View Full Version : Marauder horsies?

24-11-2007, 19:00
Heya. Given the options, when fighting night gobbos, what would you take? three regiments of 5 marauder horsemen or 2 regiments of 6?

any leftover points will be spent on marauders.

24-11-2007, 19:16
2 of 6 is probably good, but use the leftovers to get hounds, very useful in springing out those fanatics, and nobody really cares when they die.

24-11-2007, 19:21
Why is 2 of 6 better? :p

My plan is to use them to deny rank bonus. I need a unit strength of at least 5 correct? 5 horsemen will be unit strength 10? If I lose one I still have us 8.

Or am I just talking a load of crap?

24-11-2007, 19:23
2 of 5 with Flails and Musician, then 3 units of 5 Warhounds to release fanatics

24-11-2007, 19:23
I've never used more than two units of 5, but the choices you gave were 3 units of 5 or two units of 6, so I went with the latter. 2 units of five and two units of hounds would serve you quite well against Night Gobbos.

24-11-2007, 20:34
Awesome. Never considered warhounds but they would fit in with my Germanic barbarian theme (using actual historical minis)

25-11-2007, 08:24
Pretty much Neknoh has said everything. but it depends on how many gobbos unit u are playing.i wouldn't go for marauders at all as they dont even gain rank and out number bonuses. if u are limiting the choses to M horsmen only, than take more of them with flais. Though i think warriors with additional hand weapons will finish the mquick when the fanatic have been release totally. will be good to finish the

25-11-2007, 09:28
Are you going with a unit of Chaos warriors with great weapons to represent your jarls (huscarls, karls however you want to say it/spell it?) They would certainly fulfill that roll as the elite of the tribe.

25-11-2007, 10:41
Heh, think 1st century so pretty much all basic warriors and cavalry. Though I was tempted to throw in a few warriors. I have a massive wab army of germanics but I am painting a new load up in khorne-esque colours with whfb weapons and they look really great. I'll have to get some piccies up tommorow.

As for wether or not the army works..... I dunno. I think mainly I am about how the army looks and its theme, which is: "Non-evil northern tribe that worships a bloodbeast of khorne as a god"