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21-11-2007, 20:46
Right, some opinions on this army (whether selections or flaming for boring choies) is most welcome, havent really played properly for a few years, so might be missing something essential.. :)


15 Spearmen, Standard & Musician [150]
Mop up/Blocking unit

15 Spearmen, Standard & Musician [150]
Mop up/Blocking unit #2


15 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery [305]
Mop up unit, for the tougher opposition.. Not sure if I should rather bring White Lions for their Stubborness and better resilience to shooting (so less easy target for easy VPs for the opponent). But the amount of ws6 s5 attacks looks kinda needed considering the lack of it in the rest of the army..

Tiranoc Chariot [85]
With only 1 save point difference and costing 55 points less than the lions chariot, I dont really see the point in taking that, considering I wouldnt charge in either alone no matter what, even if the lion one is more killy.

Tiranoc Chariot [85]
Golden rule with chariots (as I remember it from my armies in the past at least) was to never bring one, so I brought another one..

5 Shadow Warriors [80]
For some marchblocking and random sniping if possible.

5 Shadow Warriors [80]
Same as above, guess just standing in the ways of things works too..


Repeater Bolt Thrower [100]
Surprise Surprise

Repeater Bolt Thrower [100]
Same as chariots, always bringing two if wanting them to be of any use

Repeater Bolt Thrower [100]
Or three to make the opponent grunt

Repeater Bolt Thrower [100]
And four to give them a headache


Mage, level 2, Ring of Fury [175]
Not really originial is it?

Mage, level 2, Ring of Corin [155]
See comment on entry above..

Mage, level 2, Dispell Scroll [155] *General*
Never leave home without a scroll

Mage, level 2, Jewel of the Dusk, The Skeinsliver [175]
Yeah yeah, I guess you see a pattern now

Grand total [1995]

Basic idea is of course is to try to blast the smithereens out of things, ie take out things that die easy with shooting/magic, hopefully remove some static cr on some units and let the infantry/cav mop up. Problem will of course be to protect the shooting, or get enough shooting off against the more tricky armies like some demon ones, bretts, and have some fun being chased by scorpions, gutter runners and suchlike. I know the army isnt exactly the height of fair play or fluffyness, but taking something more "kind" just resulted in being mopped off the table rather fast against most opponents these parts, so I am a bit hesitant to easen up on some of the choices..

Dead Man Walking
21-11-2007, 22:14
Why even take any infantry with this list, just field 2 units of archers for core and then shadow warriors. Your going to get beat when anything makes it into HTH anyways.

Dead Man Walking
21-11-2007, 22:19
double post

21-11-2007, 22:42
You think so? The 3 infantry units + 2 chariots not going to be able to do much? Hm.. I guess changing it to archers could be something to try out, but I dont really find much worth in the HE archers, never have, so a bit biased perhaps.

21-11-2007, 23:11
Keep the spears... you need at least a chance of having something to fight with when the enemy finally comes to you.
Maybe I would change two of the lvl 2 mages for one archmage (after all, its better having someone who could cast flames of th phoenix easily than dependng on luck with the lvl 2's)
What you'll have to do is concentrate the army in on of the flanks at the deploy, (hope there's a hill in thisflank where you can deploy the RBT's) and concentrate the infantry, so that you can get multiple charges when the enemy gets close enough.
The shadow warriors are very important to hold at least a one or two units of the enemy infantry away fro combat. (if you play them right, the enemy's will never even make it to the combat in time)

21-11-2007, 23:25
I basically went for small mages to even out the points - so if some gets chopped down or something, its not that big a loss. And if people spend a lot of effort chasing them that alone is worth it.

The archmage is easier to get spells off with I can see that though; but what would you do to protect the guy? As in means of items and where to put him.. Perhaps Im just paranoid, but I dont really see any units or places to put him that would make him somewhat safe in this army. Perhaps I have played to much against skaven and TK though..

23-11-2007, 16:50
Use that item that basically makes him ethereal, and put him in the swordmasters unit so that he is in range and possible flyers etc trown against him will be destroyed in their attempt to kill him, not knowing that it is impossible for them to kill this mage (unless it is a mounted character with a magic weapon or deamons.

Master Kain
23-11-2007, 18:53
If you're going to go for the gunline-style army, which I suspect you are, and are therefore playing somewhat defensively, then the Swordmasters are probably not a great investment. They are more suited to offensive armies due to their hittiness and low armour. Phoenix Guard might be a better choice - their increased survivability gives your war machines and mages more time to decimated the enemy army. You should also bump up the spearelves - 15 is not enough to hold a decent-sized unit for long, although I can see how the chariots can help with this. 4 Mages? Drop two of them for an archmage - he's better at casting than 2 normal mages combined. Good luck!