View Full Version : Making up points with stratagems in apoc

23-11-2007, 16:45
So in apoc it says you can make up odd points with stratagems, but have any of you tried if for a large amount?

Anything like 5000 vs 7000 but the 5000 player gets 8 extra stratagems :eek:

Do you think the game would be unfair to the 5000 or the 7000 players? Or do you think it would work out to be even?

23-11-2007, 16:53
So many extra datasheets open a lot more options for the smaller team so it would be fair in my opinion, also consider that with lesser points there's a good change they'll also get first turn as they have to bid less time.

23-11-2007, 17:34
It really depends on the game size, but Im' mainly talking about the 5000-7000 size.

23-11-2007, 18:01
I think part of the problem would be remembering you had all 8. You would be guaranteed to forget a few of them in the thick of the battle.