View Full Version : im playing 2500pts of high elves with 2500 grimgorz boys please advise for there new.

22-11-2007, 03:27
i just recently dusted off my OnG and bought some new black orcs (plastic) and im wondering what is good to take (i know im taking grimgor) but should i take a unit of 10 black orcs or buy another set and go 20 im thinking thats a must do for OnG but i will be taking a giant ....and what other rare choice do ya reckon a DoW cannon?? for im vsing 2500 points of the new HE and it will obviously have a dragon and all the elite troops he can muster.

22-11-2007, 05:55
I don't think using Grimgor against HE is a good idea.
He is a huge point sink after all. Additionally he only would strike first against core HE units 50% of the time, since they got I5 as well and a dice roll would decide who goes first.
Against HE elite units like SM he wouldn't go first since they got I6. Those guys would most likely kill the first row of black orcs, only leaving Grimgor himself to strike back. Granted, he got 7 attacks but you better not mess up those dice rolls. Otherwise...

Giants are a possibiliy, since they tend do be fire magnets. If the HE player decides to use 2 RBT's he will go down pretty fast though.

I would use stone throwers and doom divers, aimed at the HE elite infantry. A well guessed impact hit can easily leave half a unit of SM or WL in ashes.

Black orcs are an option too, but only with choppa and shield for the 3+ save in CC, so the ASF guys won't hurt them so bad.

When it comes to rare choices then river trolls tend to do quite well. They most likely will need some support though (and stupidity-babysitting) for their lack of static CR.

All things considered, against HE, i'd use:

A few units of boyz with choppa and shield.
Artillery to blow those dragons out of the sky and to make elite infantry cry.
River trolls for their fear causing and -1 to hit in CC.

My "don'ts":
Goblin units of any kind except night goblins. HE get fear causing for free against those LD6 slackers...
Any goblin unit variants like squig hoppers. Those get butchered by HE.

I never tried night goblins against HE. Give them nets and HE would strike with -1str. Worth trying maybe.

22-11-2007, 07:20
The netters aren't great against things like Swordsmasters, or particularly White Lions, who will still do enough damage with S4 or 5, but against blocks of Spearmen, dropping their S by 1 is a massive blow for the elves against Gobbos. Wounding on 5 is fine against Chaos or something that won't massively outnumber you, but against Gobbo's it can be rough. Also, Fanatics can toast HE infantry. Use small screen units to get into CC with the Elves, then release your Fanatics with Madcaps so they blast into the back of your own CC unit, which will then pull them through the Elf unit. Sure you'll lose a wack of Gobbos doing it, but they'll lose just as many Elves, and given that most of their stuff is wort 3 times your points....definitely a good plan. Also, Chariots or Pump-Wagons will do wonders for you....I know it's been said to death, but the impact hits will still go before ASF....

Prince Facestab
22-11-2007, 07:46
Just a note, swordmasters do not have I6, they have I5. Dragon princes and phoenix guard are the high elf units with I6.