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20-11-2007, 19:38
And thus his very first project log was born!

My friends and I have sorta made a new thing to have an Apocalypse Battle every 3 weeks or so. So I've decided I wanna bring out some big guns.

From what I understand a lot of people are making Titans for Apocalypse. But I already have a Forgeworld Lucius Warhound and an Armorcast Reaver Titan. So I've already been there and done that.

So I've decided to make several non-titan super heavies for our Apocalypse battles. And where better to get ideas than from the original game of massive battles in the 41st Millennium? Epic 40,000!

So I've done some research and compiled a list of what I want to make and a brief description of each super heavy in case you don't know what it is:

-Imperial Termite (The smallest burrower transport, capable of transporting a single squad of 10 behind enemy lines)
-Mole (Intermediate sized burrower transport, possibly able to transport 30-40 troops)
-HellBore (Ridiculously large burrower, possibly capable of transporting near 70 or 80 troops)
-Silver Towers of Tzeentch (Floating Silver Towers that spray warpfire)
-Firelord of Tzeentch (a Chaos Flyer dedicated to Tzeentch that also sprays warp fire)
-Capitol Imperialis (A ridiculously large transport bristling with guns and capable of transporting an entire Space Marine Company into battle)
-Ork Landa (a large ork dropship)
-Imperial Deathstrike Missle Launcher (One. Giant. Missile.)
-Squat Cyclops (Single Cannon the size of a Titan, I know squats don't exist anymore but it just looks so cool!)
-Ork Doomdiver Magna Cannon (Bascially a stompa's lifta-droppa by itself on treads)

If you want to see pics of these models check out the Early 90's GW catalogs on www.solegends.com

I truely doubt I'll ever get all of these made, but it is just a list of want-to-make more than have-to-make.

I'm going to start with a Termite, I just think that a burrower popping up outta the ground and having a squad pop out is too cool. Even if it is kinda corny 60's sci-fi. I'll update with pictures as soon as it starts to take shape. Which will be in the next day or so(I hope).

21-11-2007, 03:14
It all sounds promising.
If you want really big guns though you can't exactly go past the ordinatus :D Designed to annihilate all in it's path :P Ordinatus Mars is my fave.
I love the Squats and I'm hunting round for a pic of the Cyclops... It sounds sexy :P

Best of luck :)