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25-11-2007, 00:00

Heres my latest druchii list (can never make up my damn mind...). See what you guys think (Also, see if you can convince me not to collect High Elves instead...)

L - High Sorceress - 325
Lev 4, Darkstar cloak, Seal of Ghrond, Scroll

H - Sorceress - 192
Lev 2, Scroll, Stone, Steed

H - Noble - 157
Lance, H Armour, SDC, Cold one, enchanted shield, crown of black iron

C - 20x Spearmen - 185

C - 15x Corsairs - 170
Standard, Champion

C - 10x Crossbows

C - 6x Darkriders - 165
Standard, Muso, RxB

S - 8x Shades

S - 5x Harpies

S - 6x Cold one Knights - 217

Rx2 - 3x RBT (this may be the most unbalanced part of the army, but i cant figure out a better way to deal with dragons...)

TOTAL - 1998

The main tactic i have, is to hammer away wit shooting and magic, as the infantry hold the centre. Then flank the enemy as I lead them into the centre. See what you guys think...

Regards, Tim

25-11-2007, 00:17
Dispel scroll and power stone on the sorceress are both arcane items, and as such an illegal combo.

25-11-2007, 00:20
ummm...scrolls and stones can always be taken in addition to all other arcane items. See BRB, page 121 under 'scrolls' and page 122 under 'power stone', 2nd stanza.

25-11-2007, 05:56
that list is certainly balanced
however, the rxb's,espcially on the dark riders never make their points back in my eyes, so what ive been doing with the dark riders is drop the rxb's so that way its a much less costly bait units. I would use the spare points to beef up the corsairs and/or spearmen. If you dont like having 3 RBT's, maybe drop one and get a chariot.

25-11-2007, 06:44
Thanks typpin,

I agree about the Dark riders RxB's - But im not too worried, as long as they can harrass the enemy while fleeing from charges and harassing the enemy.

I was a little concerened about the RBTs, but if others arent, then im not, ll keep them..

Regards, Tim

25-11-2007, 08:40
And just for the hell of it, Ill post my updated Menghil list. I can't decide between this list, and the one above:

L - High sorceress
level 4, lifetaker, scroll, scroll

H - Sorceress
level 2, steed, darkstar cloak

C - 20x Spearmen
shield, full command

C - 15x Corsairs

C - 8x Darkriders
RxB, standard, muso

C - 10 Warriors
RxB, shield

S - Menghil manhide and 8 Manflayers

S - 8x Shades

S - 5x Harpies

R+R - 3x RBT

TOTAL - 1997

I know the Dark Riders seems over the top, but they have served me well in small games, and are able to take a couple of casualties while remaining effective. It also means I have a solid cav unit (in the flanks, anyway) without the need for coldone knights in the list too (which I couldnt squeeze in)

Regards, Tim