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24-11-2007, 21:27
Lizardmen 1000 Point Army List

Saurus Scar Veteran – Light Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Charm of Jaguar Warriors, Aura of Quetzl- 143 points

Skink Priest – Extra Level, dispel scroll, scout- 160 points

20 Saurus Warriors - full command, hand weapons- 270 points

12 Skinks – Blowpipes, scouts- 84 points

12 Skinks – javelins, shields, scouts- 84 points

5 Saurus Cavalry – Full Command, Huanchi’s Blessed Totem or Sun Standard- 265 points.


I'm fairly new to warhammer, and that’s a list that I can field now based on the models I have, I will probably eventually switch out the cavalry for kroxigors/salamanders if that seems like a good idea as well as converting the javelins to non scouts to act as screens. Any comments/improvements would be much appreciated. Also any advice in how to add to that for a similar 2k pt army list w/ a 4th generation slann would be helpful.

24-11-2007, 23:26
Not a bad list. I'd consider dropping the saurus warriors to a 6*3 formation to make the most of their attacks, though.

I'm personally not too fond of giving a standard bearer to a minimal unit of cavalry, since war machines, enemy knights, and many other things may well mean they break when charged (note that saurus cav is not as well armoured as most heavy cav), and that's a good chance at an additional 100 VP to your oponent.

25-11-2007, 00:17
okay, that might work, though i just custom made movement trays that are about 6 inches across so it will be a tight fit for 6x3. also though, if i drop the standard bearer can they still carry the magic banner?

25-11-2007, 00:23
No, they wouldn't - good catch.

At 1,000 points I'd be tempted to forego the magic defence (you are unlikely to face more than 4 levels of magic) and bring a second saurus character, on a mount, in the cavalry unit. That makes them durable enough to be worth the banner.

25-11-2007, 00:30
The problem i forsee in losing the priest is the fact that my main opponent is a magic heavy high elf player. it would do well against armies with less magic though.

25-11-2007, 00:32
Hello, Semi_bunny! Welcome to Warseer!

So, a few thoughts on your list:
-While the banner on the cold ones gives you a great tactical advantage (i.e. extra movement), the unit is still very fragile and will be seriously softened before it can hit the enemy. I'd try a unit of 6 without command as an alternative: cheaper, more expendable, higher US (thus greater chanve of breaking a unit due to outnumber&fear), and less of a fire-magnet.

-In small games, salamanders rock! Seeing as you just gor the battalion box, it would be a good addition to your force.A unit of 2 is a bargain!

-try fielding the skinks in units of 10, to get more units (you'll have to sacrifice some to protect your combat units/ misdirect chargers etc, so the more the merrier)

-Give your scar veteran a shield (if he hasn't got one). I'd keep him cheap and expendable, not so sure about the Aura of Quetzl..There are not many S5 things out there in 1000pts games.He'll have to pick his fights anyway: use him to hunt warmachines, characters and small units of cavalry.

-Drop the dispel scroll, the way to go is the diadem of power: in 1000pts you'll not see that many a wizard; against magic heavy armies you can produce a decent amount of 5 dispel dice, against magic-light, you'll have 6 power dice to make sure that your priest's two spells will be successfully cast.

-You'll eventually notice that the scout upgrade doesn't always come in handy. A unit of scouts is more than enough. Skinks are fast, so they'll be close to the enemy from turn 2. Sending an expensive skink priest scouting ahead with his measly Ld of 5 and frail nature is pushing your luck, if you ask me. Heavens lore is really versatile in that the user can remain hidden in the deployment zone, or somewhere safe while casting. ;)

Other than that, no objections! The army is pretty solid as it is. Try to experiment with unit types and see whichm ones suit your style of play.
The most used units in a typical lizardmen army have to be Kroxigors, Terradons, Skinks and Salamanders. This doesn't mean that the rest are crap, however. Be imaginative, use what you have and learn how to get the m,ost out of it...

Hope this helps,

25-11-2007, 01:02
Okay so here is my revised list based on all of the advice so far.

Saurus Scar Veteran – Light Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Charm of Jaguar Warrior, SS of Sotek- 133 points

Skink Priest – Extra Level, diadem of power- 135 points

18 Saurus Warriors - full command, hand weapons- 246 points

10 Skinks – Blowpipes, scouts- 70 points

10 Skinks – javelins, shields, (scouts if necessary)- 60 (or 70) points

6 Saurus Cavalry – hand weapons, spears, shields- 210 points

2 Salamander Hunting Packs – 130 points

Total=984 (994 w/ scouts)

I currently dont own the hunting packs but I'll get around to buying them as well as some Kroxigors and more Skinks. Any advice on where to fill out the last 16 or so points (or the 52 extra from dropping the cavalry for Kroxigors) would be much appreciated. Next time I play I'll probably run a list similar to this one but with only one hunting pack (I usually dont drop 44$ at a time) and 8 Saurus cavalry.

Edit: I just played a game w/ 8 saurus cavalry, doesnt work out too well most of hte time, ill probly do 1 salamander and another skink priest @ lvl 1 w/ scrolls until i get a 2nd sal and/or kroxigors.