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23-11-2007, 21:13
Sorry in advance if this has been posted somewhere but I just can't find the info here, main rule book or LOME...

Specifically with Elves but can be for other races, does the base cost (in this case 7 points) already include a hand weapon and that the "Elven Blade" (in the case for elves) is a "special 2 handed weapon" (if no shield) ?

I keep looking in the Wargear area of both books but did not find this info.

Thank you!

23-11-2007, 21:26
no it says in the lotr rulebook in the wargear what equipment they would have basic. For elves you have to equip them with hand weapons, armour, bows etc.

23-11-2007, 22:03
Me and my friends have this discussion all the time and have come to the conclusion that unless it states otherwise all models in LOTR have a hand weapon, unless they have the choice to buy one and opt not to E.G
mordor orcs have the choice for a hand weapon but if you choose a two handed weapon you do not have a hand weapon.
Sorry if this doesnt make alot of sense
hope this helps

23-11-2007, 22:27
This has been FAQed. All models have hand weapons whethter the entry says so or not, unless the entry says they are unarmed. A bit rash perhaps, concering elves... But there you go.

Kroot Lord
24-11-2007, 07:41
Every single model has a hand weapon, which doesn't confer anybonus other then not getting -1 on the roll to win a fight. This includes Elves. There are however some exceptions, where it actually says they do not have them.

That is why I don't like taking ELven Blades, because you probably won't even want to fight with them, so replacing them with a shield is alot better.

25-11-2007, 16:36
i agree with kroot lord on this and it states in the newer edition of the rule book about the fact that if it doesnt specificly say unarmed in the profile then it is said to have a concieled dagger on their body or in the case of elves then just a single handed sword but either way you would probably want about half your troops with the elven blades for combat advantages and its not going to cost you that many points in the grand scheme of a very expensive elven army anyway so just take a few anyway

26-11-2007, 10:19
Yup, unless it says unarmed they have a hand weapon. Personally, I thought this was one of the few 'bad' changes they made when they updated the rules. Meant that elven blades were more useful and inspired some really cool elven archers with blade conversions.

22-12-2007, 17:23
So if you do not equip elves with elven blades they still count as having weapons? Becuase I hate using elven blades and would much prefer to use another weapon and use a shield so then my spears and sword high elves can have defence 6