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Mr. Snazz
24-11-2007, 23:56
When casting a spell which requires line of sight (eg. magic missile), does the target need to be in the wizard's forward line of sight arc, or does the wizard have 360 degree LOS, i.e. as a skirmisher does for shooting arrows?

2nd question: do characters (units of a single model) have flank and rear zones, and if flanked/rear charged does their opponent get the associated combat resolution bonuses?


25-11-2007, 00:17
If he is on foot or in a unit of skirmishers then he gets a 360 degree line of sight.
Otherwise its his front arc.

Unless of course there is a rule that he gets stating otherwise,
Skaven grey seer on a screaming bell.

Flanked us1 models (or skirmishers) dont have a flank or rear untill they are engaged in combat.

25-11-2007, 00:23
If the spell caster is on a monstrous mount s/he also only has a frontal arc LoS.

30-11-2007, 21:23
How about a model like an Exalted Daemon of Chaos ...which has some movement features of a Monster AND a Character ...and thus some of the rules for both too (IE - his Unit Strength is (generally) equal to his Wounds total, he can pivot multiple times like a Greater Daemon or Treeman could during his moves, thus spinning in place if he wanted without any kind of movement penalties, etc. - and he can challenge people and accept Challenges as if he was a normal human Champion or other character).

Does he, or a Greater Daemon for that matter, have 360-arc of sight for Magic Missile type-spells, or does he have to be facing what he is shooting at ?

30-11-2007, 21:28
he is unit strength 3, therefore does not benifit from the "US 1 models 360 LOS"