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22-11-2007, 16:03
This is update of my 6th edition HE force into the new rules. I am very happy, since the addition of Dragon Mage allow me to replace my previous Archmage on Great Eagle + Fusil of Conflogration with much more easier choice.

The nature of the army had stayed in same form: combat force constructed of couple of infatry units, combined with some support. Now, this time the list have better LD (Prince with LD10 as general) and I am planning on creating secondary strike force from Dragon Mage and cavalry. They should be able to shift their position next to the main force in case enemy deploys very concentrated force, but they should also be able to work on their own on one flank while the rest of the army fulfills the other flank.

Li'Naer (Prince, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Jewel of Dusk, Temakador's Gauntlets, Great Weapon, Dragon Armor) [261 pt]
General, deployed into unit of spearelves. Provide LD10 to the main force. With High Magic have always 2 spells than can be cast: Shield or Drain Magic and both are doable with 2 Dice that he personally generates. Other option would be Lore of Shadow for Steed of Shadow movement, but that way he can never use other than the dice he generates, so two spells seem much better. Magic wise, 60pt of magic items provide result comparable (almost) to 120pt mage.

Shaniel (Dragon Mage, 2nd level, Silver Wand, Guardian Phoenix) [420 pt]
Untill otherwise proven, I will try this combination. Some protection and effective magic presence. In this list she can have more free role, acting on one flank with the cavalry unit.

19 Spearelves (Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection) [221 pt]
Lack of scrolls scream for other magical protection. Can be used in 5x4 or 7-7-6 while the prince is in the unit. One solid battle block, especially with the prince (though the combined price is also hefty, 482 pt)

10 Archers [110 pt]
Filling in the secondary core. Most likely core combination IMO. Having some shooting will never harm army.

18 Phoenix Guard (Full Command, Amulet of Fire, War Banner) [340 pt]
Ticking almost as high price as prince & spears combined, this is the soul of the army. Idea of large Phoenix Guard unit is just fabulous and with 4+ Ward they should be hard to get rid of. War Banner is the icing on the cake.

Lion Chariot
Type of Chariot is really up for discussion. Tiranoc would allow me wield larger units of spearelves and Phoenix Guard, as well as add Banner to the Dragon Princess (which I would like very much), but Lion Chariot is just way cooler (and provides more fear causing US than PG that would replace it). Opinion might change after more experience.

5 Ellyrian Reavers (Bows & Spears) [105 pt]
Just your (almost) bare naked fast cavalry. The list definetly needs them to provide something to harrash enemy quickly.

5 Dragon Princess [150 pt]
They are going to join the Dragon Mage on secondary strike force. Banner would be preferred, but I have not yet found 20 loose points in the list (unless I change the chariot). Hopefully used in combined charges with Dragon, frontally that would reduce attacks aimed to dragon significantly (by forcing dragon to touch fewer enemies) and 10 S5 attacks can do some damage.

9 Swordmasters (Blademaster) [147 pt]
Second support unit to the infantry block and funnily almost as expensive as the other (chariot). I find idea of fielding box (3x3) of Swordmasters intresting. Also, with 9 models 3 kills are required for panic test, requiring real shooting before they run and they are almost expendable. With 7 attacks to side or front they actually pack reasonable punch and if enemy lingers for second round of combat, extend frontage is my friend.

Repeater Bolt Thrower [100 pt]
Completing the fire support. Naturally more would be nice, but I already think I am tight in points, so one must do.

Total points: 1994
Number of models: 72
Number of Deployments: 8 + characters
Power Dice: 2+2+1+1 = 6 + Dragon Mage additional dice [effectively magic phase should be 8 PD / turn]
Dispell Dice: 4 (+ MR2 and MR1)

Lack of Great Eagle is to some extend model choice. I am planning on doing mage on Phoenix for my Dragon Mage and using WE Warhawk as the base mount. Therefore Great Eagle in the army could be confusing (How can the eagle be larger than the dragon?). Hopefully I can survive without one.

Continuing about models... I have thought about making my own "Phoenix Knights" to count as Dragon Princess. However, I always thought that real DP models are too beautifull for my skills, but no longer Silver Helms in the list, I realised that I could use my spare SHelms for modelling. So the question is, how much additions would you like to see in Silver Helm model in order to accept it as Phoenix Knight that counts as Dragon Princes?

Currently I am imaging addition of armor to the neck of the horse (some armor plates, like DP) and styling few helmets to look like PG helmets (normal SHelm helmets are not actually bad starting point).

23-11-2007, 16:46
Why is everybody using really small units of special troops? Since when are ranked up not better (they look much better as well)? One comment, the rules for the Radiant Gem of Hoeth say that you can choose any of the 8 lores from the main rulebook, and this implies that it excludes High Magic...