon mage I can use the army pd all for my navigator. maybe just a silver wand and 2 dispel scrolls; points permitting.

As for a unit of sword masters; I've been thinking about that. In the fluff section it says the are also bodyguards of important mages...