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21-11-2007, 05:34

noble-shield, light armor, spear, elven steed, the hunter's talon, dragontooth arrows- 138

noble-shield, light armor, scout, asyendi's bane, starfire arrows- 144

noble-shield, light armor, merciw's locus, hail of doom arrow- 152

noble- light armor, BSB, a blight of terrors- 142

10 glade guard- musician- 126

10 glade guard- musician- 126

10 glade guard- musician- 126

5 glade riders- 240

5 glade riders- 240

5 glade riders- 240

5 scouts- 85

5 scouts- 85

5 scouts- 85

20 eternal guard- full command, banner of dwindling- 320


Imperial Dragon
21-11-2007, 06:40
if you play an army with lots of magic your in trouble.

thought about wild riders? or wardancers?

or using the dyrands etc, it seems to lack the killing blow a little.

thought about way watchers? and the noble with scout making him a waywatcher aswell?

21-11-2007, 16:37
Some thoughts:
You have no magic defense. I like the no-lord approach as it saves you points but you've spent alot of points on heroes with magic items that are unlikely to recoup their points.

Keeping the BSB, general and a scout noble seems fine but I'd look into trading out hero number 4 for a spellsinger with some dispel scrolls.

I'd also think about bow of loren for your general rather than the talon and so forth. The Merciw's is interesting but ultimately useless on a guy who you don't want in combat anyway.

For your troops, they seem okay as is other than the fact your glade riders need musicians a hell of alot more than your gladeguard do.

3 units of gladeguard scouts are going to have a hard time finding room to deploy and I'd certainly consider Imperial Dragon's suggestion of a single unit of waywatchers instead.

Use the spare points for a melee capable unit such as wardancers.

I'm not much of a fan of the eternal guard but they're built generally okay. That said, I'd give them the warbanner over the dwindling. You actually have to win combat before the distance your opponent can flee becomes relevant.

You appear to be going 'no forest spirit' and that's fine.