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22-11-2007, 16:24
Hi there, this is my first attempt at playing the dwarfs after I retired my dark elfs. I thought I would base my army around the small, but proud, hold known as 'Karak Strontin' situated towards the very western part of what remains of the dwarfen empire in the grey mountains, south of Brettonia. The ruling king there is known as Thurgin Greybeard, third cousin to the high king twice removed (a point of honour recalled in many taverns deep within the hold). Karak Strontin is based around a prosperous gem mine, the likes of which have not been seen since the fall of Karak Azgal. With the resulting wealth from the mine and the healthy trade with the superstitious men of Brettonia, the hold has managed to send its warriors out well protected to deal with the constant threat of goblins and the seemingly numberless hordes of skaven in the area. Earning the hold many veterans and well supplied troops. I know the dwarfs are a failing race but i wanted to have an army with some honour and prosperity around them, remembering although they are on their way out they are still a force in the world.

My main character is the second son of the king and honoured protector of his realm (his older brother being more of a merchant diplomat than a warrior). Playing mobile dark elfs for so long, I tend to bring that into my style of army building (it being a joke as dwarfs move at 3" lol). I wanted a static fire base and some hard core troops that wouldnt run!!! (which i hate with a passion).


Thane Grondek Thurginsson.
Thane with great weapon and master rune of gromril = 94
(goes with the kings guard)

Core Choice.

4*10 Thunderers = 560.

Special Choice.

The kings guard.
19 Hammerers with shields, a standard bearer and a musician = 265.

2*20 Hammerers with shields and full command = 580.

= 1499.

The basic battle plan is that the thunderers will set up infront of the hammerers and cause maximum casualties on the enemy whether it is a defensive or an offensive army (picking off flyers, fast cavalry and weaker targets while they can). while they either move up slowly in the case of a defensive army) the thunderers ensuring that the army doesnt get flanked. Or there is the better option of playing defensively (which is what i would like to do 95% of the time) and let the thunderers kill of what they can, then allowing the rest of the formation to soak up the enemy charges (because if there is one thing you can be sure of as a dwarf... its that you arnt charging first lol). My army wont run (I hope!) and they can take a punch while still dealing with the best of them. Thank you for reading my post and all comments are welcome :-)

22-11-2007, 23:42
Any ratings on my army choice? I was going to play it in a tournemant next week...

24-11-2007, 00:55
Personally I think you might have a problem if you play against defensive armies. Especially if you don't know what opponent you're playing against, as thunderers can't move and shoot, mistakes during your deployment may really messup your battleplans.

06-12-2007, 15:32
I agree I had forgotten about the move or shoot rule lol. Never mind it was a nice try any way :)