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21-11-2007, 23:55
The other day, I had a great game against the new High Elves, commanded by Teclis. My army list can be found here: List (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2129760#post2129760)

Here is my opponents list:




Mage; Annulian Crystal
Noble; Barded Elven Steed, Star Lance, Enchanted Shield


Lothern Sea Guard x15; shields
Lothern Sea Guard x15


Swordmasters x12; champion, gem of courage
White Lions x10
Dragon Princes x5; standard, banner of sorcery
Lion Chariot


Repeater Bolt Thrower

10-14 Power Dice, 7-9 Dispel Dice

From atop his pegasus, Morgil observed the field before him. Somehow word of his betrayal had leaked; the thrice-cursed Teclis had learned of his plan to escape and had put together a strong force in short order. No matter! Nobody – not even the great Teclis would stop him from marching out of Ulthuan alive. Anyone who got in his way would feel the wrath of the Deathbringer.

“Ithlas,” he called, beckoning one of his two Blademasters closer. “Move in. I want Teclis’ head to sit atop my banner before sunrise.”

“I’ll see to it, my lord.” In a swirl of robe, he was gone.

Morgil had delved deeper into the dark arts than any other; his studies, his ancient pacts with abominable powers of purest darkness had transformed his body. Outwardly, he was more demon than elf – even now his eyes gleamed in the darkness.

“Asur!” he bellowed, his voice rumbling like thunder across the winds of magic, “kneel before my legion!”

Dark Elf Turn 1
Everything moved forward, except the Reaper on the left flank. The centre of my line, held by the Executioners and supported by two units of crossbow warriors, took up position. Both Dark Riders moved in support of the Compelled on the right flank; one in front to block line of sight, the other to the left. Morgil himself guided his Dark Pegasus down behind a ruin, peeking round just enough to see a unit of Dragon Princes. The Harpies flew behind the forest that, even now, the Shades (with one Assassin) were picking their way through.

The magic phase started with a bang – Morgil manipulated the winds of darkness, hurling Doombolt at the Dragon Princes and slaying 2 instantly. Chillwind was dispelled, though, and, anticipating their charge next turn, an attempted Word of Pain was dispelled by Teclis. The Reaper, one unit of bow elves, and the Shades all opened fire on Teclis’ Searguard unit, hoping to panic them, but after the rain of black-fletched arrows had settled, only 3 had fallen. The second unit of bow elves shot down 4 Seaguard in the lesser unit protecting the level two Mage.

High Elf turn 1
The Lion Chariot charged towards one of the Dark Rider units, who fled and were cut down – but the Chariot was left in a very awkward position. The Dragon Princes and Noble charged the other Riders, who also flee but manage to escape – yet the Princes run right into the magically Compelled warriors of Morgil. Glimpsing the Assassin in the Shade unit in the woods, the Swordmasters moved at an angle that blocked Teclis’ unit from a charge, issuing challenges to the Dark Elves and trying to goad them out of the woods. The rest of the army hung back.

Teclis went right to work, casting Shield of Saphery on the Dragon Princes with an Irresistible Force that even Morgil couldn’t dispel. The second, lesser Mage attemped to get into the fray with Cleansing Flare; sensing the danger to Ithlas and the Shades, Morgil made quick use of a dispel scroll. Again Teclis proved too powerful in the magical arts, and Curse of Arrow Attraction soon plagued the Executioners. An attempted Fury of Khaine on the same unit was dispelled. The Repeater Bolt Thrower loosed a number of bolts into the air, firing with unnerving accuracy and killing 3 Executioners, who promptly panicked.

As the Dragon Princes’ charge closed in on the Compelled, Morgils second Blademaster seemingly popped out of nowhere; he and the champion traced an ancient rune of Khaine in mid-air, dazing the High Elf Noble. His attacked with lighting-quick reflexes, but the armour of the Prince was tough enough to turn aside his fell blades. In anger, the majority of the Dragon Princes and the Prince himself struck out at the Assassin; the dark Blademaster ducked, weaved, parried; at the end of the vast array of blows, through luck or sheer skill, he survived having only lost 1 wound. In return, the poisoned blades of the Compelled found chink after chink in the knights’ armour: two of the proud warriors fell from their horses, and, seeing the destruction, the Prince and the knight bearing awe-inspiring the Banner of Sorcery fled just enough to escape the frenzied rage of the Compelled.

Dark Elf Turn 2
The Executioners failed to rally and ran to within a whisker of the table edge. The Dark Riders rallied and moved into position to toy with the Lion Chariot. The Compelled charged after the fleeing Dragon Princes, who fled from the battle. Morgil took to the skies, gliding behind enemy lines, where he saw Teclis and the lesser Mage hiding in two separate Sea Guard units. The Harpies charged the Bolt Thrower. Everything moves up; the right hand unit of bow elves moving towards the Swordmasters, and the Shades edging out of their hiding place to get closer to Teclis.

In the magic phase, Morgil looked to go to work but both Doombolt and Word of Pain were dispelled. Somehow, the puny second mage was lessening Morgil’s power … some kind of ancient, magical trinket. The Reaper skewered 2 White Lions, the Dark Riders bows managed to wound the Lion Chariot, and the Shades shot down 2 more of Teclis’ guard. The Harpies only managed to kill one of the Bolt Thrower crew, who held.

High Elf Turn 2
Facing a unit of Shades likely to flee through the woods, the Swordmasters elect to charge the bow elves, who bravely )or foolishly) hold. Across the table, the White Lions charge the other Warriors. Again the Lion Chariot chases the shadow of the Dark Riders, moving into sights of the Reaper. Caught between Morgil and the Shades, Teclis’ bodyguard unit seem unsure what to do. The Mages unit of ‘Guard turn to face the oncoming Compelled.

Teclis began working the Winds of Magic, but fumbled and would have suffered a miscast had he not been so skilled – instead, he managed to dissipate the raging force without harm. He went back to work, unknowing of the Ring of Hotek so close at hand and Miscast again! This time, the forces proved too strong even for him; in the chaos, Morgil attempted to cast Dominion, but Teclis recovered in time to dispel it – though it cost him tremendous energy that could have otherwise been spent on destroying the Dark Elves. Elsewhere, the lesser mage attempted to cast a spell too hard for him and miscast as well! Tremendous power visibly racked the foolish elf, causing him to lose a level. The Seaguard open fire on the Shades, but struggle to slay them. The White Lions and Swordmasters both destroy their respective units in combat, breaking and running them down with tremendous ease. The Harpies kill the remaining Bolt Thrower crewman, but lose one of their number in return.

Dark Elf Turn 3
Even with the winds of magic beginning to ebb in his favour, Morgil knew if he did not act now, the battle would be lost. Thankfully, the Executioners rallied. At the Deathbringer’s command, Ithlas the Blademaster and his unit of Shades charged directly at Teclis and his bodyguard, who held.

Morgil grappled with clouds of purest evil, unleashing Doombolt on the pesky Swordmasters and killing 4 of them. Chillwind blasts the Seaguard in front of the Compelled, slaying 1 and freezing the rest to the core. The Reaper misses the White Lions with its great bolt. In combat, as many elves as possible, including Teclis, direct their attacks at the charging Assassin – but they all needed 5’s, and only 1 wounded! In return, the Assassin smashed Teclis for 4 wounds, the surviving Shades did 2, and the Seaguard lost hope and fled.

High Elf Turn 3
In desperation, the Mage and his guard charge the Compelled. He puts all his efforts into a blinding flash of light that dazzled the Compelled Warriors and Assassin, and in the opening that was presented the Asur attacked with one goal: kill the Assassin on 1 wound. Despite 3 hits, none wounded! The Assassin chopped down 2, and with poisoned blades and the help of the Cube of Manipulation, the Compelled slaughtered 7, breaking and running the puny elves down.

Dark Elf Turn 4
Overly confident, the Shades charge the Swordmasters, whilst the Executioners finally get into the battle and charge the stranded Lion Chariot. Morgil lashed the White Lions with Doombolt but the blasted Mage dispelled it. With a snarl, he cast Chillwind at them as well, slaying 1. Next, he lent a helping hand to the Shades by casting Word of Pain on the Swordmasters. The Reaper manages to kill 1 White Lion in the shooting phase. When Combat came around, the Lion Chariot was smashed by the Executioners who were obviously determined to make up for their earlier cowardice. Despite the unnatural pain inflicted on them by Morgil, the Swordmasters butchered the Shades, breaking them.

Result: Dark Elves are victorious!

We decided to call that the battle. There was barely anything left of the High Elves, and in future turns, Morgil would only be free to wreak havoc on the Asur. I have to say, I was saved on two occasions by tremendous luck! Both times involving Assassins. I couldn’t believe it when the one deployed with the Witch Elves (who only had 1 wound left after taking a charge from Dragon Princes) managed to survive so many attacks.

It was also rather lucky to withstand a Dragon Prince charge with the Witches. They were intent on killing the Assassin (he usually has that effect on people), but the sneaky bloke managed to survive. The other Assassin collected his best kill of his career – slaying Teclis with amazing ease: A moment that proved the turning point in the battle, especially as it happened reasonably early – allowing my lone level 4 to really get going.

The full might of the High Elf magic phase was evident on more than a few occasions, and I have to say my opponent had his fair share of luck as well. He continually rolled 3’s on his D3 power dice bonuses, giving him 14 for the phase. 14 Power dice with only 2 mages! It was a scary, scary sight. I am also officially scared of the Swordmasters. It will take a lot for anything to be able to beat them in a frontal combat.

Overall, it was a very fun game… and although huge amounts of luck saw me through in some areas, it is, after all, a game of dice rolls – and sometimes you are going to be more lucky than others. I’m certainly not complaining :D

Prince Facestab
22-11-2007, 08:11
I like your writing style. Welcome to the board, and I look forward to more reports!

22-11-2007, 11:44
Thanks Prince Facestab, glad you enjoyed it.

23-11-2007, 07:36
Nice report Dark Mage, it was vividly written. Keep it up!

...and may the fury of Ulthuan be visited upon you swfitly...

Dragon Prince of Caledor
25-11-2007, 02:31
That was fun to read.. It was like a good book! keep em coming!:)

25-11-2007, 03:55
pshttt that wasnt really Teclis :)

25-11-2007, 13:04
nice battle report, i was glad to see the HE losing again, cant say i agree with the use of special characters myself but each to his own i guess.

25-11-2007, 15:18
Nice report. But it really doesn't say much about how the armies fared. You use 2 special characters. They are not really giving any insight as to weakness with the list.


25-11-2007, 20:31
So much for DE can't beat HE ; )

26-11-2007, 15:51
Thank youfor this great report, DarkMage! I, for one, am looking forward to your next one!I like the your style of writing, it's clear and really amusing to read.

However, i'd like to see some photos in your next battle report.I find that a battle report without photos is difficylt to follow (even a well-written, such as yours). Maybe some maps drawn with one of the various tools available for such a task?

Anyway, congrats on your victory, I like your list a lot (and believe it takes a skilled player to make it work right).

All the best, happy_doctor

26-11-2007, 21:50
Can i just say dark mage that this is one of the best battle reports ive read in awhile. Keep up the good work mate.

26-11-2007, 23:31
You see, this is how a competent player takes control of Dark Elves and takes it to their stuck up cousins....

Even with the onslaught of Teclis's magic.

Remember folks, Teclis is now a normal Lord choice who has been supposedly balanced to use in normal games, like all the special characters in the new books. So people can no longer claim some sort of morality on the "you used a special character" arguement.

Special characters aren't really special anymore, they are just people of reknown in the warhammer world.

27-11-2007, 00:26
Teclis worked exactly as he should. Great in magic and dire in combat. Great report. Nice to see DE can still cut it with HE.

27-11-2007, 00:28
Wow, thanks very much for the kind words everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Eagletsi, Teclis was the only special character used.. we wanted to see how he fared in a battle, which I think he is geared towards. I have a feeling that with the amount of power dice the High Elves can generate, Teclis will be more useful in a battle than Lord Kroak. Pair him with a Dragon Mage, who, equipped with the Silver Wand is has more power dice than a level 4, and you have a deadly magic phase with one hero slot left over!

I used names for my own characters, but they were just a High Sorcerer and two Assassins... apologies if I caused confusion.

Johan Chill
06-12-2007, 12:46
Ha! and they say Assassins dont cut it.
Sure they have their problems but now they killed Teclis we never have to face him again.. right?

Marneus Calgar
06-12-2007, 20:59
Well it's that or Teclis is going to have to be shot in the face with my handgunners.

Or better yet, cannons. Yes, Teclis getting shot in the face with a cannon.

That makes me smile. :)

11-12-2007, 16:32
nice battle report!

I donīt think the report is a good indicator for how DE fare against the new High elves though. The HE list seems to suffer a lot from "shiny new stuff" syndrome coupled with abysmal dice rolling (9 high str attacks hitting on 4īs + 4 horses result into 1 wound on witch elves and the assassin - phew :eek: - every dead witch elf means 3 poison attacks less (5 for the champion) .. ouch. A good moment to start hating rubber (star) lances). If Teclis manages to hit with his sword the other Assassin could have been toast as well.

With the exception of the massive magical superiority the list was a field day for rxbows: very few, expensive T3 troopers with only two units with multiple wounds or high saves. it lacks the mobility to really face or evade the fast DE units and is only able to compensate with magical "firepower".

A pair of eagles and the good old Tiranoc Chariots instead of one Elite Infantry and the Lion Chariot unit would have helped a lot IMHO. Downgrading the Seaguards to Spearmen gives another RBT that can hinder the movement of the enemies fast and fragile troops.

The bad thing for the HE seems to be that the whole game comes down to 2 gamebreaking moments: The shade assassin surviving the strike first attacks and the loss of the banner of sorcery on turn 1. Here the assassin was a nice blender, since the witch elves (especially the champion) are a lot more dangerous than the assassin. ;)

Dwarf Runelord 45
17-12-2007, 02:13
aah nice to see HE play DE one of the classical rivalries. Also, nice job on killing Teclis. =)

28-12-2007, 05:48
Nice report, very well written!

I play HE and some of my favourate games are against other elves. The low toughness means that casualties come off in spades. They are some of the best fantasy games IMO.

Well done on your victory!

07-01-2008, 23:10
So, any chance of a new battle report, DarkMage???

Perhaps a game you played over the holidays...

10-01-2008, 16:49
Very nice rep mon'
I really like the fluff and army composition youve got there :D