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Marneus Calgar
23-11-2007, 16:29
Hello! I have started an Empire army.

I don't have a great amount of experience in Fantasy, but I know the rules pretty well.

Currently, this is what my Empire army consists of:

1 Mounted Hero
1 Unassembled Hero(wondering if this hero should be on foot or mounted)
18 Spearmen, full command
20 Swordsmen, full command
15 Handgunners
8 Militia(have not build them yet, currently wondering what I should equip them with)
10 Knights with lance and shield, full command
2 Great Cannons

I do not know what I should add on to my army. I have so many choices to choose from. I really like all of the empire wizards(their looks and their flexibility to take any lore). I feel like I might add them to my list(to replace one of the other heros). Suggestions and criticism would be appreciated!

Gaius Marius
23-11-2007, 19:29
1 - Consider changing one of your cannons to a mortar for starters. Usually the kit allows for either.
2 - Militia always count as armed with 2 hand weapons so kit them out as you please.
3 - If you can make the hero a mounted one. With the leftover bits, you can make your unit champs fancier or convert a foot hero as well.
4 - Get a wizard or two to start playing with magic.
5 - Consider a warrior priest to lead the cavalry, the hate everybody is fantastic for a cavalry chanrge.
6 - Consider building an army Battlestandard.

This may be more characters than you need right away, but, you can try mixing and matching characters to change flavour much easier than painting multiple regiments.
Cheers ~ Gaius Marius

23-11-2007, 23:05
hi there!

you've got about a 1000pts there so i guess you may wanna take it up to 1500pts next.

The most important thing about the empire is ranks and detachments. To preserve ranks (and maybe get outnumbering bonus) you need unit strength 25. Detachments dont cause panic and can divert and flee, support charge and counter charge. So I would suggest getting more soldiers and militia.

You may wanna convert your mounted hero into a BSB. He'll have a 2+ save and make your troops stick around in a tough fight.

A warrior priest on foot with a great weapon or mounted is always a great addition as he makes any unit he joins hate all enemies and can cast prayers at lvl4.

A wizard is a good choice and with a warrior priest will give you a good magic phase. Give him Rod of power so you can switch between defence and attack depending on your opponent.

Split your knights into 5 man units with just a musician. This makes them more flexible and are there too support your main blocks or run up flanks. A banner would just be easy victory points.

This is a list I would suggest

Captain, BSB, full plate, barded warhorse (joins swords)
Warrior priest, Great weapon, Heavy armour (joins spears)
lvl2 Wizard, Rod of power

23 swordsmen with full command
detachment 10 militia or halberdiers (your choice)
detachment 8 Handgunners

24 spearmen with full command
detachment 10 militia or halberdiers (your choice)
detachment 7 Handgunners

5 knights with musician
5 knights with musician

2 cannons

total about 1300pts

add another unit of your choice (Helblaster, Helstorm, pistoliers, outriders, flaggelants) and a few magic items to get 1500pts.

24-11-2007, 01:54
Well those militia i'd advise to get 5 of them with the blunderbluss, if you're wondering why, that's cause you only have 15 handgunner and should you wish to have 2 units of 10 that would help till you think it's about time to buy a box of handgunner.

Also having a couple of militia boxes for having 40 archers is not so bad, they are skirmishers so move freely and of course it's always needed to protect wizards, for last having a unit of huntsmen. But start with just one boxe and then get another when you have the chance.

I wouldn't bring a mortar, they are worthless at their Str of 3, they never have proven useful to me... Not a single time. i think that for now you're good for special units being it a unit of knights for inner circle and a couple of cannons though for a future 2000 point you might consider another cannon or perhaps pistoliers though they aren't as good as before in 6th ed.

For rare i'd advise first a hellblaster since it's a cheap warmachine (both in points and money). About the future i'd really advise a steam tank as soon as you can get your hands on one.

Get a couple of mages at least, for dispeling spells at a 2000 i'd always bring 2, never less. Consider getting another 2 latter since you like magic you might consider one or two games at full magic power.

On characters you really should have a bit of everything ranging from warriors priests to captains and generals, a pegasi and a griffon might be a future thought. A war altar would be good to have too in a very near future.

Most players here will advise you to get flagelants, greatswordsmen and a bunch of other infantry, i advise against it, they die very easly from my point of view, in the end that's up to you.

Marneus Calgar
24-11-2007, 01:58
That sounds awesome. I really enjoy the fluff and the looks of a warrior priest. To be honest, I like them more than regular captain. I am planning on adding ranks onto my soldiers. I know I have too few, which I feel that is going to be my first investment. Unfortunately both of the cannons are already built, so I do not have the option of making one of them a mortar.

I was always confused with the BSB rule. Is it basically a captain(or any other hero), with a battle standard?

I am also looking forward to add some pistoliers to my army as I love the models and harassing the enemy!

Gaius Marius
27-11-2007, 12:05
I am not entirely sure what fate was smoking... Mortars use a 5 inch tmeplate and at 75pts are a great value. Yes, you need to learn how to guess range, but once you do, it is a great tool for cutting down enemy ranks.

Also, regarding steam tanks, they are a personal preference kind of thing only. You certainly don't need them to win or compete, and they do tend to make people look askance at your list. But, they are hard to kill and can be a fun modeling project.