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24-11-2007, 15:43
This is my first list for a 2000pts Wood Elf army.

Spellweaver w/Great Eagle, Glamourweave, Divination Orb 320pt

Wood Elf Noble w/Light Armor, Shield, Dawnspear 114pt
This guy goes into the Eternal Guard.

Spellsinger w/Lvl 2, Elven Steed, 2xDispel Scroll 189pt

Glade Guard x10 w/ Musician 126pt

Glade Guard x10 w/ Musician 126pt

Glade Guard x10 w/ Musician 126pt

Glade Guard x10 w/Scouts, Musician 176pt

Eternal Guard x20 w/Musician, Standard, Warbanner 283pt

Warhawk Riders x4 160pt
I'm not sure about these guys.

Treeman 285pt

Waywatcher x6 144pt

Dryads x11 w/Branch Nymph 148pt

1995 Total

25-11-2007, 00:43
Some thoughts:

The divination orb will only matter if your opponent also has a wizard lord (the only one who can throw >3 dice at a spell). I'd generally forego this one. Now the wand of wych elm? Awesome. More expensive but rerolling your dispel rolls is truly fantastic. Glamourweave is fine for some defense, stone of the crystal mere might be even better but that's up to you.

Your noble with the EG probably won't get much mileage out of the killing blow spear but try it and see.

I'd look at getting a branchwraith caster with cluster of radiants as well. An extra caster with 2 extra dispel dice is a nice adjunct to your current build. To get the points you could trim down the dryad units to 9 strong and drop one warhawk rider.

For your troops:
Gladeguard are great, not really sure you need musicians but they're okay.

Your scout unit is a bit large and may find it difficult to deploy forward along with the waywatchers. For the points I'd prefer a unit of glade riders.

Eternal guard seem fine.

Warhawk riders are okay if you know how to use them and they're one of the few elements you have which can address threats from war machines.

You can't argue with the effectiveness of treemen although for his points you could get 2 other full units.

25-11-2007, 01:50
Ok, as a former Wood Elf player, I have to say I never liked Eternal Guard. I believe you dont need rank and file troops in a wood elf army, it just isnt needed. I would drop them and go with a nice unit of wardancers. They destry everything. As RavenBloodwind said, drop the scouts, get some glade riders. It is also pointless to give your foot noble a spear, since he doesnt get any bonus except the killing blow. I would just give him a great weapon. Definately keep the muscians in the Glade Guard. Oh, and you can never have too many dryads. Hope this helps.

25-11-2007, 03:06
In other words, follow MeanBob's advice if you insist on playing to win. The argument about the dryads really says it all. *Of course* you can have too many - for instance, when your army background story (aka theme) doesn't support it.

Now, it's fair to consider the most effective use of the units you really want, so in the case of Eternal Guard I'd make sure of some glade riders (or wild riders) to provide them with flanking buddies, and I agree with RavenBloodWind on the Wand of Wych Elm as well.

Although I have yet to play with the Wood Elves, I haven't been too impressed by the Way Watchers in fighting against them. They can be handy in getting rid of a war machine or two early on, but if your opponent has move-and-shoot missle troops him- or herself, they may not earn back their points. I wonder whether glade riders (or an extra spell singer / branch wraith) wouldn't serve the same role.

sing Sang a song
25-11-2007, 19:33
i will say drop the branch nymph and get another drayds because branch nymph only has one more attack so i will rather have one more dryads, and i agree with MEanBOb12 drop eternal gaurds and take wardancers they are worth it. i might suggest to use high born with alter kindred, bow of loren, arcane bodkin (or hagbane arrows) and glamourweave. although this guy cant be army general he can shoot 5 times during shooting and with no armour save with +4 ward save against magic missile and shooting attack
if your now sure about warhawks get treekins and scout size will be fine with 6-8 since u have waywatchers

Little Aaad
25-11-2007, 20:22
what ever you do it will win battles because wood elves are like thaaat

26-11-2007, 22:07
Thanks for all the advice, now it's time to retweak my list.

29-11-2007, 14:26
Is there a theme you are trying for with your army? You seem to be rather heavy on the shooting and rather low on the combat.

Your EG could be a good anvil, but not so much on the hammer side.

Consider dropping the Lvl 4 and just take 2 lvl 2's as wood elf magic is more disruptive then destructive. You can use two of them to bolster your flanks and using the treesing to block charges and LOS against your archers.

Definatley get some wardancers. they are must in an wood elf list. just dont hang them out to dry. use your dryads as a screen to get them into position to charge. they wont survive long if you dont.

Take either the scouts or waywatchers. with the warkhawk rider s you have enough moblie fire power. I would drop the scouts and try to fit the wardancers after you tweak everything else.

Pesonally i really like a noble with alter kindred, helm of the hunt and hail of doom with a great weapon. 18" charge with a great weapon 4 attacks at ws 7. he is great for a flank charge into a unit that is tied up with trees or wardancers. Plus his ablility to deal with machines and the 3d6 shots with the doom makes him pretty nasty for around 150 pts.

thats all i got time for.

post your tweaks and we will look at that.