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Getifa Ubazza
20-11-2007, 18:26
Ive had my Ogres for a while now and although i have an army with lots of differant units. I wanted to do one that was simple to use and easy to carry around. Im going to make a pirate army. based on the Maneater model.

Heres what im going to do.

The Capt.(Bruiser) 2 hand weapons, heavy armour 142pts

7x3 Bulls: 2 hand weapons each 117ptsx7=819pts

That comes to 961pts, so I have 39pts to play with

I see this as the beginning of the story. Fergus has just left the tribe and doesnt have any of the special stuff in his warband. But as his army grows and his story develops. Hopefully over time, he will be able to "find" great weapons and armour. Make pacts with Ironguts. and what ever to get what he needs.

Let me know what you would put in a Pirate Ogre army and how you think he would get these things.

20-11-2007, 18:44
leadbelchers for one, how can you have a proper boarding without a broadside first?
I'd also use bellowers over crushers in the bull units, their ld isn't exactly great...

Ironguts are a must for OK in my opinion.

21-11-2007, 14:10
leadbelchers is a must. I mean imagine the crew and cap are leaving the ship and going on a expedition through some unknown land the available cannons on the ship would probably get snatched by some bulls to use as weapons. And they are a very good unit.

21-11-2007, 14:13
I don't think yetties fit in. I mean they belong in the cold and the capt. and crew would probably sail to all kinds of different warm places. You should get a maneater to, i can't imagine the pirates being without one of these experienced warriors to lead them to far away cathay and the steamy jungles of lustria

21-11-2007, 14:30
Get rid of that extra hand weapon for any sort of great weapon, be it mundane GW, Siegebreaker, or Tenderiser. 4 Str 7 attacks will out perform 5 str 5 attacks every time.

The wyrdstone and laurels both are probably a bit too much spent on items for a bruiser. You can fit more into your list without em.

Leadbelchers are optional (though required if you are really trying to push the theme).

Ironguts are required. Bulls actually kinda suck at winning combats. No static CR and usually not enough cr generated through wounds. Yeah they have a lot of attacks, but at WS 3, half miss, and at str 4, 50-66% wound depending on opponents toughness.

Ironguts, on the other hand, wound most non-character models in the game on a 2+ and obliterate armor saves, something your bulls can't do. They erase any armor thats 4+ or worse, and even reduce heavy cavalry to a paltry 5+. Try to strike a balance of 1:1 or 2:3 of bulls:ironguts. This balance can tip more heavily to ironguts in smaller games.

Also, no ogre army should ever include champ upgrades.

Examine how many points you've spent on your champion upgrades. 6 crushers is 120 points. They contribute SIX attacks to your army. 3 bulls with extra hand weapons is 117 points. They contribute TWELVE attacks and NINE wounds to your army. Wouldn't you rather have a whole extra unit of bulls, than 1 more stinking attack out of the units you have?

At 1k, I'd look to field something more like...

3x3 ironguts
1x3 bulls
1x2 leadbelchers

See where that puts you for points after magic items.

Getifa Ubazza
21-11-2007, 21:07
The reason the Captain has 2 hand weapons, is because thats what the model has. Kadrium, i like that list. It comes to 931pts, giving the bruiser additional hand weapon and heavy armour.