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21-11-2007, 22:13
Okay, a tourney is coming up, and while I do not have enough models to pull a really worthy army out of my **** yet (started fairly recently), I thought I might have a 'blast'.

It's a bit standard tzeentchy "crapload of powerdice" list, but I don't thikn anyone will be expecting it, and getting a few horrors should set me up for a nice skirmish-hinting tactic (roll 5 oh tzeenthcy champions!)

Essentially, I am going there and hopefully have a laugh with an army severely lacking models and probably win big/lose big.

anyway, here it comes:


Exalted Champion:
- mark of Tzeentch
barded chaos steed
Great fang, shield
238 pts

Exalted champion:
- mark of Tzeentch
barded chaos steed
Enchanted shield, spell familair
211 pts

lvl 2, 2x dispel scroll
170 pts

Chosen chaos knights (5):
Mark of Tzeentch
Banner, musician
-the reroll psych banner from BoC
300 pts

Chaos Knights (5)
mark of Tzeentch
banner, musician
215 pts

Warriors (10)
full command
-banner of wrath
230 pts

Chaos chariot
-mark of tzeentch
140 pts

Chaos chariot
-mark of tzeentch
140 pts

Warhounds (5)
30 pts

Furies (5)
75 pts

1749 pts

total of 12 powerdice +1 lvl 4 bound spell.
5 dispel dice and 2 dispel scrolls.

too much cheese in the beard, can I expect people to hate me for this? :evilgrin:
Or will this list be doomed to take up posiiton somewhere down the line.

(Knowing my luck, I'll probably kill at least one charcter every battle through a miscast)

22-11-2007, 00:32
I'd drop all gear on the second Exalted (the spell familiar (Tzeentch casting values are too high for it to be of any real use),the enchanted shield, the mount). Instead, I'd put hil into one of the chariots and give him a Berserker Sword and a regular shield.

I'd drop both banners as well (the BoC banner only lets you reroll panic tests, AFAIK, and the banner of Wrath is a teensy expensive).

If you insist on fielding your Warrior unit, I'd give your Warriors halberds, since they won't get enough kills in with hand weapon/shields.

I'm not against fielding warriors at all in general, but since you have plenty of hammer units already and no anvils, I would rather advise you to drop the warriors unit in your army, and field a 20-man block of Marauders with light armour/shields to beef up your numbers a little. With the other points that are freed up this way, I'd either add champions to your knight units (any reason why you're not taking them?) or another unit of Warhounds, and a unit of marauder horsemen with a musician and flails as a harassment unit to slow the enemy's advance. You woukd also have the points available to change your unit of 5 Furies to 5 Screamers, which are a lot more durable and hit harder.

The only thing you lose this way is a bound spell and a single power die, but you'll do fine with the 11 you have. (if not, you could always drop the great fang on your first exalted and give him a power familiar instead). In return, you get a more flexible and durable army.

If the army's not going to change, I'm afraid that it might end up being a bit too fragile in the end, but who knows? A lucky roll of the dice can work wonders with any Tzeentch army...

22-11-2007, 09:30
This list is sort of what I have at the moment, and I have yet to 'fix' furies and assemble the second unit of knights, as well as acquire another champion (easy: get a regular knight and use a unit champion), the tzeentch spells may have a high casting value, but at least it gives me more chance of rolling something decent (3,4,5 - I tend to roll a lot of sixes when rolling for spells).

I have sort of fallen in love with the great fang after people tend to make their saves on a regular basis against my halberd equipped hero, that and all I need is spell number one to rip the **** out of anything canned.
If that banner is indeed only reroll panic, might as well give a warbaner to the normal knights, they might need it. Or drop it + the shooty banner and upgrade the warriors to chosen: 2+ save makes for a decent anvil and 2 attacks each means they are actually a threat to some things.

22-11-2007, 10:08
I would still suggest going for a flail rather than the gore tooth (48 points cheaper!). 1750 points is a bad amount for Tzeentch IMHO, still I would suggest dropping one chariot/warriors for some marked minotaurs. Chosen don't really need a magic banner, why not give the war banner to the second unit of knights (chosen and exalted don't necessarily need a standard at all btw).

I would also suggest adding 3 screamers so you have 2 units of fliers or mount one exalted on disk with the eye, useful against armies with lots of shooting (but hey, its up to you :) )

22-11-2007, 12:29
I have a tzeentchy champion on disc, sure, good idea, he can mop up stuff like light cand such, war machines.

And what's wrong with the "ignore armour saves" weapon? I think in chaas it's actually worth something as you have both the attacks and strength to not really need bonusses on those two. But that's just my view, it works wonders against cav, and it's a reliable weapon allround, that AND I can take a shield for that precious 1+ save.

Also, I really -really- hate the minotaur models (they also lack any coherency with my list, they are a bit more khorney imo), though I might be converting a few dragon ogres (from DE cold ones and plastic ogres) if they are worth the effort. batload of S7 attacks!

22-11-2007, 13:17
you need more infantry troops 10 more warriors should do