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24-11-2007, 19:32
Hey, I am currently trying to decide between Ogres and Empire and have a couple of questions. I really like the Magic of the Empire (able to take not hugly expsensive wizards that can pick any lores, but also like the uniqness of Ogres (coupled with thier mongolian feel and cheaper overal cost)

1. How effective/competitive is Magic Heavy Empire

2. Can you hire take a Hiriling Wizard for an Ogre Army? (they are on the rules but it doesnt say how they relate to Ogres)

I am looking at something around this for 2k,

Wizard Lord lvl 4

Wizard Lvl 2

Wizard Lvl 2


Larger Swordmen with handgunners detachment x 2 (not two handgunners, two swordmens wth one detachment each)

A unit of Pistollers

a pair of cannons and a mortar

OR for Ogres:

Tyrant and Butcher

A pair of 3 strong units of Ironguts, A larger unit of bulls or 2

Some Gnoblers, a couple Gorgers, and maybe some yheetes.

And then whatever else I can fit in both armies

Effecivness is 2nd for fun with me, I do love magic though as its kinda random but fun, This will be 2k and my first Fantasy army (though I have been playing with my friends dwarf army for some time (though I find it to be to static...and the lack of magic is boring

24-11-2007, 19:58
I had the same problem.. what I pretty much did was get both. Well.. kinda. I pretty much chose Empire as my main force because it offers more ways to play the game in the long run. I purchased Ogres to take as Dogs of War. I'm sure no one would mind the fact that I'm taking Ogres instead of yet MORE artillery or Steam Tank. Especially because when it came down to it.. I really only liked the Ogre Plastics. Worked out for me atleast to satiate both sides.

llama rider
25-11-2007, 03:30
ogres. not only are they more powerful, but they are really really really fun to play with. empire, not so much.

25-11-2007, 05:12
Any ideas yet on if Ogres can take a Hiriling Wizard? The rules are confusing.

Not really cause the list of armies that can take DOW doesnt include Ogres (cause they didnt exist yet, but the Mercs aspect would assume they could.)

Although it says any army can take any units there as a rare it doesnt talk about characters...I wouldnt mind paying a rare and Hero choice if needed....I just really like Ogres but want a Wizard...whitch you could easily justify fluff wise...being a Bright Wizard he could easily start cooking fires...and would cook all he killed for the ogres haha

Also in case there is no way you can do this...If I wanted to anyways would you allow it? I never play Tournies or anything so no worries about that...but would you as my foe in a friendly game allow on Hiriling Wizard LvL 2 to be taken in the Ogre army.

25-11-2007, 06:33
As far as I can tell, the only way to hire DoW characters is to take one of the RoR, which generally include a hero-level character. I don't believe that grants an option for a wizard, though.

25-11-2007, 07:00
It does not last I checked.

I actually tried to do just this, using a Hireling Wizard; some months ago - and it was explained (very carefully since I'm new) why it couldn't be done. I was sad <_ _>;

25-11-2007, 09:47
i started ogres simply becuause i wanted to paint the models. i intended it to be a lil 1000 point warband, since we play fantasy around here once in a blue moon. well 2 months later and a few more hundred dollars less in the bank account i end up with 3000 points of tzeentch worshipping ogres. no rules for ogre cults (yet) but they are very colorful i would say at least.

if i can remember my 3000 point list (its in the case somewhere)

tyrant, tenderizer, other stuff
slaughtermaster, siegebreaker, skull mantle, other stuff
2 maneaters, GW and HA

2 butchers, each with a scroll
1 BSB bruiser

6 bulls, FC, fists and LA
6 bulls, FC, fists and LA
4 gutz, FC
4 gutz, FC
9 trappers (i use horrors here, for the fluff)

4 lead belchers
3 yetis (chaos trolls, fluff)
1 scrap launcher

1 gorger (chaos spawn)

i seriouslty only used my ogres maybe 4-5 times, but each time i played with them i won. i run the mini "deathstar" unit of the tyrant, slaughtermaster and 2 maneaters as the center of the army. anything they charge usually dies ASAP.

last game i got charged by a master assassin with a fellblade. he challeneged me and i accepted. i wasnt running yetis in the list so i took to greypelt, that -1 to hit me caused the assassin to only hit twice. one hit got soaked up by my 5+ inv. save, the other wound caused 2 wounds. in return i tenderized the lil rat bastard for 5 wounds.

25-11-2007, 12:07
Actually I'm surprised that some of you have done well with ogres. I find empire much easier to play. In empire you have so much flexability, that you can really run a whole bunch of different types of armies. Ogres have many fewer choices, and quite honestly many of them are poor choices as well. Ogres are good if your opponent doesn't know what he's doing and lets you bring your forces to bear. Against someone who has a good understnading of the game, they aren't especially easy to play.
You wouldn't honestly want a hireling wizard in an ogre army. Butchers work very well in the context of an all ogre army. They know all 6 spells and that gives you alot of casting flexability. A hireling wizard may know a helpful spell. Ogres do have some practical advantages. They are a cheap army to build. I also find painting a few larger figures a joy, especially after painting my hordes of skaven. (and with the exceptions of the Yhetees, they are in my opinion very well sculpted)

25-11-2007, 14:01
I crushed my opponents in my first battles, then they got the hang of my ogres and I never won again. I'll have to devise some more efficient strategy I suppose, but this army really, really misses fast cavalry of some sort...

25-11-2007, 19:51
The best ogres I have faced so far all used the lord-level named butcher. In fact, I have yet to lose versus Ogres that didn't field him. Magic dominance is the way to go for OK, but you don't need hirelings for that.

Note: I haven't faced ogres yet at 3,000 points, so they always had only a single lord available.

25-11-2007, 21:03
I'd prefer Empire since they are one of the most versatile armies out there.. Gunlines, Infantry, Cavalry.. you can do almost any basic armytype with this army and it will be both interesting (gunline not so much obviously) and competitive.

Ogres basically have only.. Ogres (and a few small underlings). There isn't that much variation in the list though it's a fun list to play.

25-11-2007, 21:46
I am probably gonna go Magic Heavy Empire, as I really wanna use some serious wizards, for those who are intersted I have a list going on in the proper forum, thoughts appreciated

26-11-2007, 07:26

and hire some Ogres ;)