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sing Sang a song
22-11-2007, 03:05
so im expanding my woodelves army and i was hoping to use orion in 2000pts army and here is general idea what im planning to do

orion-575 (should i give him hounds or no?)
(option 1) noble-light armour, hail of doom, great eagle, talisman of protection 172
(option 2) noble-alter kindred, bow of loren, light armour, talisman of protection-152

4 units of 8 dryads-384
unit 6 wild riders_full command-192

unit of 20 glade guard_full command-264
unit of 10 scouts_lord's bowman-176
unit of 3 tree kin_tree kin elder-215

still working on the list so i want a lot of advice how to fix or approach this army

Imperial Dragon
22-11-2007, 07:47
dont give him hounds so he can go with the wild riders

you need magic protection

thought about using glade riders and/or eagle's? they move the same speed but shoot aswell and the eagle's can stop a march move, if you get some eagles go with option one but if not go with option two and maybe get another unit of wild riders to show its orion's wild hunt, they move cavalry you have the move themed i think it will be

drop the lords bowman on the scout unit you dont need it instead get a musican.

oh and for 50points you can get eagle's good invesment if you ask me.

so with what ive said i made you a list . . . you dont have to take any of my advice just so you know.

Orion - 575pts

Spellsinger - 2 dispel scrolls elven steed 152pts goes with a glade rider unit

wood elf noble - wild rider kindred elven steed 122pts goes with other wild riders

6 wild riders - full command 192

6 wild riders - full command 192pts

5 glade riders - musician 129pts

5 glade riders - musician 129pts

5 glade riders - musician 129pts

3 warhawks riders - wind rider 140pts

3 warhawks riders - wind rider 140pts

2 great eagle's 100pts

2,000 points

this to me seems more like a force Orion would be proud off and you can change it to suit your needs like addglade guard etc or ignore it it's all up to you

happy gaming.

sing Sang a song
22-11-2007, 15:26
thank, that helps me to finally decide on my hero/lord part

Imperial Dragon
22-11-2007, 21:54
oh just so you know wild riders dont use bows and theres no point in giving him a magic item that they kinda already have talisman of protection is like the tattoos they get.