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Ethereal Alpaca
14-04-2005, 16:15
I've decided to write up some rules for my skaven army general (hopefully balanced). Enjoy!

EDIT: Forgot points cost. :o

1 Lord choice, 215pts.
5 6 5 4 4 3 8 4 7

Weapons: Foe-slayer, warplock pistol.
Armour: Warpstone armour, shield.

Magic Items:

Warpstone Armour: See skaven army book.

Warpstone Charm: See skaven army book.

Foe-slayer This curved sword bears the thirteen runes of the Horned Rat set in pure warpstone, and grants Crittrik +1 attack and an additional -3 to armour saves.

Special Rules:

Feckless cowards-cowards!

If Crittrik is part of a fleeing unit, he will attempt to shoot one member of the unit to scare the others into obeying. When the unit tries to rally, it counts as being shot with the pistol. Roll to hit and wound as normal, but at -1 to hit due to the confusion. If the shot hits (even if it fails to wound or kill) the unit gains +1 to rally.


If Crittrik is in your army, he must be your general, unless there is another special character or a Vermin Lord present.


Crittrik rules Clan Myreque with tyranny, propeganda and opression. All in the clan fear him greatly. All skaven units within 16" instead of 12" may use his leadership.

14-04-2005, 16:25
How many points?
And given that he has leadership affecting rules (which helps Skaven a lot), perhaps he should count as a hero choice as well? Just a thought, cool character though.

16-04-2005, 23:22
Ah, a Skaven Commissar. ;)

Cowards: Should be more like the 40K rule. He kills the Champion and they automatically rally. Or at least the shot should not suffer -1 to hit and should kill before it works.

Tyrant: Warhammer works in 6's, the extended range should be 18".

14-02-2006, 15:00
Pretty neat character, not too overpowered for his points. Very much in character with the army, though one could argue that all warlords are greatly feared and loathed by their underlings...