View Full Version : great eagles

20-11-2007, 17:49
i have looked for a thread about this, and i havent found one.

i am looking into a GE for my HEs, and i was wondering if there was any viable alternatives to buying the direct only eagle, as i dont want to spend 19 on a 15 eagle.
should i get the LoTR eagle, or dont they look as good?

thanks in advance for any advice

20-11-2007, 18:31
Wish I could help... I think eBay is the answer. It's so dumb that one of the best - and most necessary - choices in the list can't just be bought normally.

20-11-2007, 18:36
thanks EvC, i will check eBay.
i think thats the answer to the maiden guard and everqueen as well. yes, you can still buy blisters of the maiden guard from classics, but can you get the everqueen still? no, you cannot. i wish that they would actually take down the pdf for her is they can be bothered to produce the models any more.

20-11-2007, 18:42
i have found the wood elf lord on eagle model, which i suppose i can use if i want my noble on an eagle, or i can take him off and use him as a basic eagle. oh well, an extra 3 is a decent sacrifice, its better than 4 anyway