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14-04-2005, 15:35
Can anyone give me advice on how to fix this army list to help against a TK army.

HE Army

Tyrion: 585 Points.

Commander: Swordmaster, Heavy Armour, Shield, Talisman of Protection. 126 Points

Commander: Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Battle Banner. 141 Points

29 Swordmasters: Command, Banner of Arcane Protection, Amulet of the Purifying Flame. 462 Points

15 Silver Helms: Commander, Shields, Heavy Armour, War Banner. 400 Points

2 Bolt Thrower: 200 Points

34 Archers: Command and Light Armour. 472 Points

Tiranoc Chariot: Two extra steeds. 99 Points

2 Great Eagles: 100 Points

2000 Points

I'll put my commander and battle standard bearer in thswordmaster unit so that I can have solid block march down the battle that can survive any combat it will encounter. Tyrion, the silver helms, and the chariot will try and charge his chariots and horseman unit. The eagles will go for his liche priests, while the bolt throwers take down his giant, and my archers thin his skeletal ranks. I have only base two dispel dice, so amulet of purifying flame will ensure that his casket of souls doesn't do any damage, though his other incantations will have to go undispelled.
Please post any comments you have on this

Major Defense
15-04-2005, 19:09
I'd dump swordmaster and the talisman on the commander in favor of the Lion Guard honor. Stubborn swordmasters...mmmm

15-04-2005, 19:15
Split the silver helms up into two seperate units. I usually find for cavalry that two units is better than one
also dont archers, more silver helms: trust me cavalry charges in flanks ruin the undead.
So you've got 4 units of 8/7 silver helms.
In addition scrap the warbanner or some other magic fluff and take the banner that makes you immune to psycology. Youll kick yourself if you dont

15-04-2005, 20:32
I wouldn't bother with the eagles. Your opponents might have a single catapault tops, not really enough of a danger to warrant 100 points in eagles. Also undead cannot march, and dont usually have stationary missile units so they really aren't of any use.

Id personally take White Lions, but two more bolt throwers would be wicked nice to hew down skeleton warriors, or take out powerful characters and monsters.

16-04-2005, 01:37
thx alot for the suggestions. stubborn for my swordmaster unit would be very nice, but is it worth giving up killing blow to battle his tomb king? ill swap the war banner with lion standard and split silver helms into seperate units. the two other bolt throwers will be added in place of eagles when i can afford to buy them :) thx alot for your suggestions, and if you have any others, please post

27-04-2005, 23:37
first thing to do drop tyrion, too many points for a 2k army. and with him taking up a lord and a hero choice it means u cant have a mage to get that +1 to dispel. plus why not go for a commander that will never get killed with a 0+ rerollable armour save(helm of fortune, HA or DA + enchanted shield) and stick him on a barden steed and make ur silver helms pack more of a punch. Oh, and why not take a prince with the power armour(cant remember its name(3+ save and +1 strength), give him swordmaster and the 5+ ward save. drop the swordmasters down to a cheaper more managable amout like 19-20. also drop the chariot and eagles for 2 more bolt thowers.

just a suggestion

28-04-2005, 04:34
thats a great idea highelfgeneral. ill replace tyrion with a prince and a mage, and reduce my swordmasters. that should work out a lot better