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24-11-2007, 14:28
I was thinking of converting my 40 Mordor Orcs to Morannon Orcs. I have two questions:

- is this tactiacally viable? Is there any reason why I'd take Orcs over Morannon Orcs?

- what's a good way to convert them? WoMT bodies with Orc heads seems like an option.

24-11-2007, 19:39
The points cost would be the reason for regular Orcs, right?
I'm a fan of massively outnumbering the enemy myself, so I wouldn't choose a total Morannon-ity.

Warriors of Middle Earth... Elves and Men? I think at least the Elf bodies are too clean and organised for Orcs, who in the process of looting would make a total mish-mash of the armour. Minas Tirith breast plates (and those of human WoME) would work better.

Personally, I would go with greenstuff. Shoulder plates, bulked-up and armorified body armour, 'knobblier' arm- and leg armour etc.

24-11-2007, 20:27
erm... WoMT stands for Warriors of Minas Tirith BoL :angel:

Btw, sorry for not appearing wedensday or today, got me hands full with a deadline essay atm.

Back to the original question, I'd say that using the WoMT would probably work, I'd suggest you to still use orc-weapons and shields on some of them though

24-11-2007, 22:38
here are some foto's and fluff for comparison and inspiration:

http://www.grafika.cytadela.pl/articles/710c.jpg http://www.ums-agram.hr/lotr/shopping/rotk/mordororcs.GIF

http://uk.games-workshop.com/mordor/legions/images/morgul-big.jpg http://uk.games-workshop.com/mordor/scavenged/images/movie-pic.jpg


Orcs are not noted for being exceptional warriors. However, in recent years, the armies of both Mordor and Minas Morgul have had companies of a stronger and bolder breed of Orc march within their ranks. Wherever these creatures are found, it is always there that the soldiers of Gondor are hardest pressed, for their ferocity and bloodlust is far beyond anything encountered in their kind, save perhaps in the half-breed Uruk-hai. It is they that keep a watch upon the great ebon gate that bars all entry into the Land of Shadow, a task that they carry out with determination born of pride. No name is there for this breed of Orc - indeed, they call themselves only after the land that they guard: the Morannon.

The MorannonMorannon Orcs are shorter than Uruk-hai, but as strongly built as their cousins. Unlike lesser Orcs, they are clad in tough and serviceable armour, consisting of stout hauberks covered with overlapping iron plates. Unlike most Orcs, the guardians of the Morannon have mastered the rudimentary arts of smithying, though their efforts are adequate rather than exceptional or beautiful. Sauron clearly intends to make these Orcs into a fighting force as hardened and disciplined as Saruman's Uruk-hai, for Morannon Orcs can be found at the heart of any great battle. Many serve the Dark Lord's whims in the east, warring against tribes and kingdoms that have not yet submitted to his will, but most find their test in the savage and unrelenting battles for Osgiliath.


Warriors of Minas Tirith bodies with Orc heads seems like a good idea, and looks good enough. A mix of Orc and WoMT parts could also work, to represent the looting of supirior armour.

Other than that, green stuff to add armour (looks easy enough to duplicate), carton board shields.

A paint job can also make all the difference. In the picture the blood helps a lot, and the Black Numénorians conversion from an old WD also shows the difference some paint and small conversions can do.

High Elves would be tricky true enough. Dwarves are too small I guess.


Orcs with shields: cheap in numbers, but they die easily enough. They have a good enough Defence value against Human Bows, and they're faster than Goblins, so that's fewer turns shooting. However, they're vulnerable to Elven Bows and repeater bolt throwers. And once in combat I find they melt like snow against ranked heavy infantry: even if they win a fight, they can't penetrate armour, and than numbers quickly count for nothing.

Orcs with spears: their best use, an Orc as spear support costs 3 points less than a Morannon Orc with spear. Concidering the survivability of a Morannon Orc, they also have a good defence to hide behind.

Orcs with two-handed weapons: pretty much useless I think. In booth shooting and ranked formations they're worse than an Orc with shield, and their two-handed weapon is difficult to put to good use, especially compared to Morannon Orcs' inherent strength of 4.

Orcs with bows: actually useful. I find shooting to be an essential strategic element, if only psychological. Plus if you take plenty of Morannon Orcs, they're the best way to max out on bow-armed models in a Mordor list.

Morannon Orcs with shields: extremely useful. At D6 for 8 points they can absorb most known shooting attacks at maximum efficiency. In combat their D6 gives them optimal defence, against everything but elite Dwarves or Heroes.

Morannon Orcs with shields and spears: my biggest doubt. Orcs with spears are way more point effective and bolster the numbers. But if the front line does fall, having Morranon Orcs in the second line is a considerable advantage.

I figure I'll convert my Orcs with shields to Morannon Orcs, and the rest to bows/spears. I should also note that I have Moria for numbers, and Arnor for Shade support (great combo for messing up High Elves.

25-11-2007, 04:11
If you are not a fan of the current models (which I take it you arn't) I would reccomend a mix of Orc and WoMT models with lots of GS

Kroot Lord
25-11-2007, 07:15
What about the older, metal Morannon Orcs?

commander of the marines
25-11-2007, 09:31
Hey S.

lol I started yesterday with doing the same thing:
what I do is using green stuf, home made shields, woriers of rohan and numenorians.


the result is pretty good ( maybe i'll send you a photo soon)

25-11-2007, 11:57
actually I do plan on buying a box, but I'm too cheap to buy more than one :rolleyes:

they're simply the most effective infantry I can field, but Orcs are way cheaper to get, and I enjoy converting

F, I'll be curious to see them. shields made out of carton should do the trick, although I might buy some extra Good Warriors for the bits

26-11-2007, 00:16
Note to self: no replying to threads while having a cold (my excuse for not being able to distinguish between E and T). :o

I will now try to say something useful for a change. Here goes: for your second line, the spear-Orcs? Try using regular Orcs with both shield and spear. Handy* and practical**, yet not as expensive as M.Orcs.

*will not be massacred by being out-flanked, 'cause they can shield.
** obviously, since they have spears.

(Even as I type I feel the Cheap lodging in my spine. Go for M.Orcs for the spears too, it's more Right. And post pictures, will'ya?)

How about Warg Riders?

26-11-2007, 11:20
lol, it's excusable if you're sick ;)

Orcs with spears and shields came to mind, although I don't like them, they're supposed to stay out of combat in the first place. what you say is correct, they could do the same job as my Wood Elves with spears, but than I might as well take Morannon Orcs with shield and spear, they give you a lot more for the extra 2 points

I do plan on giving the throwing spears from my Warg Riders to some Orcs with shields on foot, so if I leave the shields in place it'd make for an easy conversion

the main problem with spear Orcs is that if the front model dies, they'll be vulnerable. Morannon Orcs with spears can keep the gap closed

I'll be posting some pics of the 12 I converted yesterday. Warg Riders I also like a lot, they're more S4 elite troops, although they're more vulnerable and need initative to be effective, but I plan on experimenting with some mixed formations

oh, and I want to make my second Shade myself, maybe out of a paper napkin :D

26-11-2007, 20:08
actually I do plan on buying a box, but I'm too cheap to buy more than one :rolleyes:

they're simply the most effective infantry I can field, but Orcs are way cheaper to get, and I enjoy converting

F, I'll be curious to see them. shields made out of carton should do the trick, although I might buy some extra Good Warriors for the bits

You could also mix the plastic morannon orcs and regular orcs too.

28-11-2007, 17:35
To convert mordor Ocs to Morannon Orcs I would file down the chest armor and paint it as a breastplate and trim off the shield to be replaced by a bigger one and paint the eye of Sauron on them.

28-11-2007, 20:37
Lol, that's pretty much exactly what I did/plan on doing, pictures are comming ;).

I played a game totday, 500 points. I maxed on Morannon Orcs (1:2 spears) and put in a Shade, an Orc Captain and a Nazgűl for hero busting.

Morcs did great, S4 was excellent against D6 High Elves and D8 Gimli, Shade and numbers ment they won most fights, even against Heroes :D (though truth be told, he wasted his Might too eagerly). D6 kept them safe from counter-attacks.

I did find that the spear support rarely sees combat, but are required in large numbers to maximise fighting chances. For this reason I've decided on a 1:3 ratio for spear Morcs, and using spear Orcs to support the rest of my shield Morcs.

This way the spear Morcs can secure vital areas (like where my banners and magic users are), while the spear Orcs can provide cheap extra attacks and numbers.

Which also makes sense fluffwise: the Orcs are deemed too "weak" for full combat :p, a role reserved for the mightier Morcs, and are reduced to performing supporting tasks, like spear support, missile support and banner support (though I think it's a shame Morcs can't take banners).

My next question is what Hero to use. Gothmog would be my prime choice, but he can't be combined with the Shade. Sauron I find too powerful, Mouth of Sauron too weak (though fluffy). Orc Captain is ok, but a poor leader.

Do Morannon Orcs benefit from an Orc Shaman's Fury spell? :angel:

30-11-2007, 00:44
They're classed as 'orcs' so yes Morannons benefit from fury.

In my opinion Morannons are brillient front line troops. Keep cheap regular orcs behind em with spears, have warg riders on the flanks and you're laughing.