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23-11-2007, 09:15
Hi all!

I have been away from fantasy for far too long, partially because of a lack of opponents, but also because of a fling with 40k... But now I'm back in the wonderful world of save modifiers and ranked units! :)
Problem is, I have no idea what I am doing!
I play Empire, and the last game I played was under the previous edition (6th?).
Now, I've got the new army book, and the new rulebook, but it seems like whatever list-writing mojo I had has left me: I haven't got a clue!
That's where I would like your help. This is what I have got:

2 units of 20 swordsmen
1 unit of 10 swordsmen
10 helbardiers
10 huntsmen
10 handgunners
18 spearmen
20 odd free company
1 cannon/mortar ( has been magnetized so I can swap)
7 Knights Panther
7 Knights of the White Wolf
9 Reiksguard Knights
1 Celestial Wizard
1 Warrior Priest
Luthor Huss
1 Hellblaster
1 Steamtank
1 Elector Count on horse
1 Grand Master (Knights Panther)

I would really appreciate some help as to what to bring in a 1750 points game, and some tips on how to use them... Thank you very much!


23-11-2007, 11:42
I'd bring the steam tank, the knights inner circle, a warrior priest in the unit, a mage for dispel, a cannon, the huntsman and the handgunners.

No i haven't made the count on the points but that's +/- what i'd take.

23-11-2007, 13:56
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the help!

23-11-2007, 14:22
On the whole, STank excellent, although will suffer against shooting heavy armies such as Dwarves - against which it will rapidly become ineffective. Warrior priest def a good idea - using huss as a standard priest in with a unit of knights and giving him an icon of magnus as well. Id then use the other warrior priest in a unit of swordsmen with perhaps armour of meteoric iron and ring of volans, and perhaps a GW. also take the wizard (lvl2) w.wizards staff and a scroll - this way you can throw all 4 casting dice into a single spell. Using the priest in tandem with him is great so you use a prayer to give the wizard re-roll wounds then throw off a magic missile each turn.

Actual troops, id suggest:
10 handgunners (since you dont have crossbowmen)
5 Knights w.FC & steel standard
5 Knights w.FC
25 Swordsmen w.FC, w. 10 halbardiers & 9 archers as detachments
20 Swordsmen w.FC w.10 halbardiers as detachment

You could also drop the Stank and take a hellblaster and yet more troops, although its big, scary, and tends to be the focus of attention, giving more freedom to other units.

Having a solid core of troops, supported on the flanks with knights, and a bit of shooting overhead however gives you a pretty strong line - especially if theres a tank in there too!

23-11-2007, 14:24
Oh, and use the tank as a big nasty chariot rather than shooting the cannon - which is a big liability, and can do more damage on a misfire than many enemies are capable of doing themselves!

23-11-2007, 23:34
You can make 2 blocks of swordsmen but they need to be 25 strong with characters. You can make them 5x5 and they then have +3 rank bonus and can take 6 casualties before they start losing this.

Steam tanks are cheese in my opinion but can be good fun (for you).

I would take knights 5 strong with only a musician. They should be used to support blocks and your steam tank and flanking manoeuvres. They can be used as a more expendable unit in this sense.

You can make a big block of 9 IC knights with a mounted tooled up warrior priest with full command and magic banner to be a second hammer unit along with your STank. They have to be loaded up to take on blocks.