View Full Version : What rules revisions to 40k would you like to see in a Halo WH?

22-11-2007, 18:10
alrighty, so my friends and I are currently designing a Halo universe game which would be played like Warhammer. The only thing is that we don't want to use the exact same rules as in 40k, especially not this 4th ed stuff. So to give you an example of things that we would change, we truly believe that the str modifier system of Warhammer Fantasy Battle is far superior to the AP system of 40k. We also want to see the damage tables to be completely redone, and change that whole format as well. So we just wanted to get an idea for what other changes you guys would like to see. Note that any specific rules for models ie. Sanghelli, Spartan II's, Marines, we would prefer not to see just yet. We want to base our models sats off of the rules that we design (it only makes sense that way). So thank you for your time!

22-11-2007, 18:51
As a base, try using 40K rules with the Fantasy tables (e.g. the Fantasy Hand-to-hand table, ap modifier table) along with the Necromunda close combat system (with the Fantasy tables).

Not sure how well it would work, but may be worth a try.

Damien 1427
22-11-2007, 19:46
I honestly would reccomend looking at, say, Legends of the Old West as a basis. It works amazingly well for skirmish, and I've used to for various other settings (Zombie Horror and Bioshock amongst them).

Comrade Wraith
22-11-2007, 20:25
I've always wanted to mix halo and warhammer, and am strongly considering building three small 500pts BFG fleets based on the three races in halo, with imperial ships rules for UNSC, tau rules for Covenant and possibly chaos rules but a mix of the two other races models as flood infested ships.

On the game design I agree completely with teh_soldier

however IMO the damage tables are fine as they are why, might i inquire, do you want to change them?