View Full Version : Soundcard Issues?

14-09-2005, 11:59
For a fair while now I've been having some issues with what I'm assuming is my soundcard.

Essentially, the problem is that its not working in some cases.

For example, I'll try and play an MP3 and it won't play properly in winamp, but when I play an MP3 in Windows Media Player or iTunes it works fine. I'm also finding that the sound in some games doesn't work, and sometimes if I run a program or play some music it'll only play through one speaker until i stop it and play it again. I'm also finding some games don't have sound, or in the case of GTA: San Andreas it's as though only some channels of the sound are playing, like I can hear some background sounds such as car engines or birds chirping but nothing else. I also find playing DVDs doesn't give me any sound in Windows Media Player, which is odd because its one of my 2 programs that plays my MP3s and other music.

Anyway, I hope I've described it to give you all an idea of what the problem could be. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)