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22-11-2007, 21:20
von carstein count- level 2, great weapon, ring of the night, power familiar, wolf form- 346

wraith- cursed book- 140

necromancer- level 2, rod of flaming death- 150

necromancer- level 2, book of arkhan, dispell scroll- 150

20 skeletons- spears, full command- 205

20 skeletons- light armor, full command- 225

6 dire wolves- 60

6 dire wolves- 60

6 dire wolves- 60

20 grave guard- halberds, full command, banner of the borrows- 355

5 black knights- champion, standard bearer, screaming banner- 207

banshee- 90

black coach- 200

TOTAL- 2248

23-11-2007, 08:34
Ditch the wraith and get a level 3 lord with the carstein ring on horse with lance.
Ditch the grave guard and get more black knights (5-10 more). Alternitively you get the lord on foot and ditch the black knights and get 5 more grave guard. And get some fell bats and spirit hosts.
P.S 5 models for 207 points is way to expensive when you have a unit of only five knights you NEVER get a magic banner unless they are inner circle or grail knights

I'll post my list just to show you an example:

Heinrich von Carstein Vampire Lord: Level 3, Barded Steed, Von Carstein Ring- 450

Dmitri Soulweaver Necromancer: Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Book of Arkhan- 150

Otto von Carstein Vampire Thrall: Great Weapon, Wolf Form, Flayed Hauberk-134

25 Skeletons- spears, fc-250

2 Bat Swarms- 120

3x6 Ghouls: 1 unit with Ghast-154

2x6 Dire Wolves- 120

2 Spirit Hosts- 130

5 Fell Bats- 100

10 Black Knights: fc, barding-290

The Lonely Lady Banshee-90

Total: 1997

But don't take this list to seriously, it doesn't have the numbers a vc army needs and i really need to ditch the swarms