View Full Version : 2nd Try at Dwarf Throng

23-11-2007, 09:29
Dwarf Lord - 296pts
MroKragg, RoFury, RoCleaving, MroSpite, RoStone

Runesmith - 147pts
MroBalance, RoSpellbreaking

Master Engineer - 134pts
MroGromril, MroDismay
20 Warriors - 205pts
Shield, FC

15 Longbeards - 235pts
Shield, GW, FC

10 Thunderers - 140pts
14 Ironbreakers - 242pts
FC, RoCourage

13 Hammerers - 224pts
FC, RoStoicism

Cannon - 130pts
RoForging, RoBurning

Cannon - 125pts
Organ Gun - 120pts

Total - 1998pts

I'm not quite sure if I wan to take out the Hammerers or not.
And I'm going for more of a combat oriented list on this one.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

23-11-2007, 09:43
I like your lord. You still have a hero choice left i would use that on a slayer hero. At this point it looks like you can't decide between a gunline or a normal army. If you want to have a more combat oriented list i would suggest that you take that slayer hero and a unit of slayers and maybe some miners for disrupting the enemy/taking out war machines.
Ditch one of the cannons.

23-11-2007, 10:51
If my math isn't wrong, some point costs are odd... the lord should be 291, while the master engineer 120 (but maybe you forgot to mention that he carries a GW and an handgun?).

On the "tactical" part:

- I don't like too much the MroGromril on the Master engineer, unless he's going in one of the fighting units (which would be even worse :D). I'd save 64 points leaving him naked and assigning him to a cannon, entrenching the organ gun (which usually is more exposed).

- A fighty dwarf list should include the MRoChallenge, and maybe an oath stone. I'd save some points on the lord, something along these lines: MRoGromril, a normal great weapon and the MRoSpite. This saves another 70 points, enough to squeeze in a thane bearing the MRoChallenge.

- Two cannons are nasty, but for the same price you may field two bolt throwers with engineers... but here's a matter of personal taste.

- The rune of dismay never worked for me, I find it too much a "hit or miss" piece, i never trust it too much.

Just my two () cents, of course.


23-11-2007, 20:03
yeah, I forgot to mention GW, and Brace of pistols for ME.
I'm just tired of having my Warhmachines being sacked. So That's why I spent some points on ME.
2 Cannon is stricktly because I don't want to cough up another $60 something for 2 Bolt Throwers.
Dismay, and Challenge. I'm messing around with those two to see which one I like better.

I tried that same Lord set up last game. He got stuck in a challenge and spent 3 turns to kill an Ogre Tyrant. So I'm gonna try a little more hitty lord, and see how that works out.

Also I'm considering taking out the unit of Hammerers, then add a Thane with Oath Stone, MroChallenge, and unit of 10 Slayers.