View Full Version : Bretonnia battalion rip-off?

23-11-2007, 18:34
Hi everyone, is the 'new' Bretonnia Battalion a rip-off from the old one?

The new one contains 20 men at arms, 16 Bowmen, 8 Knights of the Realm and 1 Pegasus Knight.

The old one contains 16 Men-At-Arms, 16 Bowmen, 8 Knights of the Realm and 3 Pegasus Knights.

So basicly, you get 4 men at arms for the price of 2 Pegasus Knights:wtf:

Why did GW made this decision? Rule wise or cheap wise?

23-11-2007, 18:58
I'm sure their way around it is to claim that 7th ed, you need ranks of 5 to get the bonuses. 16 was a good number for last ed, but odd one for the current...


we all know it's cause of...

money money money.......... MONEY...

vampires are cool!
23-11-2007, 19:04
Is one even a legal unit for Pegasus Knights?

23-11-2007, 19:11
No, but it will make a nice Pegasus mounted hero.

Dwarf Longbeard
23-11-2007, 19:20
I think it has something to do with the Pegasus Knights themselves because they used to be sold in a box of three; but due to them being really unpopular with gamers GW decided to sell them as single boxs so people would have to fork out more to field a unit.
This idea of selling a single Pegasus Knight got copied into the battalion box and like you say they replaced 2 knights with 4 men-at-arms - not exactly a fair trade
It's basically GW's way of saying Ok we made a mistake making this unit so we'll make it harder for people to field it until we can do something about it

Thats as far as I remember anyway

23-11-2007, 21:45
It's also to encourage people to buy more then one battalion to bulk out their armies. From working in a GW, I've heard many people say the old battalion wasn't worth buying more then once, since who needs 6-9 Pegasus knights when you'd only ever really use 3. So, now, if you want a quick 2k army, two battalions, a solo pegasus, some characters and you're set.

23-11-2007, 21:47
Personally I think it's because it made the battalion unapealling. I bought two box's when I started and now I'm stuck with extra pegasus.

Most people field them as a unit of three, and there are a few of us (like me) that field them as 5 (then there is the flying circus, but I won't get into that).

The battalions have always been a good deal for people starting AND for vet players wanting to expend their army, and the way it was set up, the battalion wasn't worth it to the vets.

Now it is.

Or at least that's what I think.

edit: Indy, you beat me to it.

Nephilim of Sin
24-11-2007, 01:37
Is it a rip-off compared to the old one? Yes.

2 Pegusus Knights = $30

Men-at-Arms sprue = $11

Difference = $19.00

I understand why they did it, but, if the price did not change, that is a little messed up. I am not complaining much, but they could have at least kicked in another Men-at-arms sprue to make it similar in "savings" to the other one, and make it more appealing.

24-11-2007, 04:05
So basically you're complaining about getting a discount of $23.00 Canadian and 4 free men @ arms off of buying the units separately? Some armies don't even have battalion boxes.

Rioghan Murchadha
24-11-2007, 04:20
So basically you're complaining about getting a discount of $23.00 Canadian and 4 free men @ arms off of buying the units separately? Some armies don't even have battalion boxes.

Which armies are these? Only one I can think of off the top of my head is Chaos...

But yeah, I'd be complaining too if it used to be a savings of $42 and they spontaneously downgraded it to $23. It's sort of like when they raised the price on the original necron battle force to $130 to even it up with the rest of them, except you got less than $130 worth of stuff in it.

24-11-2007, 05:07
The fact of the matter is you're still saving money. The old Bret box saved you $36. Basically a difference of $13 dollars from the current one. Not a big deal in terms of buying the battalion box.

Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, Dogs of War, Chaos and Beastmen lack Battalion boxes.

As for the necrons, their current battleforce saves you $35 Canadian off of buying the models separately.

24-11-2007, 16:31
If GW does it for only selling them, then I think it's a rip off from the previous one...4 Man At Arms don't make up for 2 Pegasus Knights.

I bought the 'old' Battalion as a start for my army. Good choice?